Biggest Payouts in “Pawn Stars” History

When Pawn Stars find a rare item, they spend thousands to get it. How much do they exactly pay to get (an resell) those valuable items? Read on to know!

Pawn Stars, in the words of TV Guide, is a show that is “one part Antiques Roadshow, with a pinch of LA Ink, and a dash of COPS.” The TV Guide couldn’t have been more right. We goggle at the tribulations of Rick and the boys as they hunt for the most valuable items and negotiate their way through some risky exchanges.

Is it worth it? The huge payouts they got from some deals suggest that, yes, it absolutely is! How big of a profit can they get? Read on to discover the biggest payouts they ever got on the show! 

Ship’s Bell From the 17th Century

ship's bell from the 17th century star pawns
  • Price: $15,000

Our new motto for yard sales is, “when in doubt, take your finding to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn!”

The owner of this rusty piece of metal did just that. To her surprise, she discovered that it was, in fact, a bell from a ship from 1602.

1715 Spanish Fleet Gold Coin

1715 spanish fleet gold coin pawn stars
  • Price: $18,000

In 1715, a Spanish fleet with over 14 million pesos of silver and gold left Havana headed to Spain. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it to its final destination. A hurricane wrecked the ship, and the treasure sank to the bottom of the ocean near the coast of Florida.

Many centuries later, a man inherited one of those old coins from his grandfather and decided to take it to Pawn Stars.

This might have been the best decision he ever made because the coin’s value turned out to be $18,000.

White Eagle Medallion

white eagle medallion pawn stars
  • Price: $30,000

When a piece carries the secrets of 800 years of history, you can bet that Pawn Stars will never let it go easily.

The Order of the White Eagle Medallion is a piece that was forged during Russia’s rule of a portion of Poland. Rick took his shot and bought it for $6,000, only to discover that it was worth $30,000 to $40,000.

1500’s Spanish Shipwreck Gold Bar

1500's spanish shipwreck gold bar pawn stars
  • Price: $35,000

When you’re cleaning up your — or your relative’s — attic, keep a close eye on everything.

When a man walked into the Pawn Stars shop with a gold bar he found in his grandfather’s attic, the show’s stars knew they had hit the jackpot.

The value of the gold bar went from $24,000 to $50,000 after an expert found that it was one of the treasures found from a 1554’s Spanish ship that sank near Texas.

Diamond Earrings

  • Price: $40,000

When we see all the big payouts the guys get from their dealings, it becomes easy to forget that buying old items is a risky business.

When a seller tried to pawn earring diamonds for the buyers, Rick and the boys asked about the receipts and information about the earrings. Everything seemed in order, so Rick agreed on $40,000.

Unfortunately, the next day he found out that the earrings were stolen. Even if the thief was prosecuted, Rick’s never got his money back.

Vic Flicks 1961 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

vic flick's 1961 fender stratocaster pawn stars
  • Price: $55,000

You may not be familiar with Vic Flick. His work, however, is wildly acclaimed. The musician played the guitar riff for the original James Bond theme song on a Fender Stratocaster, one of the most iconic guitars in rock history.

When the man himself walked into the Pawn Stars shop to sell the same guitar we’re talking about, Rick wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to buy this treasure. They both agreed on a price of $55,000.

JFK Cigar Box

jfk cigar box pawn stars
  • Price: $60,000

Seemingly ordinary objects can sometimes be historical objects. Like here with this humidor, which was one of the personal cigar boxes of President John F. Kennedy.

The man who wanted to sell it to Pawn Stars knew it was a valuable item, so he wanted to have $95,000. Rick haggled it down to $60,000. Was it its real value? Not really, because Rick knew that a similar item was sold for $575,000 at auction. Wow!

2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang

2014 hertz penske gt mustang pawn stars
  • Price: $60,000

In 2013, Hertz decided to create 150 limited edition Ford GT Mustangs in partnership with entrepreneur Roger Penske.

This rare item was sold for a total value of $60,000 on Pawn Stars.

1915 Panama Canal Commemorative Coin

1915 panama canal commemorative coin pawn stars
  • Price: $67,500

This one has a fascinating story. One man asked Rick to help him find a rare 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal $50 gold piece. Rick decided to have a big national coin auction after he was promised $70,000 if he found it.

He got not only one but two of these coins and sold one of them to the man for $67,500.

1932 Custom Ford Roadster

1932 custom ford roadster pawn stars
  • Price: $68,250

Finding a 1932 vintage car in outstanding shape is rare. Being a car aficionado, Rick knew he had to get his hands on this 1932 Custom Ford Roadster as soon as he saw it.

The owner of this 500-horsepower car was a tough negotiator, but both parties ended up settling on $68,250 for it.

1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar

1922 high relief peace silver dollar pawn stars
  • Price: $80,000

It’s all fun and games until you lose a historic $80,000 coin.

When a man came into the shop after he won a real 1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar in a poker bet, he was expecting to get only $20,000 for it. After getting it appraised by an expert, everyone discovered that its real value was between $50,000 and $100,000.

Pawn Stars bought it for $80,000. We hope the loser of this coin never sees this.

1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar

stephen stills' 1941 gibson sj200 pawn stars
  • Price: $85,000

Guitars are somehow some of the most expensive items sold on Pawn Stars.

A man walked in the shop with an authentic 1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar that was owned by Stephen Stills of “Crosby, Stills, and Nash.” Stills even signed the guitar.

The man got $85,000 for it.

1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Guitar

1961 gibson sg les paul guitar pawn stars
  • Price: $90,000

Yet another guitar on our list. This time, the owner got a whopping $90,000.

The guitar was once owned by Mary Paul, Les Paul’s wife and musical partner. Many of the duo’s hit songs were played using this guitar.

1932 Lincoln Roadster

1932 lincoln roadster pawn stars
  • Price: $95,000

Can you say no when a vintage car with the specs of 150-horsepower, a V-12 engine, and an impeccable interior and exterior comes to your hands?

Rick wanted it so bad that he didn’t haggle the price down too much and settled for $95,000.

Over 200 Pounds of Silver

  • Price: $111,000

The largest purchase in Pawn Stars is the 200-pound lot of silver they bought from an interesting man.

He began amassing silver over 10 years ago, and luckily for him, the value rose through the years. After the shop bought the pieces for a total of $111,000, they decided to make their own custom-minted coins using them. Each one of them has the Old Man’s face and retails for $70.

What do you think of these crazy Pawn Stars payouts? If you want to find a valuable or rare item, you can also head to the beach! Read our next article to discover the strangest 18 things found washed up the beach — some of which sold for thousands!