Best Wine Fridges and Coolers

Here are some of the best wine fridges and coolers to store your wine collection.

Whether you’re a casual wine lover or a refined wine enthusiast, you need one of the best wine fridges to store your collection.

How you store your wine affects the taste, the shelf life, and the overall quality. A wine fridge can keep your wine in excellent condition.

The problem is that it may be difficult to know which wine fridge is the best option for you. We’ve done the legwork to help you find the perfect wine cooler for your home based on size, capacity, and the features you need.

Here are some of the best wine fridges and coolers to store your wine collection.

Editors’ Choice: Kalamera Freestanding Wine Cooler

kalamera 24 inch wine cooler: freestanding cooler


After researching all of the top wine fridges, the Kalamera wine cooler was a standout and our top pick.

This is the perfect wine fridge for anyone who is design-conscious when it comes to their kitchens and homes.

The Kalamera is also the perfect wine fridge for someone with a decent wine collection. It holds up to 46 bottles and stores them in a unique way that makes them easy to retrieve.

If you store both reds and whites, the dual-zone settings will keep both at the optimal conditions. The top is a few degrees cooler than the bottom portion, and you can adjust the settings if you want to.

If you’re worried about noise, the Kalamera will solve that problem for you. It won’t make loud vibration sounds.

Overall, this is a high-end, large capacity choice for the wine connoisseur.

Kalamera Wine Cooler Pros

  • Large capacity: This wine cooler holds up to 46 bottles but isn’t too large to fit under your countertop or bar.
  • Silent motor: While the fridge is powerful with dual-zone temperatures, it is generally quiet with no vibrations.

Kalamera Wine Cooler Cons

  • Short warranty: Kalamera offers a one-year warranty on the parts of the fridge, which may not be long enough for some people.
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Best Value: Ivation Red and White Wine Cooler

ivation red and white wine cooler


You don’t have to protect your wine bottles by shelling out hundreds of dollars. The Ivation cooler is excellent quality at a budget-friendly price.

This wine cooler stores your bottles in a consistent temperature that preserves the taste and quality of your bottles. Store both reds and white between your desired temperature ranges of 50-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in a sunny home, you don’t have to worry about the sun rays affecting the temperature of the bottles. The doors have UV ray-blocking technology so that the flavor of your wine won’t be affected.

This is a freestanding wine fridge that holds up to 12 bottles of wine.

Ivation Cooler Pros

  • Affordable price: This fridge is under $200, which is a low price compared to many on our list.
  • Consistent temperatures: Because this is a single zone fridge, the temperature is kept at an accurate level and is evenly distributed throughout the fridge.
  • Quiet motor: Don’t worry about the fridge making loud noises or vibrations. Most users reported that it is silent.

Ivation Cooler Cons

  • Digital temperature light: Some owners complained that the temperature light is too strong and disturbing.
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Best Compact: Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

magic chef 12 bottle wine cooler


Maybe you don’t need to store a ton of wine bottles and are looking for a compact wine fridge.

For some people, a smaller, 12-bottle wine cooler will do the job. Whether you’re tight on space or just starting your wine collection, the Magic Chef wine cooler is an excellent choice.

Because of the size, you can store it anywhere. You can even put it in the sun because the cooler has UV ray protection.

Most users were delighted with the compact size and the affordable price.

Magic Chef Pros

  • Affordable price: At a little over $100, this wine fridge delivers top quality at an attractive price.
  • Lightweight materials: This unit only weighs 26 pounds, making it portable if you need it to be.

Magic Chef Cons

  • No lock: If you need a wine fridge with a safety lock, you’ll need to find a different option.
  • Temperature control: Some users have reported that the fridge struggles to drop to 20 degrees below the room temperature.
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Best for Large Capacity: NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler

newair awr-1160db wine cooler


Collectors of wine look for both quality and space to store their ever-growing collection of bottles. The NewAir cooler is the perfect addition to a wine lover’s home.

This wine cooler houses 116 bottles and sits at 183 lbs. You can pull out the wine trays and view the bottles you have.

The dual-zone temperature setting allows you to store the bottles at two temperatures.

The design-conscious will also be delighted with the stainless steel doors and tinted windows with UV rays.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Pros

  • Dual-zone temperatures: Keep your reds and whites at the perfect temperature with the dual-zone temperature settings.
  • Optimum capacity: Wine lovers will love the space to store up to 116 bottles.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Cons

  • Temperature issues: Some users say that because the warmer zone is below the cooler zone, it is difficult to maintain the accurate temperature.
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Best Built-in: EdgeStar 12-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler

edgestar wine fridge


Any household appliance wins points when it can effortlessly blend in with the rest of your decor.

This EdgeStar product can go right under your countertop or bar. The slim, stainless steel design is attractive and will fit most kitchens.

This wine cooler is a single-zone temperature range, which means it evenly distributes the temperature throughout the fridge. Choose your desired temperature range between 40-65 F with a blue LED light to keep track of the temperature.

If you’re looking for the perfect built-in option, then this is a premium choice for you.

Edgestar 12-Inch Wine Cooler Pros

  • Compact design: This model can fit perfectly in 12-inch cabinet space.
  • Even cooling: Keep your bottles at an even cooling temperature range.

Edgestar 12-Inch Wine Cooler Cons

  • Slight noise: Some users reported a noisy sound when the compressor comes on.
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Wine Fridges and Coolers Buyer’s Guide

hand in wine fridge

Calek / Shutterstock

Knowing the ins and outs of wine fridges helps with the hunt for the perfect one.

Every wine cooler is different in size, features, and the quality of the build. Similarly, every home is different, so what a person is looking for may be different from the next.

Here are a few of the key features to keep in mind while you shop.

Bottle Capacity and Size

wine fridge in a kitchen

Vasyl S / Shutterstock

Wine fridges come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can find them anywhere from 12-bottle units to over 300-bottle units.

Assess which one will fit in your home by considering these two things:

  • Size: Consider the width and height of the unit. Keep in mind how much space the unit will take up in your kitchen or home.
  • Storage capacity: This is the ideal amount of bottles your wine cooler can hold.

Use these answers to determine the specifics of your needs.

For example, maybe you have a modest wine collection. Maybe you use it to store a few bottles at a time and go through them quickly, or you might store a single type of wine.

If this is the case for you, you may want to go with the more compact sizes. A good 12-24 bottle capacity range should be a good fit. Wine coolers that are about the size of mini fridges are ideal for small collections and compact spaces. They’re great for storing wine anywhere you need to.

On the other hand, if you collect many bottles and intend to grow your collection, you’ll want to have enough space to store everything.

One thing that most manufacturers descriptions don’t disclose is that not all bottles are shaped the same. The shelves fit a traditional Bordeaux-sized bottle, but not all bottles are created in that shape. Therefore, some bottles may take up more space than others, cutting down on the bottle capacity.

The best way to check the true bottle capacity is to read through the user reviews.

Construction Quality

woman opening wine fridge

Lolostock/ Shutterstock

You’re making an investment to preserve the quality of your wine. This means that you should pay attention to the quality of the product you’re buying.

How do you know if the wine fridge is good quality?

Take a look at the materials used to design it, the manufacturer’s reputation and finally, user reviews. Every wine fridge on our list is picked because we believe they are quality products.

General construction aspects to look for include:

  • Control panel and touch controls
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Thermoelectric or compressor cooling
  • Tinted windows or smoked glass
  • Tray materials
  • UV Ray blocking technology

Pay attention to these things while you shop to improve your chances of finding something you’re happy with for many years to come.


full wine cooler

Calek / Shutterstock

For many, the design is one of the most important features for a wine cooler.

Luckily, the fridge and cooler industry have adapted to the current trends and styles in home decor. It’s easy to find a sleek wine cooler that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen or home.

Our favorite choice for design is a built-in wine cooler. Models like the Kalamera or the Edgestar can fit under your counter. They blend in with the rest of your appliances without occupying counter or floor space. The design is also sleek, slim, and modern to add flair to your kitchen.

Ease of Use

wine bottles behind glass door

Steff.H / Shutterstock

Your wine fridge should be as user-friendly as possible. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping.

To start, you should be able to plug in your wine fridge and get it up and running without a lot of effort.

The temperature display should be bright, easy to see, and easy to adjust.

LED lights allow you to be able to see it both during the day and at night with ease.

Another area that affects the ease of use is the wine trays should also be easy to access. If you have a larger capacity wine fridge, make sure you’re able to access the bottles. Most of the wine fridges on our list have slide trays so you can view the wine you want and quickly grab it.

Temperature Zones

modern kitchen with wine cooler

Andrew Bassett / Shutterstock

When shopping for a wine fridge, look out for whether or not its single or dual zone.

The differences are as follows:

  • Single Zone: Single zone fridges mean that the entire unit is stored at the same temperature. This is helpful for people who want to store mostly white wine bottles because they will all be at the same temperature.
  • Dual Zone: A dual-zone fridge has two temperature zones in the fridge. This is helpful for anyone who wants to store both reds and whites in the same fridge. White wines tend to be chilled at a lower temperature than red wines. With the dual-zone fridge, you can store both without compromising the taste. The risk with dual-zone fridges is that sometimes there can be discrepancies with the accuracy of the temperatures.

In general, we recommend a dual-zone fridge if you tend to rotate your bottles frequently or like to store both red and white wines.

Thermostat Accuracy

stored wine bottles

l i g h t p o e t / Shutterstock

How do you control the temperature of your fridge, and how do you make sure it is accurate?

There are a few ways, but let’s get into the ideal temperature ranges.

Generally speaking, all wine bottles should do well if they are stored at 50F. If you’ve got a single zone fridge and have a variety of wines to store, then this temperature should be fine.

These are the ideal temperatures for storage:

  • Red wine: The desired red wine temperature is enjoyed at room temperature. In reality, that means between 60 to 65F.
  • White wine: White wine is typically enjoyed chilled, not ice-cold, so store it at around 50 to 60 degrees.

How do you know if your fridge is keeping the temperature even throughout the day?

One way is to check with an old-fashioned thermometer, but keep in mind this may be a bit difficult if you’ve got a dual-zone fridge.

A key feature to look for is an accurate temperature reading with the ability to adjust the temperature to your liking. Single zone fridges generally have a temperature range from 40 to 65 F.

wine on a cooling rack

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

A wine cooler or fridge is the perfect appliance for people who love wine or entertaining. Use our top picks and our buying guide to help you pick the right option for you.