Wife Files For Divorce, Husband Cuts House Down The Middle


A Man That Couldn’t Control Himself

Some men are just slaves of their impulses. Early in the relationship, some women can even find this quality somehow attractive, provided that it doesn’t get out of hand. A man that’s spontaneous and impetuous can be a lot of fun when he deploys those qualities in the right setting.

But sometimes it does get out of hand, and the consequences can be terrible.

What Did She See In Him?


We may never know for certain what it was that Kathryn saw in her fiancé, Chris. What’s sure is that he was a joker: he enjoyed making people laugh; and one thing that he liked even more was making himself laugh.

He enjoyed pulling pranks on his friends, his family and even his coworkers. Some people wondered if he would ever run into someone who didn’t find his jokes all that funny. Some even hoped for it.

He Always Got His Way


But Chris always got away with everything. Perhaps it was the fact that everyone found him funny, despite his jokes being nasty, even cruel sometimes. Perhaps it was because he was so unapologetic about his humor that people didn’t even dare question the taste of his jokes.

But it would soon come one day when Chris’ jokes would definitely go too far. And he would pay dearly for it.

But He Made Her Laugh


But Marilyn Monroe used to say that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. And ‘anything’ might, in some cases, include marriage. So it’s not unreasonable to suppose it was his humor what attracted Kathryn to Chris.

But was that really what made her marry him?

Separation of Property

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Well, we know that it wasn’t for his money: it’s known that they both got engaged and then married in a regime of separation of property.

Considering how immediate their divorce came after the wedding, as well as its circumstances, maybe she regretted that later on: had things been different, at least she would have gotten something out of an outright unpleasant experience.

Did She At Some Point Doubt Him?


But up until their wedding, Chris and Kathryn’s romance was probably full of laughter and good times.

Still, something must have been at the back of her mind in the meanwhile; otherwise, there’s no way to explain how she came so quickly to the decision to divorce her man right after the wedding.

But She Was In Love

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And deep inside, Kathryn was a very insecure person. Perhaps that’s why she got attracted to Chris; his confidence, his unapologetic humor, even his lack of care about whether others found his jokes funny or not.

Used to always doubting and second guessing herself, Kathryn felt comfortable with a man who seemed like he never did that at all. Maybe that insecurity made her put up with a lot of things; that is, until the day of the wedding, when she said ‘enough’s enough’.

The Wedding Seemed To Be Going Smoothly


However, no one would dare to say anything could go badly on the day of the wedding. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Chris for sure was; he felt right in his element.

Kathryn felt comfortable too. Everyone was being sweet to her and she hoped, maybe even believed, that she had just taken the best decision of her life in marrying Chris. But she was in for a surprise.

But Chris Had Something In Mind


Chris had planned a little prank to spice up the wedding. You’re probably familiar with the common trope of the groom smashing some of the cake into the wife’s face, or painting a bit of her cheeks or nose with a smidge of it.

Chris decided to take this common trope one step further. He pushed his wife’s whole face into the cake, making a mess of her dress, her hair, and her makeup in the way.

He Went Too Far


Chris was laughing, but nobody else was. And when everyone saw Kathryn crying under a thick layer of cake, they knew that this time Chris had gone too far.

Kathryn just left while her family and friends followed after her. The next morning, she filed for divorce. She couldn’t keep putting up with that man any longer, and for sure she couldn’t marry him. But her nightmare with Chris didn’t end there.

What Chris Did Next

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As we said before, Chris and Kathryin married in a regime of separation of property. What that means is that in the event of divorce, both wife and husband retain possession over each of their assets.

There was only one major asset that was shared by the two of them: the house. And Chris decided to take separation of property his own way in order to pull his last big prank, the greatest of all his life.

He Cut Off The House In Half

Half House

While Kathryin was staying at her parents place, grieving on all the years she had been wasting with a man that was incapable of taking anything seriously, Chris split their house in half. Literally.

The man worked in construction and somehow, he managed to get a grab on several machines. He spent the whole night working on a renovation for their home; by the time the sun rised, the house was sawed in two halves.

That Wasn’t All

Half House

He didn’t stop there: he took one half of the house, supposedly the one he single handedly considered his own, took it with him and dropped it at his parents’ garden.

We don’t have any information about how they took that move from their son; but it isn’t unreasonable to assume that, as much as they already knew about his humor and his character, even they were surprised by it.

She Was Glad She Took That Decision

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We don’t know either about what Kathryn did with her half of the house, or about whether she found someone else after this event.

But one thing is for certain: even if she regretted all the years she had wasted with a man like Chris, she could be glad that she had the sense to end it in time. Things could have gotten really ugly if they had decided to have kids.

What Happened To Chris Afterwards?

Man and house

What is known about Chris is that his reputation definitely took a damage from that incident; some of his friends finally came to terms with the fact that his jokes not only were not funny at times, but also cruel. And a lot of people, even some of his closest ones lost all respect for Chris.

But we don’t really know if Chris learned something from that experience. He might still be out there, just happy to laugh himself and still not caring whether other people find his jokes funny or not.