Adorable Pictures That Prove Cats Will Be Cats No Matter How Big They Are


Big Cat Are Still Cats

When a big cat comes to mind people usually think of fierce predators. Big cats dominate their environments as the top predator. But they can also be cute and cuddly. Even though they’re deadly hunters they’re still felines and can sometimes act like giant kittens.

From leopards lying in boxes, ocelots playing around with toilet paper, or cheetahs getting their heads stuck – big cats to sometimes remind us of our house cats back home. Look at all the similarities between big cats and little house cats.

Big Box For A Big Cat


Cats are notorious for loving to sit or lie in boxes. Seems like it applies to big cats too. Maybe it’s an instinct to hide from other predators. But what would a jaguar need to hide from when they’re a top predator?

We think the real answer is that he just wants a nice spot to sleep. Jaguars find boxes luxurious compared to everything else at the zoo. In the jungle you’d find a jaguar very intimidating, in the zoo, he looks like a snuggly overgrown cat.

Lying On The Box


What happens if the cardboard box that the cat wants to sleep is just too small? It doesn’t make a huge difference to the big cat. Nothing will get in the way of their afternoon sun when they need to bake.

Tigers spend the same amount of sleep every day as a house cat – up to 20 hours a day. These beautiful animals love nothing more than their nap time. So never try to wake up the tiger when he’s sleeping on his cardboard.

Wheelbarrow Time


Lions are often called kings of the jungle. What does a king need? A chariot of course! This lion seems to have found himself a green one that he’s taken a liking to. The poor zoo staff won’t be trying to take their wheelbarrow back anytime soon.

Maybe this is the lion’s throne. It makes sense since the males will be lazy while the females hunt. He might just be waiting for them to bring him food.

Playing With The Ball

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

This beautiful white tiger’s name is Zabu. She doesn’t look too much like a deadly hunter when she’s enjoying her big red ball. The fact that she’s enjoying playing so much is evidence that big cats are much closer to housecats than you’d think.

Her toy is a stall ball for horses who are locked in their stall. The horses must be missing it but we’re sure they won’t try to take it back from Zabu. After all, the stall ball is the only thing that can handle Zabu’s claws, doesn’t she deserve some fun?

Toilet Paper

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Employees at Big Cat Rescue wanted to know what would happen if they put some toilet paper inside a wildcat’s enclosure. Everyone enjoyed the show that ensued. Who knew that all the wildcats inside would love to swipe the toilet paper and tear into them much like their cousins you know so well.

So it seems big cats will play with any toys that are put inside their enclosure. Everyone watching must have loved the show displayed except for maybe the staff member that had to go in and clean up the mess that was left.

What A Great Pose


We all have seen our cats roll over and show their bellies back at home. Now did you know that big cats did the same? If a cat rolls over it means they feel comfortable and it goes without saying that they want someone to play with them.

The lion looks like he’s being playful with the man taking the photo. He’s even showing him his cutest kitten eyes. If you can roughhouse with 600 pounds of cat then you should give him what he wants.

More Boxes


This cheetah’s gotten his head stuck in the box. He’s reminiscent of a kitten playing with a new box from something you’ve bought. The workers at the zoo must be doing this on purpose. They know what happens when you mix any kind of cat and any kind of box.

Cats “bunt” objects to leave their scent on them. The cheetah is probably telling all of the other cats at the zoo that the box is his and his alone. Who knows, maybe the cheetah will try to lie in the box and end up flattening it like our Lion from earlier.

Paw Message


Look at this cute photo of a zookeeper being a good pal and massaging the paw of this lion. The zookeeper is Alex Larenty and he must be good friends since he also brushes his mane and even gives him baths.

Larenty said that the relationship he has with his lion has been built up over many years and that normally no one would be able to give a lion a foot massage. We believe that the lion is an eight-year-old lion named Jamu.

I Can Stand Like You Too


Mohan is the white tiger in this photo and he really wants some milk, he’ll even stand to get it. He’s pretty tall when he’s standing up. I’d be nervous if I were that zookeeper.

Cats can stand if they feel that they need to appear larger to ward off dangers. This normally applies to house cats and we suspect Mohan just wants to look at his zookeeper in the eye.


YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

You know by now that big cats can love toys. These felines need some stimulation so they don’t get bored. The cougar seems very happy to have the ringed tube. Just get some oversized kids toys and give them to the big cats, they need fun too.

Cougars are the only cats that can’t roar like their cousins. They rather make a purr that you might imagine a house cat makes. This just makes the whole picture cuter.

Even Tigers Need Belly Rubs

Pinterest/Lianne Petrucelli

Would you give a tiger a belly rub? With tigers looking this adorable, it’s hard to resist. Tigers are generally playful, especially toward their caretakers. No matter how ferocious they can be, they still want pets.

According to animal behaviorist Louise Dorfman, tigers are some of the most emotional and affectionate big cats out there. That’s probably why they’re so eager to roll over for a good belly rub! No wonder the girl in the photo looks so happy.

They Chase Lasers As Well

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

As it turns out, big cats will chase laser pointers just like domestic cats do. Big Cats Rescue posted a video of lions, tigers, and leopards jumping at a laser pointer at night. It’s hard not to enjoy how playful big cats become.

“They have to chase it,” said Susan Bass, director of public relations at Big Cat Rescue. “You can go up a wall, under things, like I do with my cat.” What better way to play with a big cat while safely outside of their enclosure?

They’ll Share Your Food


At the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, photographer Wojciech Kalka caught this photo of a monk sharing his food with a tiger. It seems that the name “Tiger Temple” is appropriate for the monks’ caring nature.

Tigers are venerated in Asian countries such as Thailand and China, and they’ve interacted with humans for centuries. It’s no wonder that these big cats, who seem to feel comfortable around the monks, aim to eat their food too.

Even Big Cats Sit And Watch


Have you ever seen a cat lounge in a corner and watch people? This panther is doing the same thing at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Bonus points: he’s in a box. Nothing screams “domestic cat” more loudly than this photo.

Boxes provide some insulation for big cats. When they’re not expending energy, cats like to warm up, according to cat researcher and vet Mikel Delgado. To the panther, this box is the equivalent of getting under the covers.

Tiger VS. Pumpkin

Pinterest/Patty Dijigov

The internet is no stranger to big cats wrestling with pumpkins. Lions carry them, leopards chew on them, and caracals shove their heads in them. Here, a beautiful white tiger enjoys some playtime with a giant pumpkin.

For some reason, big cats love to demolish pumpkins. It gives them hours of entertainment and gives us a good “awwww.” No wonder pumpkins and big cats pop up across YouTube during October. What a way to celebrate autumn.

They Swipe At Water

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

In general, big cats aren’t horrified of water like some house cats are. But that doesn’t stop domesticated cats from swiping and splashing around shallow water, and big cats are no different.

Zookeepers videotaped these caracals swiping at the water and then shaking their paw dry like house cats do. Unlike house cats, though, big cats are willing to swim for traveling and hunting. Many tigers receive ponds in their enclosure because they enjoy playing in the water.

Time For A Cat Nap

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Rumor has it that scientists threw cardboard boxes at big cats to determine whether they’re really feline. Okay, that’s not true, but big cats use cardboard boxes in the same way as their domestic cousins.

This caracal has decided to take a snooze inside of her chosen box. When the kitty sleeps, no one dares wake her. The employees won’t get that box back for a while, but we doubt they’d want to after seeing the cuteness.

Snow Day!


Majestic as a feline, or playful as a kitten? This photo from the Bronx Zoo will make you think, “both.” The zoo’s Amur tigers enjoyed a day of fun in the snow. If not for the giant claws and teeth, people might have joined them!

And don’t worry–tigers can survive in snow. As long as they have enough water, food, and shelter, tigers can survive anywhere from swamps to the forest to ice-covered Targa. This snow day is a walk in the park for this giant tiger.

How Did She Get Up There?


Many cat owners have seen their cat on top of a shelf and thought, “How did she get up there?” As it turns out, big cats are no different. This mountain lion defied the laws of physics by climbing a dead tree.

When most people see a mountain lion, it means that the lion has been stalking them. That mountain lion was likely watching the photographer for a long time. Good thing she was acting like a house cat up in that tree.

They’ll Nap Anywhere


This two-week-old snow leopard is relaxing in a bucket after her first vet exam in the Woodland Park Zoo. Although she looks like a domestic kitten now, she’ll soon grow to 72 pounds. But that doesn’t stop people from admiring her cuteness.

If adult big leopards act like house cats, then leopard kittens act even more like domesticated cats. They’ll curl up and sleep anywhere, and they can handle being picked up. Even predator cats need naps.

Big Kitties Cuddle Too


In the Toronto Zoo, this lioness is using her partner as a pillow. When house cats trust others enough, they’ll lay their heads anywhere to nap. Lions are no different, except that they often sleep up to 20 hours a day.

Because lions have few sweat glands, they cool down and conserve their energy by sleeping. Lions tend to become active at night when it’s cooler. As a result, zoo-goers will often see adorable cat naps like this.

Two Is Better Than One


These tiger buddies were minding their own business at the zoo one sunny afternoon, when they spotted this unusual contraption. What was it? They had no idea but decided the best thing to do was to get into it together, and we couldn’t be happier that they did.

One big cat hanging out in a cardboard box is good enough, but two of them? That’s just too good. These ferocious tigers look almost like little kittles the way they’re playing with their newfound treasure.

Time For Presents!

YouTube/@Toronto Zoo

The delightfully adorable fluffballs you see here are snow leopards. They live at the Toronto Zoo, where they were fortunate enough to be treated to the fun activity of opening Christmas presents!

The zoo shared a photo of these big cats with their gift, captioned, “Watch as our snow leopards Ena, Kita and Mylo enjoy some special Christmas present enrichment as part of the Zoo’s #12DaysofEnrichment.” It sure looks like snow leopards enjoy getting gifts as much as any regular-sized housecat.

Kittens Are Kittens

Britta Pedersen/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

It’s true — kittens are kittens no matter their size or species. These precious kitties happen to be Indochinese tiger cubs, who just can’t resist the draw of a big wicker basket that’s large enough to hold them all.

These cubs live at the Tierpark zoo in Berlin, Germany, and they’ve been there for their entire lives. It’s home to them, and they make it clear just how happy and comfortable they are here.

Khajit Has Wares If You Have Coin


Here’s yet another example of just how appealing boxes are to cats. This fuzzy feline is a lynx, and it’s clear that he’s feeling pretty chill from his comfy spot in his cardboard box.

This particular photo was used in a viral meme based on the video game Skyrim and Oblivion, which has a cat-human species called Khajit. In the meme, the quote “Khajit has wares if you have coin” is superimposed over the photo.

Sofa Hog


Have you ever come home after a long day and wanted nothing more than to have a seat on the couch, only to find that your cat, Whiskers, has already claimed it for herself?

That’s exactly what happened here, only the sofa hog in question isn’t a little housecat… it’s a 200+ pound tiger! And we don’t want to be the ones to ask her to move. We’ll just sit on the floor, thank you very much.

Toy Time!


It’s no small secret that cats love playing with toys. All kinds of toys… even something as simple as a piece of string can provide a cat with hours of fun. And the King of the Jungle is no exception when it comes to loving to play.

Here, we see a fully grown lion playing with a toy just the same way a housecat might. Watching him frolic, you could almost forget for a moment that he’s one of the most feared creatures in the jungle!



Now THAT’s a really big thank you kiss! This tiger is going out of her way to let her keeper know how much she appreciates the milk treat he’s brought to her. Apparently, the big cats enjoy milk just as much as Mittens or Felix do.

Come to think of it, we rarely get a thank you from our cat no matter what we do. We can only imagine how scratchy that enormous tongue must feel!

A Little Help, Please?


How undignified. But if you love boxes as much as cats do, you’re bound to get stuck in one at some point in time. This snow leopard was clearly having a little too much fun with a box, because here he is with his head stuck in it.

Even without being able to see his face, you can tell by his body language that this big cat is feeling pretty embarrassed for himself right now.