Sports Fanatic? We’re Not Convinced Unless You Use All Five of the Following Awesome Sports Apps on Google Play

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The app market has grown so quickly that it now boasts deep enough benches to fit many specific types of app your downloading pleasure. The sports enthusiast will not only appreciate our “deep benches” wordplay there, but also the many and varied different sport themed apps you can download these days. There are both free and paid apps that relate to most every type of sport you can imagine, and that are designed for the gamer, the statistician, the casual observer, etc. Whatever you like about the world of sports, you will probably find an app to correspond with it.


We end our list with a fine, free app that is something of a Jack of All Trades for the sport app world, Yahoo!’s SPORTACULAR app. It’s not customized just for football or baseball or badminton, no, but if you are a more general sports enthusiast and follow plural teams in plural sports, this is a fine app for you (and again… it’s free). Check stats, scores, schedules, and more for a variety of sports with this handy app. You’ll also get fun extras like an “odds generator” that helps predict upcoming games’ outcomes, and live polling features, so you can see where your predictions and opinions stack up against other sports fans.

4 MLB At Bat

The Boys of Summer may be nearing the end of their season, but baseball will be back before you know it, and if you want to get the most out of next season, download, install, and get to know the latest version (12) of the MLB At Bat app now. You can not only watch hundreds of games a year right there on your mobile device, but you will also get comprehensive data on scores, stats, trades, team rankings, etc. And it will cost you about half what a beer will run you at an average ballpark these days. No, make that a third of the beer’s price, actually.

3 SkyDroid Golf GPS

Would you pay $1.99 to seriously improve your golf game? Most any golfer of any level would say… Yes. The SkyDroid Golf GPS app may just offer you that option. With over 20,000 golf courses mapped out so far, chances are quite good that the course on which you find yourself is about to become a lot less intimidating thanks to your new empowering app. You can now study your course’s layout, knowing distances, locations of sand and water traps, doglegs, etc. And with the built in range finder features, you can track down your ball and track your progress through each course and as you improve your game over time.

2 DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

OK, perhaps we’re revealing our bias in favor of football here with the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket app slipping all the way up into the #2 spot, but it’s the season and this app makes watching the season that much easier. You can catch plural games a day right there on your phone or tablet, no matter where said phone or tablet may be (assuming there is service, of course). Some reviewers complained about a bit of lag in the video and audio at times, and it definitely uses up a lot of your data plan, but for those with unlimited data, a good 3G connection, and who love football, you will love this app.

1 ESPN Score Center app

Ultimately, the most important question in sports is this: What was the score? It means “who won,” and “how did they play?” all in one fell swoop. It means the sweet taste of victory or the bitterness of defeat. And it is really easy to answer with the ESPN Score Center app, which can be yours for free. From NFL to MMA to NASCAR to PGA golf to NCAA scores, this app tracks more sports than you can count on both hands and it offers you up to the minute intel in how your team is faring against their hated rivals. Never find yourself wondering “what was the score?” again.

There, we managed to do a whole list about sports apps without it turning into a list of downloadable games! We’re proud of ourselves. And hopefully we have shed some light on some winning sports apps for you. Now we’re off to check the score, and then maybe play some games.

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