Bride Vanishes Day Before Wedding, 3 Years Later Woman Finds Diamond Ring On Beach


Something Terrible

Megan stared with frightful eyes as the man dropped the ring on his desk. His hands shook and he messily stammered over his words. “What-” he swallowed loudly, “How- where did you find this?”

She watched in horror as he reached for the phone beside him, but her heart sank when he dialed three familiar digits.

Something was terribly wrong, and she felt sick to her stomach just thinking about it.

Her Discovery


When she first spotted the diamond ring buried in the sand, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She was on the lookout for shells, but she couldn’t believe her luck.

She stared at the large diamond. It had to be worth thousands of dollars. For just a second, she considered taking it home with her, but she changed her mind when her eyes trailed along the thin, silver band.

When she spotted the small engravement, she knew that she couldn’t keep it. Megan didn’t know it yet, but she had just made a horrifying discovery.

The Best Thing To Do


When she spotted the small ‘C + E’ engraved into the band, she knew that the ring held great sentimental value.

She couldn’t just take it. Megan glanced around the beach, trying to spot the owner, but she was all alone. She couldn’t spot a single other person.

Not knowing what to do next, she thought it was best to take the ring to a jeweler, maybe they would know what to do with it. But she was about to find herself in a terrifying situation.

The Jeweler


She decided to take it to the only jeweler she knew: Ethan. Surely the old man would know what to do with the gorgeous ring.

“How can I help you?” He smiled at Megan. But his entire demeanor changed when she handed him the ring. His face went pale and his hands shook when he looked down at the thin band.

Looking back at Megan, his face twisted in horror, “Where did you find this ring?”

On Edge


She frowned, confused by the old man’s sudden change in behavior. He went from smiling and relaxed to tense and on edge. “I found it on the beach about a mile north from here,” She replied.

“Oh no, oh no!” The man began panicking as he reached for the phone beside him. “What’s going on?” Megan stared in bewilderment, but the old man didn’t reply.

She made a terrifying discovery, and he had to inform the authorities.

He Knew Something


The old man dialed 911 and waited while the phone rang. His hands shook aggressively, but he couldn’t help it.

Megan couldn’t understand what the big deal was. Ethan clearly knew something that she didn’t.

She wondered how bad the situation truly was. Did she even want to know? The old man paced back and forth, waiting for someone to answer the phone.



He dropped it on his desk when no one answered. He was in a state of panic and shock, a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead.

Megan wanted to help, but she had no idea what was going on.

He tried again, and this time, someone finally answered the phone. “I need someone to be sent out immediately,” He choked into the phone, “Someone is in danger, I need your help!”



When Megan Poole woke up that Saturday morning, she had an exciting day planned for herself.

Summer had just rolled around, and she was eager to go for a walk along North Beach. It was quieter and more relaxed than the other two beaches in Miami.

She waited until the afternoon rolled around before she made her way to the beach. She loved collecting shells and small pebbles from the sand, but she was about to stumble across a dark secret.

Shell Collection


As she walked along the shore, she kept her eyes firmly on the ground, searching for any shells that she could add to her collection.

The young woman walked for miles, failing to find anything worth keeping, but just as she was about to give up, something caught her attention.

The tiny object appeared to glow in the bright afternoon sun. She ran towards it, scared that a wave might pull it into the ocean. But as she dug it out from under the sand, she realized what she was looking at.

The Ring


It was a gorgeous ring. She paid close attention to the size of the diamond. It had to be worth a lot of money. Megan couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

She was prepared to take the ring home with her, but when she took a closer look and spotted the ‘C + E’ engraved into the band, she knew what she had to do. This ring clearly meant a lot to someone.

She had a strange gut feeling that prevented her from taking it. Glancing around herself, she couldn’t spot a single other soul on the beach.

A Short Drive


There was no way of finding the owner of the ring, so she decided to head to a local jeweler. Surely he would know what to do. She gathered her things and headed back to her car.

The drive there was short. She expected to be there for no longer than a few minutes.

Her plan was to leave the ring with the man and head back home, but she was in for a terrifying surprise.

Everything Seemed Normal


Ethan, the jeweler, greeted her with a smile on his face. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when she first stepped into his store.

She casually handed him the ring, not expecting much of a reaction.

“I found this on the beach. I don’t know where else to take it, so I figured you would know what to do with it,” She shrugged casually. But she was not prepared for the man’s strange reaction when she handed him the ring.

A Reaction


He removed it from her gentle grasp and held it under his magnifying glass. He looked at it for just a second, and then his smile dropped.

Megan didn’t pay much attention at first, but when he shifted in his seat and leaned closer, she spotted the concerned frown on his face.

In a matter of seconds, the man went from cool and casual to concerned, and she wasn’t sure why.

Where Did You Find This?


He turned the ring on its side and stared at the engraving she had noticed earlier. Just then, he dropped the ring from his grasp. His eyes widened as he slowly looked up at her.

“Where did you find this?” His voice came out in a shaky whisper, leaving Megan even more confused.

What caused the sudden change in the old man’s behavior? Did he know something about the ring that she didn’t?

Oh no


“I found it on the beach, about a mile north from here,” She shook her head, frowning.

What was the big deal? The man raised a shaky hand to cover his mouth as he muttered a quiet “oh no” under his breath.

“Why? What’s going on? Is something wrong?” She questioned, but he ignored her as he grasped at the phone beside him.

Pick Up The Phone


Megan watched with increasingly worried eyes as the man dialed 911. He exhaled sharply when he placed a hand across his sweaty forehead, “Come on, pick up, pick up,” He muttered to himself.

She didn’t know it yet, but she had made a terrifying discovery, and the man was desperate for help.

He raised from his seat, pacing back and forth as he held the phone to his ear. Why was no one answering?

A Serious Situation


Megan couldn’t help the anxiety that slowly spread through her core.

When she found the ring, she assumed that it had just slipped from someone’s finger. She never suspected that anything bad had happened.

From the look on the old man’s face, she could tell that the situation was a lot more serious than she anticipated.

They Finally Answered


When the phone went to voicemail, Ethan dropped it on his desk. He tried to think, but he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He needed help, he couldn’t do this by himself.

He needed the police to come over immediately. Reaching for the phone, he decided to call once again.

This time, someone finally answered. “You need to send someone out immediately,” He choked into the phone, “Someone is in danger, I need your help!”

They Had To Wait


The operator assured him that help was on the way. All he had to do was wait patiently until the police got there.

He placed the phone down and took a seat across from Megan. Tears had begun spilling from his eyes.

She couldn’t leave the old man in this state. She had to wait with him, even if she didn’t know what was going on. She tried one last time to get some answers out of him. This time, he finally responded.

His Wife


“This ring, it belongs to my wife,” He spoke shakily, holding it up before her. “She left the house early this morning, and I haven’t been able to reach her since.”

Megan’s heart dropped. She was finally starting to understand the severity of the situation.

“I figured that she would be home by now, napping. She never planned to go to the beach today, how did her ring end up in the sand?”

Scary Thoughts


Megan’s eyes filled with tears as she gripped the old man’s hand from across the table. She couldn’t imagine what horrible thoughts had crossed his mind. It was worse than she had anticipated.

As they waited for the police, he tried to call his wife one last time, but her phone went straight to voicemail.

Ethan had no idea where his wife could be, but the ring pointed at many sinister possibilities.

The Details


She remained by the old man’s side until the police arrived. Ethan was in a state of shock as he gave them the details.

His wife, Carol, left their home early that morning. She wanted to go for a short walk around the neighborhood.

By the time Ethan left for work, she still hadn’t returned. He assumed that she took a longer route than usual, but the truth was far more terrifying than he thought.

Everything Changed


When she failed to answer his calls, he assumed that she had gotten home and decided to take a nap. He wasn’t worried at all, but that all changed when Megan came into his store.

When he tried to call his wife again, her phone went straight to voicemail.

Something was terribly wrong, Ethan could feel it deep in his bones. He begged the police for their help, and they immediately got to work.

They Had To Wait


They sent a rescue team to search the beach where Megan found the ring. There was nothing Ethan or Megan could do, so they decided to stay in his store, waiting for answers.

Carol was Ethan’s best friend. With every passing hour, he grew more terrified.

He couldn’t imagine a day without his wife by his side. What happened? How did her ring end up on the shore?



Megan sat beside the old man, holding his hand as hours went by.

She knew that none of this was her fault, but she couldn’t help the feeling of guilt that bubbled within her. What would’ve happened if she hadn’t found the ring?

She prayed that they would find the old woman somewhere safe, but it seemed unlikely. Just then, an officer stepped through the door. “Sir, we have some news about your wife.”

They Found Her


Ethan went cold as the young officer took a step closer. He had a sympathetic look on his face as he looked down at the distraught man.

Megan was terrified for Ethan, but she stayed by his side. Right now, he needed all the support he could get.

“Sir, our rescue team found your wife on the beach, she was about two miles South from where the ring was found.” Ethan’s heart dropped. Was Carol okay?

On The Beach


“They’ve taken her to the hospital for a few tests. She appears to be alright, but she was terrified, cold, and confused when our men found her.” He informed the old man.

It turned out that Carol had taken a wrong turn on her walk that morning. Before she knew it, she found herself by the beach.

She had no idea how to get home from there. To make matters even worse, she had no signal on the beach and couldn’t call for help.

The Hero


The old man cried in relief. He was grateful that his wife was safe, but he felt terrible. Carol had been stranded on the beach for hours, and she had no way of getting home.

The old man thanked the officer repeatedly, but he knew who the real hero was.

He didn’t even want to think about what could’ve happened if Megan never found the ring. She saved Carol’s life.

The Right Thing

With tears in his eyes, Ethan turned to the young woman. She had been crying too, she was so grateful that Carol was safe.

“I don’t think I could thank you enough,” More tears streamed down the old man’s face.

As far as he was concerned, he owed Megan his life. She could’ve gone home with Carol’s ring, but she did the right thing, and it ended up saving her life.

At The End Of The Day


The officer agreed to take Ethan to the hospital so that he could be with his wife. When Megan got home later that night, she took a deep breath and slumped down on her bed.

She couldn’t believe that her relaxing Saturday morning had turned into something so terrifying.

She didn’t get to bring any beautiful shells back home with her, but that didn’t matter. She was grateful that she could help the old woman.


Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.