Read These Books Before Their Highly Anticipated 2018 Movie Adaptations

Calling all bookworms: We know how much you love to snuggle up to a good book. It’s quite literally the best feeling ever. That, or, opening a new book, running your fingers through perfectly crisp pages. Or that feeling when the writer seems to have said the exact words to play a poetic symphony in your heart. If you can relate to any of these (especially if you’ve Googled “book to movie adaptations 2018”), we’re talking to you.

This is the year for the bookish, with countless book to movie adaptations. You know what that means! It’s time to venture out to your favorite bookstore (or follow our online links if you want to stay cozy at home), and read some incredible books before they hit the big screen. Because another great joy of readers is being able to say, the book was better. Even better is falling in love with a movie that illustrates a story that only existed in your mind.

Brew a cup of coffee or tea and see which book to movie adaptation of 2018 is one you need to invest in.

6.) Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

book to movie adaptations 2018

People that are neither geeks nor bookworms often use the two words interchangeably. Most often than not, this is usually wrong. Bookworms are nerdy, they live and obsess in the literary realm, while geeks are REALLY enthusiastic about less-studious things, like video games and comics.Sometimes the line does get crossed, though. If you live in both books and geekdom, Ready Player One has your name on it.

Cline’s novel is geeky (specifically about ’80s geek culture), set in a dystopian future, and, nine out of 10 times, HILARIOUS something for everyone.

Spielberg’s movie adaptation is already a box office hit, so that means go! Read the book as fast as we know you can, and let us know how the two compare.