Boy Plays On Store Tablet Every Day For A Year Until Employees Realize Why


A Boy Visiting The Store

He watched as the last customers were leaving the store, happy that the working day was finally ending. But as he did one last check-up of the electronic stand, he noticed a boy using one of the store’s tablets.

He rushed to him to check what the boy was doing. What he saw the child doing left him speechless. Why was he doing that in the store?

Pursuing His Passion

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Tyson loved technology, and he’d worked hard to earn his place at the University of Texas, studying electronics. Tyson was just a 22-year-old kid who wanted to combine his passion for technology with his career.

Two years after he began studying, Tyson became the kid who could fix anything around campus. His reputation grew, and by the end of the second year, everyone was asking for him when they needed help with any broken device. By the third year, his teachers noticed him, which would put him on an unexpected life path.

Gifted Student

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When Tyson finished his third year, the university invited him to attend one of the biggest technological expos in Brazil. Only a few students were selected, and he was among them.

Tyson agreed without hesitation. A trip outside of the United States was one of his biggest dreams. He had no clue what was waiting for him there.

Welcome To Brazil

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The trip to Brazil was fantastic. Tyson and his classmates had the best weekend ever. They enjoyed the places, the food, and the culture, and they felt like they had never left Brazil.

The tech expo was scheduled for the following, and Tyson was ready to experience the fantastic technological showcase. What he got, though, wasn’t at all what he expected.

Work Experience

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As part of their trip to the tech expo, Tyson and his classmates had a chance to work as electronic experts in a technological store in the area.

Their time was paid, although the responsibilities were limited. The main goal was to immerse the American students into Brazil’s tech scene. That was the beginning of a surprising chain of events.

Getting Started

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They were all excited. Tyson and his classmates began their workday with enthusiasm. And they weren’t alone. They would have to work with students from Africa, Europe, and Asia, making the experience even more exciting.

After the first day of work, the students didn’t encounter anything out of the ordinary. But the second day brought something unexpected to Tyson’s work experience.

The Mystery Boy

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A young boy walked in. He didn’t look like he was even ten years old. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The boy was playing with a tablet. Or so it appeared.

Tyson didn’t bother to pay much attention to the child. But then he realized that he was too young to buy any of the products in the store. So why was the boy there?

An Enigma

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The boy spent only a few minutes in the store and walked away. The next day, he appeared again and went on with the same ritual. He used the table for a few minutes and then walked away.

It was getting close to the third and last day of Tyson’s work experience. On that day, the boy didn’t show up. Tyson looked at the tablet to see if the boy had done something to it, but it wasn’t the case. So what exactly was he doing in the store every day?

Closing Time

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It was getting near closing time. Tyson returned to his post behind the counter with the boy still on his mind. He didn’t think the boy would return, but he couldn’t shake the mystery of what he was doing with the tablet.

Customers began leaving the store, and Tyson was ready to call it a day. When he looked up, he saw the boy using the tablet again. What was he doing?

His Chance

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Knowing this was his last chance to solve the mystery, Tyson rushed to the little boy. He had spent the previous two days obsessing over what the boy was doing in the store alone.

Tyson had all these scenarios going rampant through his mind, but none made sense yet. The wheels kept spinning, but he had nothing to go on. He had to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

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Now that a chance had presented itself, Tyson would embrace it with open arms. He hurried to the boy, only slowing once he was near enough so he wouldn’t spook him.

As he got closer, he noted new aspects about the boy that he’d been too far to see. But everything that he saw only made the situation incomprehensible.

New Information

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Tyson noted that the boy was writing on a book alongside scrolling a webpage on the tablet. He was engrossed in the activity and barely noticed Tyson looming behind him.

When Tyson tapped his shoulder, he whirled around, heaving as if he’d been woken from a deep sleep. But what was he doing that he’d be so lost in it?

The Truth Is Laid Bare

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Tyson gestured for him to hand over the tablet, and the boy did, taking a step back and holding his book and pen against his chest.

Tyson ran his sight up and down the tablet, immediately realizing what the boy was doing. His lips parted, and he looked at the boy who stood quietly before him.

A Heart-Breaking Reality

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“You were doing your homework here?” Tyson asked in his barely comprehensible Portuguese. The boy nodded, explaining that his school had given them a lot of work that needed internet research.

Since the boy couldn’t access the internet at home or in his neighborhood, he’d been coming to the store to spend at least twenty minutes researching. Tyson’s heart broke when he heard the boy’s story. He knew he had to do something to help him.

The Extra Mile

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As a third-year in college, Tyson could do little to help the boy with a stable internet connection at home. However, he did buy him a portable WiFi router.

He also shared the story with his supervisor, who put it up on social media. The story gained traction, with a tech company stepping in to not only award the boy a high end tablet but start an internet installation program in his neighborhood.