28 Of The World’s Most Refreshing & Beautiful Spas

A spa is a place dedicated to the art of relaxation and pampering yourself. Here are the best spas in the world where you can relax and unwind in style. 

I can be hard to relax and unwind, especially in the day and age of smartphones and tablets. Do we ever really switch off? Because of this, it is even more essential to take some time out that is just for you — time to relax, disconnect and be at one with your body and mind.


A taking a vacation or a trip to a spa is the perfect solution to this problem. A spa is a place dedicated to the art of relaxation and pampering yourself. So why not combine both a vacation and spa visit by going to a destination spa?


Here are the best spas in the world where you can relax and unwind in style. 


28.) La Reserve Geneve – Switzerland

unwind at these best spas in the world






  • Location: Switzerland
  • Types of Treatments Offered: Nescens Better Aging Programs, osteopathy and nutrition, la prairie beauty treatments, Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, sports and fitness

The Nescens Spa at Lyou relax and unwind La Reserve Geneve offers a unique range of treatments located in a lush green relaxing setting. Whether you fancy treating yourself to a massage or facial or even some preventive and anti-aging medicine, La Reserve Geneve has it all.

27.) Villa Stephanie – Germany

villa stephanie, germany

Villa Stephanie





  • Location: Germany
  • Types of Treatments Offered: weight loss, detox, holistic medicine, massage, facials, sauna

Inspiringly designed treatment rooms overlook the beautiful gardens at Villa Stephanie. A tranquil, peaceful, venue where you can enjoy several different treatments which will leave you enhance and energized.

26.) Schloss Elmau – Germany

schloss elmau, germany

Schloss Elmau





  • Location: Germany
  • Types of Treatments Offered: sports and fitness, yoga, Taijiquan & Qigong, traditional Chinese medicine

It’s easy to see why Schloss Elmau is one of the best spas in the world with 2 skilled therapists, 15 treatment rooms and a hairdressing salon you will have plenty of option to choose from at this deluxe spa.

25.) Nihi Sumba Island – Indonesia

nihi sumba island, indonesia

Nihi Sumba





  • Location: Indonesia
  • Types of Treatments Offered: yoga, surfing, horseback riding, paddleboarding, Spa safari

NihiOka spa safari is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll never forget. Spend the morning trekking through rolling countryside hills, expansive rice fields and meet the local villagers. Dine by a private coastline where a full breakfast will be served. Then all you need to do is enjoy a swim or enjoy one of the many beauty treatments on offer.

24.)  Hotel Post Bezau – Austria

Hotel post bezau





  • Location: Bregenz Forest, Austria
  • Types of Treatments Offered: holistic beauty, discovery, detox, body shaping, yoga, fitness and sport

The Susanne Kaufmann Spa offers a combination of cosmetic treatments and spa experiences. With 25 years of experience, you will lease the spa feeling positive and inspired to create a healthier lifestyle.

23.) Dwarika’s Resort – Nepal

dwarika's resort, nepal

Dwarika’s Resort





  • Location: Nepal
  • Types of Treatments Offered: revival and relaxation, Himayaen detox, yoga, meditation

At Dwarika’s Resort, you will learn how to maintain harmony between the body, mind, spirit and earth for a peaceful, healthy and balanced life.

22.) Rancho Valencia – California

rancho valencia is one of the best spas in the world

Rancho Valencia





  • Location: California
  • Types of Treatments Offered: sports and fitness, massage, nutrition and detox, sleep and respite

The Spa at Rancho Valencia was awarded 5-Star rating in the Forbes Travel Guide, making it one of the best spas in the world. Here you will find treatments galore including organic, wildcrafted therapies, purely custom Elemental Wellness body treatments and so much more.

21.) Aro-Ha – New Zealand

aro-ha, new zealand






  • Location: New Zealand
  • Types of Treatments Offered: sports and fitness, yoga, nutrition and detox

At this 21-acre retreat near Queens-town, with a beautiful backdrop of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, you will learn to look after your body both physically and mentally. Take part in daily mindfulness sessions and relax by taking a dip in the plunge pool with mountain views.

20.) Six Senses Douro Valley – Portugal

six senses douro valley, portugal

Six Senses Douro Valley





  • Location: Portugal
  • Types of Treatments Offered: yoga, wellness screening, facial, massages, body treatments

Six Senses Spa Douro Valley has 10 treatment rooms where you can experience beauty treatments and yoga programs under excerpt guidance. Some of the programs include locally inspired therapies, some of which are grape and citrus fruit-based.

19.) SHA Wellness Clinic – Spain

sha wellness clinic, spain

SHA Wellness Clinic





  • Location: Spain
  • Types of Treatments Offered: therapeutic and beauty treatments, medical, nutritional and psychology consultations, water therapies such as watsu, pilates, yoga, meditation, healthy cooking classes

Designed by the prestigious Spanish architect Carlos Giraldi and the renowned Spanish interior designer Elvira Blanco the SHA Wellness Clinic is an ideal setting to let go and unwind. Enjoy a wide selection of health and wellness treatments in the comfort of your own residence.

18.) Amangiri – Utah

amangiri, utah






  • Location: Utah
  • Types of Treatments Offered: massages, scrubs, wraps and flotation therapy, yoga, fitness

The Amangiri aims to reflect the healing traditions of the Navajo through the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. At this spa, you can indulge in beauty and fitness treatments to your heart’s content.

17.) Vana – India 

vana, india






  • Location: India
  • Types of Treatments Offered: traditional medicine, complementary therapies and movement, wellness focus

At Vana, you will learn to rest, discover a better state of health, be creative, learn to be still and just be. Discover balance and make process on your inner journey to being both physically and mentally healthy.

16.) COMO Shambhala Estate – Bali 

como shambhala estate, bali

COMO Shambhala Estate





  • Location: Bali
  • Types of Treatments Offered: wellness programs, yoga, detox, massage, acupuncture

Situated in Ubud in Bali, this luxurious spa is a spiritual haven in an enclave of the jungle. Get lost in your beautiful surroundings and unwind while undergoing relaxing beauty and massage therapies.

15.) Kamalaya – Thailand

kamalaya, thailand






  • Location: Thailand
  • Types of Treatments Offered: healthy lifestyle, detox, stress and burnout, emotional burnout, yoga

Kamalaya is the perfect place to unwind, offering treatments incorporating holistic medicine and complementary therapies from Eastern and Western traditions.

14.) Chable Resort – Mexico

chable resort, mexico

Chable Resort





  • Location: Mexico
  • Types of Treatments Offered: flotation therapy, sea and sky conditioning treatment, massage, facial

Surrounded by Mayan ruins, this is an idyllic location to relax and recharge. The therapies are rooted in ancient practices and will leave you feeling recharged and revitalized.

13.) Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – Switzerland

thermal spa, grand resort bad ragaz, switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz





  • Location: Switzerland
  • Types of Treatments Offered: sauna, fitness, hair spa, beauty treatments

Situated at the base of Pizol Mountain, by Lake Constance you be able to relax and unwind with a view of the Alps in the distance. You can even relax in a spa that is the world’s first Swarovski glass-covered steam room.

12.) Canyon Ranch – Arizona

the spa at canyon ranch, tucson, arizona

The Spa at Canyon Ranch





  • Location: Tucson, Arizona
  • Types of Treatments Offered: meditation, sleep study, fitness, nutrition, massage,

At Canyon Ranch, you learn to be stronger, healthier and truly well and leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

11.) Forte Village Resort – Sardinia, Italy

thalasso del forte at forte village resort, sardinia, italy

Forte Village Resort





  • Location: Sardinia, Italy
  • Types of Treatments Offered: yoga, aesthetic medicine, massage, sports and fitness, anti-aging, weight loss

There are plenty of treatments available at Forte Village Resort to keep you occupied. The best specialists in sports, aesthetic and dietary medicine are at hand to make, so you know you are in safe hands.


10.) St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort – Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

remede spa at st. regis bahia beach resort, rio grande, puerto rico

St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort





  • Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
  • Types of Treatments Offered: massage, facial, beauty treatments, fitness

At the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, you will be able to immerse yourself in treatments that will improve your mind, body and soul. Located on the oceanfront at the foothill of the rainforest, the views alone are enough to relax your mind and let you unwind.


9.) The Connaught – London

the connaught, london

The Connaught





  • Location: London
  • Types of Treatments Offered: meditation, body treatments, healing therapies, facials, hair removal

Set apart from the hustle and bustle of busy London The Connaught, a place of tranquility and relaxation. Here you will unwind and learn to reconnect body, mind and spirit while being guided by experienced therapists.

8.) Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora – French Polynesia

spa at four seasons resort bora bora, french polynesia

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora





  • Location: French Polynesia
  • Types of Treatments Offered: facials, massages, beauty treatments, yoga, fitness

Take in the majestic view of the tropical paradise while unwinding at one of the best spars in the world, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. The holistic healing experience offered here will leave you feeling good as new and your mind will be soothed and relaxed.

7.) The Chedi Andermatt – Switzerland

the chedi andermatt, switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt





  • Location: Switzerland
  • Types of Treatments Offered: massage, facials, beauty treatments, sports and fitness

The Chedi Andermatt has an award-winning Asian-inspired spa and is the perfect setting for a day or five of relaxing pampering. Their natural beauty products are made from selected ingredients of exquisite quality, which will leave you feeling and looking radiant.

6.) Rancho La Puerta – Tecate, Mexico

spa at rancho la puerta, tecate, mexico

Rancho la Puerta





  • Location: Tecate, Mexico
  • Types of Treatments Offered: hiking, meditation, dance, yoga, fitness classes, holistic therapies, massage

The four health and beauty centers housed at Rancho La Puerta will become your sanctuary away from home. All therapist are skilled estheticians have been widely trained and often cross-trained in several disciplines.

5.) The Ranch Malibu – California

the ranch malibu, california

The Ranch Malibu





  • Location: California
  • Types of Treatments Offered: fitness, weight loss, health and wellness, yoga

Choose from a 4 or 10-day luxury fitness retreat that has been designed to help promote health, wellness, and weight loss. You will discover the best way to heal your body and mind through intense fitness and a wellness regimen.


4.) Mii Amo – Arizona

mii amo, arizona

Mii Amo





  • Location: Arizona
  • Types of Treatments Offered: massage, body treatments, skin-care, meditation, mindfulness, health and wellbeing, fitness

A destination spa where you will discover the best way to heal your body and mind through an intense fitness and a wellness regimen.


3.) Cal-a-Vie – California

cal-a-vie, california






  • Location: California
  • Types of Treatments Offered: fitness, nutrition, mind-body-spirit, facials, beauty treatments

Take a break from the fast-paced busy lifestyle we all lead these days and get away from it all Cal-a-Vie. With a staff-to-guest ratio is 5:1, your health and wellness will be well catered for.

2.) Golden Door – California

golden door, california

Golden Door





  • Location: California
  • Types of Treatments Offered: fitness, mindfulness, beauty treatments, massages

With 80 rejuvenating classes for your mind and body available to choose from, there is a class or treatment for everybody.

1.) Hotel Palacio Estori – Portugal

hotel palacio estoril, portugal

Hotel Palacio Estori





  • Location: Portugal
  • Types of Treatments Offered: massages, beauty treatments, wellness, beauty advanced athletics

The Banyan Tree Spa is a relaxing environment for you to escape, unwind and disconnect from daily life and concentrate and recharging your body and mind.

Next time you need to unwind and relax why not consider trying one fo these best spas in the world.