Brett Hoebel: 5 Things I Learned From Training on “The Biggest Loser”

Brett Hoebel

As the former “secret” trainer for season 11 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser“, Brett Hoebel coached the “Red Team” to weight loss success by pushing them to become accountable for their lifestyles and diets. With a background in Mixed Martial Arts and holistic health, Hoebel became famous for his “no excuses” approach to fitness and even earned himself the nickname the “Dues Collector.” During his teenage years Hoebel struggled with obesity, an experience which afforded him a unique perspective when it came to coaching contestants on the Biggest Loser. In reflecting on his experiences on the show, Hoebel was insistent that success originates in a solid, constructive perspective and willingness to push yourself past limitations.

5 We Are All Capable of Becoming Extraordinary – You Just Have to Believe

“I’ve seen people experience the most incredible life-changing transformations, but I’ve also seen people come up short. The difference? Those who BELIEVED in their ability, in hope, in freedom – they made it to the other side. It’s not easy when you’re down for the count, but you either get busy living or get busy dying. The choice is yours.”

4 It’s Not a Question of CAN You Do It – It’s Just a Question of WILL You Do It

“The dumbbell and diet don’t change you – your accountability and walking your talk do. I know you CAN do whatever you set your mind to, it’s just a question of whether you WILL make the sacrifice to do it.”

3 Shortcuts and Excuses Cannot Change Your Life – Hard Work and Dedication Do

“It’s not about doing it the ‘cool’ way or the ‘easy’ way. It’s about doing it the ‘right’ way; the ‘hard’ way. Excuses are a bunch of talk and talk is cheap. Hard work and dedication pay the bills baby! You don’t pay your dues to rent your life – you pay your dues to OWN your life.”

2 The Numbers on the Scale Do Not Define You – Your Actions Do

“Sometimes the scale reflects your efforts and sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t let the numbers define you. Let paying your dues and commitment define you. Actions speak louder than numbers.”

1 Know Your WHY

“It’s easy to know WHAT you are doing, but not always easy to know WHY. Get emotionally connected to why you are on your journey and the less you will stray off course from the destination you seek.” 

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