Boy Fishes Out Old Purse From Water, Acts Fast When He Peeks Inside


What Was It?

“Look at this, Dad.” Those were the words that twelve-year-old Colby Lowery said to his father, Jake, when they were out fishing on Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis.

The sun was out, and their rods were in the water when, all of a sudden, Colby felt the need to reel in.

What he would find at the end of his hook would stun the father and son.

Very Close


Colby was very close to his dad ever since he lost his mother just a year prior.

She had been very sick, and when the doctors couldn’t do much for her anymore, Colby and his dad stayed with her until the very end.

From then on, they vowed to stay close to each other, and Jake was very protective of his only son.

Loved Fishing


The father and son duo always went on adventures together, and Colby especially loved to go fishing.

Going to the lake was where they found peace and serenity.

But on this particular day, their fishing trip would turn into something of a mystery when Colby would find something that would intrigue both father and son.



Colby had just thrown his line into the water. He was hoping to catch some largemouth bass. He had not caught it before, and he had heard that it was a delicious fish.

Fishing was something that required a lot of patience, and it was what Colby acquired over time.

His father taught him to throw in the line and wait patiently for the fish to come to him.

Respecting Nature


He also taught him to respect nature and admire the sights and sounds around him.

And that’s how he grew much more appreciative of animals and nature.

They rowed the little boat almost to the middle of the lake, and that’s where they chose to fish for the day. And they had no idea that their days were about to get very eventful.

No Resistance



It wasn’t long before Colby reeled his line in. “Do you have something, Son?” Jake asked his son. 

“I don’t know, I think I might. It feels like something is on the end of my line,” Colby replied.

With a steady hand, Colby started reeling in the line. It wasn’t putting up much of a fight, which was strange because most fish would put up at least a little resistance. 

A Mysterious Object


As the mysterious object drew closer, Colby and Jake exchanged puzzled glances, wondering what could be on the other end of the line.

The father and son waited with bated breath.

It definitely wasn’t a fish. It would be flopping its slippery body around, trying to get free. This, however, seemed like an inanimate object.

Not A Fish


As the object emerged from the water, Colby’s eyes widened in disbelief. It wasn’t a fish at all.

Instead, dangling from the hook was a worn-out purse covered in algae and mud. 

The purse looked like it had been submerged for a long time. The discovery sent a shiver down Colby’s spine, and his father’s brows furrowed in confusion.

An Odd Situation


Jake carefully reached out and took the purse from Colby’s hands. He examined it, noting the faded color and the tarnished clasp. 

“Well, that’s quite a catch you’ve got there, Son,” he said with a forced chuckle, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

But both father and son knew that there was something odd about the situation.



Colby’s curiosity got the better of him, and he gently tugged at the clasp to open the purse.

The contents inside were a jumbled mess: a lipstick with its cap long lost, a few crumpled dollar bills, a set of keys caked in rust, and a worn photograph. 

The photograph showed a woman with a warm smile standing beside a man and a young girl – a family.



“Whoa, this is so weird, Dad,” Colby whispered, his eyes fixed on the photograph. “I wonder who these people are.”

Jake and Colby stared at the photograph, and something about it gave them chills.

Why was a woman’s purse submerged in this lake? Who was she, and did something happen to her? Colby and Jake were intrigued.



Jake’s expression grew serious as he examined the photograph more closely.

His gaze lingered on the woman’s face, and his eyes widened in recognition. “Colby,” he said slowly, his voice low and measured, “I think we need to take this to the authorities.”

“Why, Dad? It’s just an old purse,” Colby replied, his youthful curiosity still battling with the unease that was growing inside him.



“Because, son,” Jake began, his tone heavy, “I think this purse might be connected to something that happened a long time ago.”

Colby’s heart raced, and a shiver ran down his spine. His father’s serious demeanor was enough to make him understand that this was no ordinary discovery.

Had Jake and his son uncovered something sinister?

Calling It A Day


They decided to pack up and head back to shore, the purse carefully secured in a plastic bag.

The once-relaxing fishing trip had taken a sharp turn into a mystery, and neither of them could shake off the feeling that they were stepping into something much bigger than themselves.

The discovery had put a damper on the day, and Colby wished he hadn’t fished the purse out of the water.



As they drove to the nearest police station, Colby couldn’t help but wonder about the woman in the photograph. Who was she?

Why was her purse at the bottom of the lake? And why did his father seem so troubled by the sight of her face?

Did his father know more than he was letting on?

The Police Station


The police station was a mix of bustling activity and stern faces. Jake explained the situation to a detective, who took the purse and its contents for further examination. 

Colby watched, his mind racing with possibilities, his imagination conjuring up scenarios that ranged from the mundane to the utterly bizarre.

Would the police be able to identify who the purse belonged to?

The Investigation


Days turned into weeks as the investigation unfolded. Colby and Jake found themselves drawn into the process, answering questions, providing statements, and waiting for any piece of information that could shed light on the mystery of the purse.

The more they learned, the more convoluted the story became.

Colby even had sleepless nights. He couldn’t shake the feeling that they had stumbled upon something sinister.

The Call


Then one day, while father and son were watching TV, Jake’s phone rang. He recognized the number immediately. It was the police.

They asked them to come down to the station. Jake and Colby had worried looks on their faces.

They hoped that they wouldn’t be questioned about anything else. After all, they had just fished the purse out from the lake.

What Did They Find?


When they arrived at the busy police station, the atmosphere seemed tense.

The other police officers were eyeing Jake and Colby very suspiciously.

By now, Jake’s heart was beating fast, and he wondered what the police had uncovered about the mysterious purse and its owner. By the looks on the other policemen’s faces, they had discovered something.

The Owner Of The Purse


It was revealed that the woman in the photograph was named Amelia Sullivan, and she had gone missing eleven years ago under suspicious circumstances. 

Her disappearance had been a local sensation at the time, but the case had gone cold, leaving her family in agonizing uncertainty.

Jake and Colby glanced at each other, concern etched on their faces.

Unraveling A Mystery


Colby and Jake couldn’t believe they had stumbled upon a clue that might finally unravel the mystery and bring closure to a grieving family.

But with each new piece of information, they also found themselves in increasing danger. 

Strange occurrences began to happen – mysterious phone calls, unmarked vehicles following them. Jake and Colby felt like their lives were in danger.

The Threat Grows


As days turned into weeks, the threats against Jake and Colby escalated. Their quiet life had been upended by a discovery that had now put them in the crosshairs of someone with something to hide.

They couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched, that every move they made was being scrutinized.

Fear gnawed at them, and they started to realize that they might have gotten themselves into something far more sinister than they had anticipated.

Secrets Buried


Jake’s usually steady hands trembled as he held the phone. Another anonymous message had come through – a chilling reminder that some secrets were meant to remain buried. But he was determined not to back down. Colby’s safety was at stake, and he couldn’t let fear dictate their actions.

He confided in his closest friends, explaining the situation and the danger they were in.

They formed a plan to dig deeper into Amelia Sullivan’s disappearance, hoping to unveil the truth and expose the darkness that had plagued their lives.

A Twist in the Tale


Just as they were making progress, a shocking twist emerged. It turned out that Amelia Sullivan had been an investigative journalist known for uncovering corruption and exposing powerful individuals.

Her disappearance had all the signs of foul play, and the more Colby and Jake delved into her work, the more dangerous their mission became.

The puzzle pieces began to fall into place – there was a web of conspiracy, cover-ups, and powerful figures determined to keep their secrets hidden at all costs. 

The Clue in the Photograph


Colby’s innocence and curiosity had unwittingly placed them in a battle against forces they couldn’t fully comprehend.

Among Amelia’s notes and research, they found a clue hidden in the photograph they had discovered in the purse. The man beside Amelia and the young boy was identified as a former high-ranking government official.

It seemed that Amelia had been onto something big, something that could shake the foundations of powerful institutions.

Desperate Measures


Colby and Jake realized they were dealing with something far more dangerous than they could have imagined – a shadowy network willing to do anything to protect their interests.

With their lives in jeopardy, Colby and Jake knew they had to take desperate measures.

They had to decide whether to back off and let the truth remain buried or to continue their pursuit of justice, potentially putting everything on the line.

Amelia’s Cause


But they weren’t alone. Their determination had caught the attention of a few allies, individuals who believed in Amelia’s cause and were willing to risk everything to ensure her work wasn’t in vain.

As Colby and Jake dug deeper, they uncovered a series of hidden files that detailed Amelia’s investigation.

The more they learned, the more dangerous the game became. The web of conspiracy stretched farther than they could have anticipated.

A Race Against Time


Time was running out, and Colby and Jake found themselves in a race against the clock.

They had to decipher the encrypted files, expose the truth, and bring down the powerful figures orchestrating the cover-up – all while evading those who would stop at nothing to silence them.

They were involved more deeply than they could have imagined.

The Final Revelation


Amidst the chaos and danger, Colby and Jake pieced together the final revelation – a truth so explosive it could change the course of history.

Amelia Sullivan had uncovered a plot that involved not just corruption but a global manipulation of events that had far-reaching consequences.

Did the higher-ups find a way to get rid of Amelia?

An Impossible Choice


With the evidence in their possession, Colby and Jake were faced with an impossible choice. They could release the information, risking their lives to expose the truth, or they could disappear into the shadows, keeping the secret safe and protecting themselves from the powerful forces hunting them.

Was Amelia still alive, and would they be able to find her?

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.