And The Oscar Goes To… WTF?! Biggest Oscar Upsets of All Time

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Some people couldn’t care less about the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards but – how boring is that? Yes the Oscars are over the top and usually pretty boring when it’s all said and done, but they’re still exciting to watch. They’re especially fun to watch when something unexpected happens, like someone wears something truly awful, or Adrien Brody grabs Halle Berry and kisses her. Then there are the Oscar upsets. Leading up to the event everyone speculates about who they think will take home that naked golden statue of the bald dude. Sometimes the answers are a shoe-in. If Meryl Streep is nominated you can almost be sure she’ll give a speech. But there have been some big surprises over the years and here are five of the big ones.

5 Crash over Brokeback Mountain (2006):

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This one might be the most upsetting of them all. Some people – people with terrible taste – love the movie Crash. Others know that it’s a ham-fisted, simplistic look at racism and humanity and all that and it should never have won this award. Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain had Heath Ledger (RIP), Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, and Jake Gyllenhaal and it was a beautiful and daring film for that year. Maybe the voters were scared of men being in love – whatever the reason, it was robbery.

4 Dances with Wolves over Goodfellas (1991)

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Seriously? Kevin Costner directing and acting in this movie about Native Americans and buffalo and an exiled soldier? It’s a good movie, if a little cheesy, but the fact that it beat out Goodfellas makes you wonder who Costner was… lunching with. Like Streetcar, Goodfellas is a cinema classic made by one of the best American directors (Martin Scorsese) and Dances with Wolves, in retrospect, is a decent movie made by a once super famous actor. Ah well.

3 An American in Paris over A Streetcar Named Desire (1952)

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This one is going back a ways but you know Marlon Brando right? You’ve seen A Streetcar Named Desire hopefully? You definitely should – it’s a classic now. Then there’s the Gene Kelly musical an American in Paris that’s all brightly colored and filled with music and dancing. So you have a serious, dark, black and white drama versus a peppy, pretty musical? Maybe people thought Brando was too intense, but history has proven them wrong. Very wrong.

2 Roberto Benigni over Tom Hanks (1999)

Life is Beautiful was Italian director/actor Benigni’s comedic tale about a father and son during the Holocaust and it’s definitely a great, bittersweet feel good flick. He was fun to watch and all, but Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan was the phrase everyone expected to hear that night. As good as Benigni’s movie was, he’s kind of like a hyper kid on camera, just jumping around and being a clown. Who knows why Hanks didn’t win – the Oscars aren’t perfect.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow over Cate Blanchett (1999)

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Gwyneth is beautiful and talented and married to a rock star, but back when Shakespeare in Love burst onto the scene she wasn’t a megastar like she is now. That movie is certainly well done and her performance is charming and all, but if you saw Cate Blanchett (who is as good as Meryl Streep, which you can’t really say for Gwynnie) in Elizabeth you would know that the fact that Paltrow won over her was pretty shocking. It’s like Channing Tatum winning over Daniel Day Lewis. Tatum is sexy and actually a solid actor, but c’mon now. Someone was pulling some strings for Gwyneth it seems.

Let us know what you think of these upsets, or if you think they’re upsets at all!

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