Unmarked Box Smells Bad In Customs For Days, Judge Orders To Open It


Strange Box

Once the cardboard box arrived, they knew that something was off. What was a wooden box doing sitting all alone in an airport? What was it?

The box got investigated, and they even decided after careful consideration to open it. But once the lid was off of the box they knew they could never go back. It was like something from a movie. Should they run or keep going?

A Normal Day

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It was an ordinary day in Lebanon at the Beirut airport. The security was checking out each parcel just like they normally did. Things had gone smoothly so far until the wooden box arrived.

They didn’t see it as a threat or out of the ordinary. But soon they noticed that it wasn’t like the others. They knew that they had to take a closer look.



The airport always got busy. They decided to leave the box alone for a while while they tended to other boxes. Ali, head of security, felt that there was something very wrong with the box.

Ali decided to get some others to accompany him to the box. They needed to make sure that there was nothing wrong. But to do that they would have to investigate it even further. Wooden boxes didn’t come around very often so they decided to take a closer look.

Something Illegal?


They were all familiar with the usual illegal contraband. People always tried new and clever ways to sneak things past them so they always had to be vigilant.

Sometimes there are illegal substances hidden in things like coffee or even underneath clothing. But this package appeared mysteriously. Who would send this thing to Lebanon and more importantly, why?

More Than Once

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It also wasn’t like this was the first time that they ever had to deal with cases like this. Their weirdest case was once a man trying to smuggle someone under a mattress.

The man under the mattress was desperately trying to get into the country. Once they realized the mattress was severely heavier than it should have been, they knew that something was very wrong and found the man.

A Strange Package


They could see damage on the sides of the box. They didn’t like the look of it at all. They kept a close eye on the box while they kept working on other things throughout the day. They knew that there was something wrong.

They were scared that it could be something dangerous and could risk both the safety of their lives and the lives of all the people at the airport. They didn’t want disaster to happen so they had to be careful. They needed to have an action plan.


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They looked closely at the box and noticed something curious. The wooden box had holes in the sides. Normally, you’d want to avoid having large holes that things can fall out of, or fall into. So why were they on the box?

The box also had no markings on it. It even had no shipping address. Just the address it intended to be shipped to – Syria. The staff knew they needed to act quickly.

Needing Help

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With all these things in mind, they started getting increasingly more worried about the box. Especially when they noticed a bad smell coming from it. They were very worried.

They didn’t wait any longer. The security staff got the authorities involved, and they quickly decided to do something about the strange wooden box. The entire airport staff was waiting nervously for a decision.

They decided that they couldn’t wait around for something bad to happen. They would have to get the police involved. The staff watched on nervously as they finally came to a nail-biting decision that would change everything.

Waiting On The Judge

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They had a judge give them a verdict on how to approach the strange wooden box. They wouldn’t so much as touch it until they had the go-ahead.

But as the days went by, the box’s strong odor only got worse. The staff hated the smell, but they couldn’t do anything to stop it. But then the judge finally gave his verdict.

The Judge Said Yes

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After seven long days, the airport staff finally got their answer from the judge. They could open the package. Their hearts were beating fast, and everyone was gathered around the box. The moment was finally here.

However, there was one condition: someone had to come first to assist with the whole operation. Who could the judge have sent?

Opening The Package

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Because the package had holes in it, they suspected that someone had tried to send animals, so a vet from an animal rescue organization was sent by the judge. They broke open the package, and their hearts melted. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Inside they were three Siberian tiger cubs. They were in poor shape, and the vet wasn’t sure if they could save them.

Three Souls

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Siberian tigers are listed as an endangered species. They are highly sought-after, and today they are only 500 left in the wild. The three tiger cubs were extremely dehydrated and in poor condition.

There was no information about them, and apparently, they had not been vaccinated. The tigers couldn’t even stand. They had to do something fast.

Urgent Care

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The tigers were hooked up to IVs and were given fluids and vitamins. The vets did all they could to put them back on their feet.

In no time, the cubs could stand up and even play with each other. Now the question remained, who could do such a thing? Who could send live animals in a locked wooden box without any instructions?

The Sender

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The three male tiger babies had been on a flight from Russia and were supposedly destined to be sold to a zoo in Syria. Following the horrible discovery, the animal rights organization Animals Lebanon demanded that the animals be transferred to them.

Due to their poor health and for the sake of their wellbeing, a judge ordered the tigers to be placed in the organization’s care. But the original owners began fighting to retrieve the animals. What would be the fate of the tigers in the end?

Final Verdict

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The good news finally came through an official press release. Authorities in Lebanon had decided that the tigers would not be sent back to their owners and would remain in the care of an animal welfare organization.

Many people got involved in preventing the tigers from ending back on the black market, and it paid off in the end. The next step for the three tigers would be their release into a sanctuary where they could live a long and happy life.