Bistro M.D. Review

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Bistro M.D. Review

Bistro M.D. offers diet food without diet flavors. Based on balanced and reasonable nutrition, coupled with metabolic variance, Bistro M.D. offers a low-calorie solution to the weight loss game. As its name suggests, it’s designed by doctors and dieticians, yet cooked by chefs to give you fresh and flavorful food. With food this tasty, you might find yourself less tempted to cheat.

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Demonstrated Success

Bistro M.D.’s website features many personal success stories from satisfied customers covering a large cross section of dieters. The program boasts that it has been used by people ranging from new mothers wanting to shed post-pregnancy weight to hypertensive men needing to get their blood pressure under control, and many in between.

What We LikeWhat You Get

  • • Delicious food shipped to your door
  • • Based on metabolic variance
  • • Made with fresh ingredients
  • • Work with dieticians to lose weight
  • • Choose the ingredients you like
  • • Food Included
  • • Nutrition Guide
  • • Exercise Guide

Customizable Meals

Since you choose the foods you do and do not like, the dietitians at Bistro M.D. should likely work with your preferences and any food allergies. Because all of Bistro M.D.’s food utilizes complex carbohydrates, the program could be suitable for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, but you should of course consult your doctor before making any changes to your current diet.

Using a variable ratio, these dietitians aim to create meals that are likely proportionately balanced to your body’s needs, with 40-50% of your caloric intake being lean protein, 20-25% from good fats and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates. The meals are crafted to be between 1,100 to 1,400 calories every day, which Bistro M.D. says creates a caloric deficit that allows your body to start hopefully burning off those unwanted pounds. The caloric intake varies on a daily basis, which should hopefully prevent the weight loss plateau that could happen if your body gets accustomed to a specific calorie amount per day.

Diet Type and Nutritional Balance

Bistro M.D. states on their website, “We don’t believe in dieting. We believe in health.” Based on the medical expertise of physician Caroline J. Cederquist and a group of registered dietitians, Bistro M.D. strives to create meals that are both nutritiously balanced and scrumptious.

Dieting is made simple through the pre-packaged, nutritionally balanced meals being delivered to your door. Based on your selected preferred ingredients, as well as your gender, age and any dietary restrictions (e.g. diabetes, lactose intolerance, etc.), the dietitians at Bistro M.D. will build a custom and balanced weekly plan for you around the program’s guiding principles. Though you have a little control in choosing your preferred tastes, your weekly food shipment is not hand-selected by you, so their dietitians can ensure you’re eating healthfully while still giving you food you enjoy. All plans come with the support of a dietitian, with whom you could discuss your diet via chat, email, phone or Skype. Bistro M.D. also provides access to webinars, newsletters and medical reports hopefully to show you different ways of staying physically active to help keep you healthy.

Taste Test

Bistro M.D.’s meals consistently receive high marks from independent surveys and online comparison researchers. These top honors come as no surprise, given that Bistro M.D.’s guiding concept is that balanced nutrition can taste great.

Hunger Factor

Although most people find the portions to be satisfactory, you may want to consider purchasing EATS (Essential and Tasty Snacks) with your next order if you’re having trouble making it to your next meal. EATS are protein rich (containing between 8-15 grams of lean protein) snacks made by Bistro M.D. that can hopefully fuel and fulfill you in between meals. EATS will put an additional $21 to $32 on to the total of your meal order per week.

Indulgence Allowances

The weekly deliveries purposely skip one dinner entrée so you can have a meal out, which Bistro M.D. refers to as “My Night” designed to give you a hopefully controlled and reasonable break from the program without the guilt that can accompany modest indulgence. Bistro M.D. also offers a smaller 5-day program in case you prefer to cook at home on weekends or enjoy eating out more often.

Meal Variety

With more than 200 menu selections, the program boasts the ability to provide you with six weeks of food without repeating an entrée, likely preventing your taste buds from getting bored with the meals. As an added satisfaction measure, you can log in to your account and dislike any entrée you’d prefer not to receive again.

Realistic Expectations

Because Bistro M.D. relies on metabolic variance—hopefully keeping your metabolism on its toes by changing your caloric intake on a daily basis—weekly weight loss will vary. Typical users could potentially lose 1-3 lbs. per week while on the program.


Designed by a Doctor, but cooked by a chef! Healthy and tasty! LEARN MORE!

External Support

Most of Bistro M.D.’s additional support comes in the form of how-to guides and fitness guides, which encourage you to get active and teach you how to exercise correctly. You’ll also have access to their team of dietitians for any questions you might have about your program, which could be especially beneficial to those on the 5-day plan so they can inquire about the food they eat on the weekends.


Though Bistro M.D. may seem a little pricier than some diets, it’s worth noting how it replaces your regular food budget with fresh, gourmet food delivered to your door. Since they offer a male and female option for the inclusion of their EATS snacks as outlined below, there are a few different prices depending on what you order.

5 Day Plan Break Down

5 Day Plan$129.95/week$25.99/day
5 Day Plan w/EATS for women$144.95/week$28.99/day
5 Day Plan w/EATS for men$152.45/week$30.49/day

7 Day Plan Break Down

7 Day Plan$159.95/week$22.85/day
7 Day Plan w/EATS for women$179.95/week$25.71/day
7 Day Plan w/EATS for men$191.45/week$27.35/day


Because Bistro M.D. prepares its meals fresh for each order, you have a specific window of time to order your food. If you order before noon EST on a Tuesday, they will mail the food that week and it should likely arrive in time for you to eat the following week, while orders placed after that deadline will be postponed to a little under two weeks from the day you place it.

Cancellation Information

For convenience purposes, all orders from Bistro M.D. renew automatically on a weekly basis so that you can continue receiving their meals without having to repeatedly reorder. If you are a new customer, you must inform Bistro M.D. of any preferences you would like noted for subsequent orders by Sunday at midnight EST after you receive your first week’s worth of food. For all following weeks, you must make any corrections by Wednesday at 5 p.m. EST the week before your delivery for the changes to affect the shipment.

Our Conclusion on Bistro M.D.

Bistro M.D. bases their effectiveness on the concept that food can both taste great and be low in calories. Instead of fighting your cravings for delicious food, consider satisfying them with Bistro M.D.’s low-calorie, dietitian-created meals.


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