‘Ugly’ Bride Decides To Transform Herself And This Is What She Looks Like Now

Beauty is an extremely objective concept. As the old adage goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We all know that what’s inside is what really matters the most. It’s no secret that there are many unrealistic beauty standards in today’s society.

A Subjective Issue

Beauty is an extremely objective concept. As the old adage goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We all know that what’s inside is what really matters the most. It’s no secret that there are many unrealistic beauty standards in today’s society. Sadly, these standards cause many people, especially women, to develop a variety of issues.

Many of these people find themselves being bullied at work, online, or even at school or at home. One woman recently made headlines when they posted pictures online. The couple’s pictures caused a huge uproar on social media. Their names are being withheld to protect their identities.

Perfect Couple


A couple from Russia got married back in 2011. Their wedding was a very happy affair, all their friends and loved ones were there to witness their union. All those around them could see how happy and deep their love truly was.

Everything seemed to be perfect. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing ahead.

Their Honeymoon Phase


There were a few happy months in the honeymoon phase. The couple’s love just seemed to go from strength to strength and they were happily married. They wanted to be together, always.

The couple was madly in love with each other but they had no idea of the heartache that lay ahead.

Shared Bliss


The couple shared their love with the world. They posted many of their wedding photos on Facebook. Naturally, their friends and family showered them with love and support and posted comments of love on the photos.

However, as the photos were shared further, the comments weren’t all very kind.

Bad Mouthed


It would be an understatement to say that many of these comments weren’t nice. Many of them were quite cruel. When the couple read the comments, they were incredulous that people would make such remarks about them.

Some people were even as harsh as to say that the bride is “the ugliest bride in the world,” and that wasn’t even the nastiest comment.

Scam Or Sham


Many people were sure that the relationship was nothing more than a scam. They claimed that it would never last.

Other people were convinced that there was no possible way that the husband could possibly be attracted to or in love with her. When the bride saw these awful comments, she was understandably heartbroken.

Ignoring The Haters


The couple decided to simply ignore all the hateful comments. Even though they hurt her, the bride decided to move forward and she found a way to forget about them. But that wasn’t all she did. Everyone was in for a surprise.

Her detractors were shocked to see what she looked like now.

Internet Famous


For a time, the couple was practically famous. Wherever they went, people on the street stopped them and took pictures. While the attention was for very negative reasons, many people recognized the couple.

Over time the attention died down and the couple was relieved that they could go about their normal lives.

Rising Above It


The couple decided to ignore it all and forget about the hateful comments. However, the bride decided that she wanted to change as well. She wanted to do this mainly for herself, but she’d show them all in the process.

She knew what she looked like and that she didn’t fit the “norm” of societal beauty standards. So, she decided to do something about it. She resolved to make some enormous changes in her life.

Enough Is Enough


She was tired of the looks she received and the gossip she overheard. She wanted to look and feel healthy. So she drew up a plan and set it in motion. But would her sheer determination pay off?

By the end of it, she shocked the world for a second time and she was quickly going viral again.

Keeping Private


The couple was known to be very private and for keeping to themselves. This might have been part of the reason for the looks they were given. And who could blame them after all they had endured?

Despite living in a Moscow suburb, the couple did their best to maintain their privacy. They didn’t try to get in contact with anyone. That is, until a reporter tracked them down.

New Story


The reporter was looking for something to write about and share when he was reminded of the incident with this couple that had captured the attention of the world.

It took some time to track the couple down due to their self imposed seclusion. Once he did, however, he was shocked to see the couple now and knew that he had to share it.



The bride had completely transformed herself. According to the reporter, the bride looked completely different to how she did in the past. In fact, the reporter first thought that the man had remarried!

However, the simple truth was that the couple were still madly in love and she had made an amazing transformation.

The Question


The reporter knew that there was one big question that he had to ask. When the reporter asked her how she did it, she told him that it had taken almost six years to reach the point where she was now.

Most of the weight loss was a result of a new lifestyle she had adopted along with extreme fitness. But that wasn’t all.



The woman also explained that she had some medical procedures done, including some liposuction. Liposuction is quite a common procedure for extreme weight loss as it targets problem areas directly.

Naturally, you can’t decide where you lose weight so she went through several other procedures as well.

Facial Enhancement


The woman also admitted to having a lot of additional work done.

This included several facial enhancements as well as having hair plugs implanted. Despite the fact that she was a different person on the outside, she was still the same happy woman on the inside. Then, she revealed another big part of her transformation.

Dietary Changes


As most people guessed by now, she also made some major changes to her diet. She claims this was a huge part of this transformation too. She avoided fatty and sugary foods and ate mostly fruits and vegetables.

Now healthy on the inside and out, the best part of the whole thing was the reason behind the changes the woman made. Why had she done it?

The Reason


Normally, when people go through extreme transformations, people tend to assume that they were insecure and that’s the reason behind it all.

In this story, that wasn’t the case. While this woman wanted to feel better about herself and she wanted to be healthier, the reason she made all these changes went much deeper than that… and it touched the hearts of people all over the world.

Amazing Husband


The woman claimed that the real reason she went through all these changes and made this huge transformation was in order to give her amazing husband the woman he always saw inside of her.

She wanted to see what he saw and give him the arm candy he deserved. He already loved her so much, she just wanted him to have it all. But how does her husband feel about her complete makeover?

Nothing’s Changed


The couple said that absolutely nothing has changed in their relationship since the transformation. He’s told her how much he loves her ever since they met and continues to do so every day. This couple made a great example of honest and true love, touching the hearts of so many people.

Unfortunately, not every relationship can have a fairytale happy ending. Many couples can be extremely happy but for one reason or another one of the partner cheats. This action is always looked down upon and will hurt the other partner no matter the situation. However, this man was not going down without a fight.



Dino was working as an oil rig worker when his life went through major changes. He decided it was necessary to get back at his ex-girlfriend when she humiliated him two years before.

The main issue began when he had suspicions of her cheating on him because she worked far from home.

His Career


After she hurt him so badly, she wanted her close friends and family to know her for the real person she was.

It may appear as if oil rig workers do not bring in a big income but really there’s more to it.

Not What You Would Expect


They have most of their daily spending accounted for, so they end up taking home the full amount that they make give or take.

From the periphery it looks like a terrible job, but when you see how much they make you may rethink this assumption.

How It Affects His Life


Dino enjoys his position, but it comes with certain responsibilities that not everyone may enjoy. For example, he is constantly traveling.

Also if you don’t stay on top of your money, then quite often people just waste away their entire paycheck.

Specific Criteria


The individuals who choose this type of career path are not your everyday labor workers. They are highly qualified and have passed certain requirements.

They do not need a degree but they do need another kind of intelligence to handle the job.

Life Smart Over School Smart


Dino is the perfect example of why this is incorrect. In his line of work, the most important factor to have is experience instead of education.

These oil companies are most interested in detailed workers. And that is exactly what kind of worker Dino was.



Dino’s co-workers described him as extremely kind, simple, and responsible. While the rest of the oil workers would go out and party, Dino was always saving his money.

He knew one day the time would come to spend it.



Dino was very bright and knew how to handle the good money that was making. He was modest and wanted to put his money towards something worthwhile.

He decided to purchase an enter condominium as a good investment for his money. His life was really coming together and now all he needed was a partner to share it with.

The Search


Dino felt pretty isolated and rather lonely. He had plenty of money but nowhere and no one to share it with.

He had his whole life in order and all he longed for was someone to love and spend his free time with.

His Special Woman


Dino finally found the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately for him, she was not exactly who he thought she was.

His fellow workers went through girls so often and were frequently involved in casual flings. Dino was not that kind of guy and wanted more.

Different From His Friends


His friends were huge partiers and would come to work and brag about the various girls they had been with the night before. This was not interesting to Dino.

He respected his friends but was just not that kind of guy. He was on the search for his wife.

Different Level


He was the kind of man who went for what he wanted and would patiently wait for it to happen. This is probably how he snagged such a beautiful woman.

His friends and family could not believe that he was in a relationship with someone this stunning. She was clearly out of his league.

Bad Instincts


His friends used several names to call the woman but it’s better not to repeat them. For now, we will refer to her as Andrea.

His friends admitted that she was attractive but the way she behaved was unacceptable. They couldn’t stand to see how she was treating their friend.



They described her being good looking enough to be put in the center of a magazine. On the other hand, Dino was very simple looking and it was surprising that he won her over.

This was most likely due to his charming and friendly personality.



One of Dino’s close friends was weary about the relationship. He got bad feelings from Andrea and wanted to get to the bottom of it.

He felt like he owed it to Dino to get to know her better at least. He wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

Breaking The News


His friend tried to give her a chance, but then he learned how self-centered she really was.

He felt like suspicions were right but he did not want to give the impression that he was just jealous.

Alarm Signal


There were plenty of signs everywhere. One friend said that you could tell she wasn’t right for him just after 5 minutes of speaking to her.

She used her insane looks to manipulate those around her and she was incredibly good at this.

Moving In Together


All his friends wanted to do was call her out for being a predator but he felt like he didn’t have substantial evidence to confirm his suspicions.

He knew it wasn’t appropriate to say something yet. But then she moved into his condo.

Dino Sees A Red Flag


From an outside perspective, it appeared as if this couple was working out well. However, Dino was getting bad feelings on his own, even more so when he worked away from home.

There was definitely something off and he needed to tell his friend.

How To Make It Work


Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a huge transition period that has to be taken seriously. It can really the force that determines the success of a relationship.

This is when you see your partner in a new light and see if you can make it through.

Wait And See


The best scenario that would happen is that the couple will work through any problems they face together and grow as people and as a couple.

Usually, time can solve problems that arise as both partners learn to adjust to the other.

The Fine Print


This was more severe for Dino and Andrea. When he went away for work Andrea was up to no good. This was discovered when his friend noticed something incorrect in Dino’s bank account.

He was close to getting to the bottom of it!

Taking Advantage


Dino gave his girlfriend a card to use in the case that he had to leave for work. However, there was something that did not add up in the bank statements.

There was clearly something that did not add up in what he saw and he was getting suspicious.



His friend said in a comment that they started to notice random, dispursed purchased like $300 at the grocery store but then another $200 at the grocery store again.

Dino did not know what to think but he was starting to worry.

Only For His Money


The only options were she was going through $500 worth of groceries, or she was cheating on him. He began to understand that all she was after was his money.

He did not know what to do with this information but he was growing angrier.

All For Nothing


Dino was devastated to learn his girlfriend was just a gold digger. He put his heart and time into his work every single day, meanwhile, she was home wasting it all.

He is selfless and modest and this is exactly what made him the perfect target.

Making A Change


Dino realized he made a mistake but he was determined to never make one like it again. At the time he was blown away by her behavior and he started to question how loyal she was being to him.

Maybe she wasn’t just after his money and more was going on.

Plenty Of Options


Dino spent most of his time away and there were a number of instances that she could have had an affair. But what made it that much worse was that she had been spending his well earned and saved money.

This was the ultimate betrayal. Dino was not stupid and was ready to make a plan.

Making A Plan


He changed his travel plans and decided to come home early without telling her. He was well prepared to have his suspicions confirmed but wasn’t quite sure what his next step would be.

Although he had strong instincts, part of him did not want it to be true.

Hoping For The Best


He was pretty sure what he would find when he got home but at the same time wished he was incorrect.

It’s difficult to discover bad news from your partner, however, sometimes you can’t stray from it.