Boy Orders Chicken Wings Every Day For 2 Years. When He Stops, Teachers Call Police


Unhealthy Behavior 

Gavin’s teacher became suspicious when he started acting strangely. In comparison to what she saw later, that was nothing.

Gavin was always an outgoing young man, but a few years ago, he began to withdraw from people.

Those were the first signs. He ordered chicken wings every day, which not only violated school policy, but was also unhealthy. It was clear to his teacher that she had to act.

A Bright Child


As soon as Gavin joined Mrs. Steven’s class, she was blown away by how smart he was. It took him just a few hours to grasp new topics, and every single test he took went off without a hitch.

Suddenly, everything changed.

The other kids were incredibly distracting to him, so he avoided them at all costs. As someone who is outgoing as he is, it was quite strange.

Ordering Food


Gavin’s sudden change in attitude did not stop there. He would meet a delivery guy at lunch soon after he began acting that way.

While she did not see what he was buying, it was evident that it came from a chicken company.

He was ordering lunch, which Mrs. Stevens found odd. However, it made sense since his father was a businessman who frequently traveled.

She Grew Concerned


In fact, Gavin ordered in every single day, which was concerning.

She wondered why someone wasn’t packing him a healthy lunch, as the school policy stated since someone was taking care of him.

Her curiosity got the best of her one day, so she eavesdropped on Gavin and the delivery driver’s conversation. The driver replied, “12 wings, as always.”.

12 Wings


She was shocked to learn that a 13-year-old ate 12 wings a day.

Over time, however, she discovered Gavin wasn’t really eating the wings.

It was time for the delivery driver to arrive. The wings were packed into Gavin’s backpack after he paid for his order. The contents of the box were never even examined by him.

Getting To Know Him


The matter was important to Mrs. Stevens, so she sought to find out the truth about it.

Although she didn’t know what was going on at home with Gavin, she would never let a parent do that to their children.

In order to get to know Gavin better, she pulled him aside after class one day and probed into his personal life. Her impression was that he was being starved.

Doing Her Best 


Mrs. Stevens, however, was unable to get an honest answer from the child. She asked him all kinds of questions, but he avoided them all. Despite this, Mrs. Stevens did not give up.

Her plan was to ask him questions until she had a satisfactory answer. Nevertheless, Mrs. Stevens knew she needed to act when Gavin arrived at class with a blue eye the next day.

She decided to give him some helpful advice since she couldn’t get any answers through questioning.

Considering Her Options


The weeks passed, and Mrs. Stevens didn’t have any answers, but the situation seemed to be deteriorating. Mrs. Stevens thought the boy had a broken rib for a week or so after the blue eye turned into a busted lip.

The situation was starting to concern her, and she almost contacted child services.

In the end, she decided to investigate what was happening before taking such a drastic step.

Sleepless Nights 


As the months passed, Mrs. Stevens kept close tabs on Gavin. It seemed that his injuries had faded away, but he was still ordering wings every day.

In the course of many sleepless nights, Mrs. Stevens wondered what the boy was experiencing when he wasn’t at school.

It would be great if he would talk to her…

Giving Her Answers


Despite his best efforts, Gavin didn’t completely avoid his teacher. She always received some sort of response when she asked about one of his injuries.

His responses sounded manufactured.

Many of the incidents occurred when he tripped and fell down a flight of stairs or got into a fight with a fellow student.

Acting Like A Friend


Mrs. Stevens saw that as a start, and each time they had a little talk, she tried to be as supportive as possible.

She hoped that it would get him to open up a little more.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Instead of discussing his problems with her, Gavin became closed off once more, and for a while, it looked like he was trying to avoid her.

Not A Single Clue


Mrs. Stevens wasn’t pushing the matter, but she didn’t drop it either. She just didn’t know what else to do.

She had already done everything her power as a teacher permitted, and if she did any more, she would be crossing a line.

Mrs. Stevens had no clues to lead her in the right direction, and it was clear that she wouldn’t be getting any by talking to Gavin.

Starting An Investigation


At this stage, two years had passed, and Mrs. Stevens had come to two conclusions. Either Gavin was mixed in with the wrong crowd, and the chicken wasn’t actually chicken.

Or he was having some serious problems at home.

But she had had enough of just watching the situation unfold. So she decided to do a little investigation into what Gavin did once he left the school.

After School


For the next few days, Mrs. Steven planned her next move, and the only thing she could think of doing was to follow Gavin when he left.

It seemed like a logical plan, and Mrs. Stevens decided that she would do it the next day.

But Mrs. Stevens wasn’t prepared for what she would find.

Following Him


The school bell had just rung, and the children were running out of the class as if their lives depended on it. It was Friday, so their excitement was expected.

Mrs. Stevens headed out as well. She grabbed her bicycle and followed Gavin as he ventured into the city.

She stayed close, but not too close. The last thing she wanted was to give herself away.

Very Secretive


The deeper Gavin went, the more nervous he seemed to get, and as they approached the dangerous side of town, he pulled his hoodie over his head.

Mrs. Stevens was starting to get scared, but she had come this far, and she didn’t plan on leaving until she found the truth.

She was also intrigued by the fact that Gavin was so secretive and wondered what a boy like him was doing in a place like that.

Missing In Action


Gavin rounded a corner, and Mrs. Stevens picked up her pace. She didn’t want to lose him now that she was so close to solving her case.

But as she sped around the same corner, she was shocked to find that Gavin had disappeared.

There was no sign of him being anywhere near the dark alley she had just walked into.

Calling His Father


Concerned for the safety of her student, Mrs. Stevens rushed home and immediately called the boy’s father.

At first, the man was rather cold and called her rude for interrupting a very important meeting.

But as soon as she explained what had happened, his tone changed. Gavin’s father told Mrs. Stevens not to worry. He would get on the next available flight.

He Stopped Coming


The next day Mrs. Stevens anxiously waited for Gavin to arrive. She was sure that his father had told him what had happened, and she wanted to apologize for following him.

The problem was that Gavin didn’t come to school that day or the next. Mrs. Stevens felt incredibly guilty.

She thought she might’ve gotten the boy into far more trouble than he should be in. 

Two Weeks Later


It was two weeks later when Gavin finally came back, and he seemed like a changed man.

He was fully focused on his work and passed the pop quiz with flying colors.

But Mrs. Stevens still wanted to know what the story was with the chicken. So when break time came, she headed outside, and what she saw shocked her to her core.

During Break Time


When Mrs. Stevens got close to Gavin, she saw that he was holding a lunch box containing a healthy snack. But the boy didn’t seem happy about it at all.

His knuckles were white with the force he was using to hold the box, and from his expression, she could tell that he was very angry.

Mrs. Stevens approached and asked to speak with him.

Incredibly Angry


As soon as she sat down, Gavin went off on her. “Did you ever stop to think about what your interference was doing?!” he spat. “You’re ruining people’s lives!”

Mrs. Stevens was utterly speechless. She never thought Gavin would get that angry over a few pieces of chicken.

What was so wrong with the sandwich he was holding?

Doing The Unexpected


But the shock wasn’t the only thing Mrs. Stevens felt. She also felt incredibly guilty.

All she was trying to do was to get her best student back, but it seemed like she did more harm than good.

Because of her guilt, she pulled a hundred dollars out of her pocket and handed it to the boy, saying, “I was just trying to help.” Gavin grabbed the money and walked off.

A Trick


Mrs. Stevens wasn’t completely acting on guilt, though.

She thought Gavin’s father might’ve been responsible for everything, so she gave him the money hoping it would lead her to the truth.

And it did. But when she found what she was looking for, her entire impression of Gavin changed. He was not the boy she thought he was.

Staying Close


That afternoon Mrs. Steven followed Gavin again, and this time, she stayed close.

They walked through the city as they did the last time, and when they reached the corner, she sped up.

She was just in time to see Gavin looking from side to side before entering a building that had long been abandoned. This is it, she thought to herself.

She Saw It 


Mrs. Stevens approached the building. She was trying her best to fight the sudden urge to run in the opposite direction, but deep down, she knew that this was no place for a woman or a teenage boy.

What was Gavin doing there? Was he actually living in that filthy place?

Whatever it was, it had to stop, and she would make sure that this was the last time he left that place.

Two Phone Calls


Before heading in, Mrs. Stevens made two urgent phone calls. One of the calls was to Gavin’s father, who hadn’t left town since the last incident.

And the second call was to the local police department.

Mrs. Stevens didn’t know what was going on, but she wanted the police to be there just in case.

She Stopped Him


After her call with the police, Mrs. Stevens slipped her phone into her pocket and walked through the doorway. She heard muffled voices, and in a moment of fear, she called out Gavin’s name.

She heard footsteps approaching her direction and was nearly tumbled over by Gavin, who was trying to escape.

But Mrs. Stevens was a tough cookie. She grabbed Gavin’s arm and pulled him to the ground.

The Police Arrive


Mrs. Steven was still trying to calm her nerves when she heard the sirens outside. The police burst into the building and found her sitting next to Gavin a few doors down the hall.

They did not seem pleased with the call received and wanted answers right away.

Gavin looked like a deer in headlights. He was pale and stumbling over his own words. He clearly knew that this was the end of his game.

The Truth 


As Gavin was trying to explain himself, someone peeked around the corner. “Gabin?” the little girl asked with a tremble in her voice. Gavin got up and ran over to her. He then explained that he found the toddler two years ago. 

He had been exploring the city when she asked him for some food, and he had been taking care of her ever since. He just wished he could give her a proper home because he often got injured while protecting her. But his dad would never allow it. He had no idea his dad was listening.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.