Blue Octopus Refuses To Leave Boat For 3 Years As It Guards Object In The Water


He Never Thought

John Stuart had been considering the situation for years. Why did the rare blue octopus cling to his boat for so long?

He had come up with countless theories, but nothing could prepare him for the truth. Three years after it began, he stood there feeling empty and confused. He never suspected that the octopus was hiding something.

It All Started Three Years Ago


It all started on a winter evening. John, a fisherman from Anchorage, Alaska, spotted something unusual on the side of his boat, and it caught him completely off guard.

The bright blue blog had caught his attention the moment he spotted his boat. And now that he was standing next to it, he was more confused than ever. How did this happen?

An Avid Fisherman


John was an avid fisherman. He loved the career so much that he started doing it as soon as he was able to work. And he hadn’t regretted his decision once.

Throughout the years, he worked for others and eventually bought his own boat. He thought he had seen it all. But this was something that he never even heard of.

Daily Trips


John specialized in variety. His catch always depended on the season, but his trips into the vast open ocean were a daily occurrence.

In the summertime heading out was a blessing. But in winter, things weren’t as simple as they seemed. That was when the true power of the ocean was on display, and it could get pretty scary.

He Had To Make A Living


Come hell or high water John was out there, taking everything the ocean had to throw at him. But there were times when even he started praying.

He had lived through the toughest of storms. And during those times, he wondered if he would make it out alive. But he never gave up. He couldn’t. This was his livelihood, and his family depended on him to bring back the fish.

One Stormy Night


This night was a particularly stormy one. The waves were tall, and the pressure they exerted was so strong that they were swinging the boat from side to side.

And that was just the beginning. John had lived through storms like that before, and he knew that he needed to get his crew back to land before their vessel capsized.

Heading In Early


With that thought in mind, John swung his boat around and called the harbor to let them know that they were coming in.

They didn’t catch much that day, but what they did have was enough to feed their families that night. And John didn’t want to risk any lives in an attempt to get more than he could bargain for.

He Noticed Something


John waited for his entire crew to leave before getting off his boat. And just as he was about to walk away, the light from the lighthouse hit his boat, and a bright blue sheen caught his eye.

John walked back to get a closer look and saw a beautiful blue octopus clinging to the bow of his boat. It was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and he was saddened that it would be gone by the time his crew got back. If only he knew…

Thought Nothing Of It


The scene was a majestic one, and John would’ve liked for the rest of his crew to see it as well. But he never thought that there was more to the situation than met the eye.

Even though John thought nothing of it, this octopus was on his boat for a reason. And it would take a long time until he found out what that reason was.

Probably Just Scared


John thought that the creature might have just been scared into submission by the heavy storm. Or that it might’ve been chased by something and ended up on the boat while attempting to escape.

But its true purpose was much more complicated than that. Yea, it needed protection, but not for the reasons John thought.

The Next Day


When John and his crew arrived at the boat the next morning, they were shocked to find that the octopus was exactly where John had left it.

To anyone who wasn’t in the industry, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. But the fishermen knew that this kind of behavior wasn’t normal at all. Why was the octopus still there?

Better Weather


The weather was much better than it had been the day before. So if that was its reason for being on the boat, then it should’ve been gone already.

But it wasn’t. And from the looks of it, the thing was clinging on tighter than it was the night before. That was when the fishermen started getting suspicious.

It Was Still There


However, they thought it would be gone by the time they returned from their mission, so they weren’t too phased. The problem was that it was still there when they returned that night.

The men watched the thing in awe, wondering how it managed to hold on through everything they put the boat through. And that was when the theories started to come out.

Was It Sick?


Some of the crew members believed that the octopus might be sick and that it was holding onto the boat because it saw it as a safe haven.

And even though John had never heard of such a thing before, it seemed like a logical explanation. But he would soon discover that it was nowhere near the truth.

Taking A Closer Look


The next morning, the crew approached the octopus to see if their suspicions were correct. They didn’t know much about the species, but they knew there would be evident signs of illness.

Some discoloration or bleeding would confirm their assumptions. But the octopus didn’t display any signs of that. It looked perfectly healthy, which confused the fishermen even more.

It Was Injured


Since their first theory was proven wrong, the men came up with something different. The next logical explanation was that the octopus was injured and couldn’t defend itself.

The men got closer once more and saw that the octopus had multiple deep scars marring its beautiful body. There was only one problem. All the wounds had already healed.

Not That Bad


Even though the scars were deep and there were so many of them, they weren’t that bad. They didn’t put the octopus in a life-threatening position since none of them seemed to hinder its movement.

So that theory went right out the window as well. But that left the fishermen with a bit of a predicament. What were they going to do?

What Was It Doing?


The fishermen spent the next few days racking their brains in an attempt to figure out what was going on. They came up with a ton of assumptions, but each time they tested their theory, they came out empty-handed.

What was it doing? Why was it clinging to the boat? What on earth was going on there?

Days Had Passed


Days went by without answers. The crew kept going out, thinking that the octopus would be gone by the time they returned. But each night, it was still there.

The theories came and went, but eventually, the crew just stopped trying. They were slowly getting used to the octopus, and they never got any answers, so they decided to just go with the flow.

Soon Weeks Had Gone By


Before they realized it, weeks had passed. Some of the part-time crew members had left, and new members joined. The story of the octopus made its rounds, and before long, it had become the newest harbor attraction.

But for John and his men, greeting the octopus was just another part of their day. It was nothing new. Yet, it still remained a mystery.

Weeks Turned To Months


The weeks quickly turned to months, and the octopus was still clinging to the bow of the boat. Over time it had become a part of the crew, and it had even earned itself a name.

“True Blue” is what the crew members called it, thinking that it would be around as long as the ship was. And to an extent, they were right.

Months Became Years


The months had turned to years, and the excitement True Blue caused had all but died down. All the captains and all their crews had seen the octopus that called The Raven it’s home.

But the new guys on the block always asked about it, not knowing that all they would hear were riddles and assumptions. For no one truly knew what it was doing.

Everyone Had Gotten used To It


Other than that, everyone had gotten used to seeing the beautiful blue octopus. But that didn’t mean that the questions didn’t remain.

The crew that had stayed on The Raven and their captain still wondered what happened to bring the majestic creature into their lives. Little did they know that the answers weren’t too far away.

Questions Remained


John often sat on the pier, admiring the octopus that made his boat famous. And when he did, his mind was filled with questions.

He was still trying to figure out what brought the octopus to them. And why was it still hanging around after all those years? Was it a pet before it ended up with them? Was that why he held on for dear life?

Why Was It Still There?


But most importantly, why was it still there? The species wasn’t known for hanging out in a specific area for so long unless there was a large quantity of food.

However, it didn’t look like the octopus was eating at all. In fact, it didn’t look like it moved from its position at all. As John thought about that, he noticed something.

Was It Guarding Something?


John realized that over the years, the octopus had lost a lot of its color. The bright blue it once had was now more of a dull gray. But that wasn’t all.

The octopus moved as John was examining it, and he saw that there was something hidden beneath its tentacles. Was it guarding something?

One Day


The next day, when John arrived at the boat, he was greeted by a startling sight. He ran around the dock, hoping there was some kind of mistake. But there was no denying what he saw.

He felt his heart beating in his throat as a wave of sadness washed over him. It couldn’t be… After all those years, things couldn’t come to an end so abruptly.

It Was Gone


True Blue was gone. For the first time in three years, there would be no greeting for their special crew member. And everyone felt the sadness that day.

They all wondered what happened to the octopus who had consumed their lives. But John knew the truth. The octopus was getting weaker, and it seemed like it had finally met its end.

But It Left A Clue


But the octopus didn’t leave without giving the captain the answers he was looking for. On the side of his boat, where the octopus used to be, there was a clue.

One hundred and sixty clues, to be exact. And even though the rest of the crew didn’t know what they were, John did, and it touched his heart.

It Was Protecting Something


True Blue spent the last three years of its life protecting the most valuable thing that could ever have entered its life. It was protecting its offspring.

On the side of the boat, there were hundreds of sacks that once housed all the little octopi who were now free to live their own lives. And it was all thanks to the legendary blue octopus.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.