How To Tell If She’s Your BFF (Hint: She Hates Your Ex More Than You Do)

Your BFF is your soulmate. The family you choose. Your partner in crime. Got a few contenders in your circle? Here's how to know if she's your true BFF!

They say that best friends are the family you choose. They are your partners in crime, the ones you celebrate victories with and cry about the losses with. They know you better than your mom and they accept you for who you are, best of all sans judgment. They are the ones you’d be lost without. They are your soulmates. Forget romance: There should be more songs extolling the virtues of best friendships.

Tops in the world of friends is a girl’s BFF. Whether you’ve known her since toddler-hood or met her at the office last year, a BFF is there through thick or thin and has your back even in the stickiest situations. On the flip side, your BFF is the best person to celebrate all of life’s wins with.

Got a couple of best friend contenders and wonder who’ll truly rise to the occasion? Here’s how to tell she’s your BFF …


5.) You’d Give Her Your Last Dollar

BFF Love

You wish you could buy her that Prada bag she’s dying to have …

Wallowing in self-doubt? Having a pity party for one? That won’t fly when your BFF is around. She’s your No. 1 fan, the one who will never let you forget how amazing you are and how much you deserve in life. She’ll tell you what a great hair day you’re having, how fabulous you look, how stylish your outfit is. How she’s sure you nailed that interview because you’re so damn smart and confident and poised – there’s no one better than you! You always talk about going to Paris for the “ultimate girls weekend” – one day you’ll do it! You just need to save a bit more first…

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4.) Your Enemies are Her Enemies – Especially Your Ex

BFF - Ex


Your best friend knows just as much about him as you. After all, she’s the one who helped you Google-stalk him (and FB-, Twitter- and Insta-stalk him) in advance of your first date.  And now that the relationship is over? She’s the rational one who will remind you of all the reasons you’re better off without him. Who will never let you forget that you’re so much better than him. That it’s his loss, not yours. And she may or may not “accidentally” spill her drink on him should she run into him in a bar …

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3.) She’s Your Therapist

BFF - Pillow

“You’ll never believe what he did this time …”

You don’t need a therapist (at least as much as before …) because you have your BFF to lean on. She’s your constant support (sometimes physically!) and knows you better than your therapist ever would. Feeling low? She gives you a prescription for a blowout at Dry Bar, a hot LBD, red lipstick, sexy heels and a night on the town. PMS-ing? She prescribes Chipotle (extra guac), homemade margs and a Sex and the City marathon. And the best part? She’ll be with you every step of the way.

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2.) She’s Always Down For an Adventure

BFF - Facetime

“Wanna do something crazy tonight??”

Partners in crime, partners in travel, partners in everything – your BFF is the one you call when you’re in the mood for some FUN. It could be as simple as trying a new restaurant or as big as planning a trip to Ibiza. Whatever it is, your BFF is there. She’s game for everything, which is why she’s your BFF.

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1.) She’s Your No. 1 Fan

BFF - Crush

“Stop – you’re embarrassing me!”

She celebrates your successes just as much (if not more!) as you do. A real best friend won’t compete with you. She isn’t petty, won’t judge you and will be truly happy for you in your accomplishments. That’s how you can differentiate a best friend from a “sometimes friend,” a “party friend,” or just a casual acquaintance. When you succeed, your BFF is truly happy for you and proud of you. You can tell her everything, and she’ll accept you for who you are. You just wish she wouldn’t keep telling your crush how amazing you are. Let him find out for himself!

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Do these remind you of your best girlfriend? Tell us all about it in the comments and share your favorite meme with your BFF to let her know you’re thinking of her!

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