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Breaking: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

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Sean Spicer has been the White House Press Secretary officially since January of 2017 when he came on board with the Donald Trump administration. He has been embroiled in a great deal of controversy since arriving on board, as he has had to speak for the President and the White House on multiple occasions when few people would have done so.

This meant every single Twitter note from the President, Spicer had to back up. Every wild claim, and every random thing that happened all had to be gone over in the media. Spicer was the first guy they would go after. There has also been speculation that Trump may want to fire him as Press Secretary in the past, but there was no proof that this would ever happen.

However, there has never been a situation in time where people thought Sean Spicer would leave his post. Most thought that despite everything he has gone through, he would at least finish out the term or at least finish out the first year. That does not seem to be the case.

Sean Spicer Resigns As WH Press Secretary

According to the New York Times, Sean Spicer decided to resign from his Press Secretary post this morning, ending his stint with the Trump administration at 7 months. Many wondered what would make him want to resign from the job, as he had gone through so much in such a short period of time.

The real reason seemed to have nothing to do with Spicer’s job responsibilities, but rather a major position that was being filled by President Trump today.

Anthony Scaramucci Named Communications Director

President Trump offered the U.S. Communications Director role to Anthony Scaramucci this morning, around 10/9c. Spicer felt this was a major mistake, and he vehemently disagreed with the President’s decision to go with the appointment of the New York financier.

Trump asked Sean to stay on board, but Spicer felt the decision to put Scaramucci in the Communications Director role would be terrible plan. His feelings of why have not yet come out in full. However, Spicer did not want to have any part of it and decided to simply resign from his post immediately.

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