Belting It out in the Tub: Best Songs to Sing in the Shower

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There is nothing better than belting out your favorite song in the privacy of your own bathroom. The brilliant echo of tile walls and the white noise of the shower create the perfect ambiance to sing as off key as you like, and at the top of your lungs. These five songs are the perfect balance of spectacular notes, easy to remember lyrics, and enough of a poignant message to make them the perfect shower solo ballads.

5 Such Great Heights – The Postal Service

Now this one is a challenge. Such Great Heights’ overlapping vocals makes it a bit harder to sing by oneself, however the quick pace and upbeat electronic notes that you can mimic make it a ton of fun. A sweet sort of love song, Such Great Heights affords the singer a multitude of feelings to sing with – sad, happy, lonely, bittersweet – whatever mood one happens to be in, they can infuse the lyrics with that mood. Like molding clay, Such Great Heights is perfect because each person’s interpretation can be slightly different, and evokes a different reaction. The easy to follow configuration of the song makes it easier to bumble through. And if you can hit the notes, good for you – if not, it doesn’t really matter, because the intent is still the same.

4 Really Got A Hold On Me – She & Him (original: The Beatles)

This particular cover of Really Got A Hold On Me is a great shower song. She & Him (i.e. Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward) make a great melancholy duo, and their take on this classic is exceedingly dampening. Zooey’s mournful voice adds a universally touching depth to the lyrics. The repetitive chorus, obviously easily remembered, and the equally formulaic structure of the verses makes them interchangeable – which allows you to sing the song on constant loop, depending on the length of your shower. Definitely not the most upbeat of tunes to serenade yourself with while you’re sudsing it up, Really Got A Hold On Me is still just the right amount of melancholy. It’s soulful, yet soft enough that if you don’t have to sing at the top of your lungs, making it the quintessential solo song.

3 Skinny Love – Bon Iver

The classic song about indie hearts breaking, Skinny Love’s simple melancholy is what any twenty-something in flannel wants to listen to on a cold winter’s night when you’re feeling particularly lonely. The song is quite beautiful, and deserves a listen if you haven’t heard it (but if you were living on planet earth during 2008, you’ll have heard it). The song is the perfect shower song one, because how many of us haven’t had total breakdowns in the shower? And two, its lyrics are easy to remember – even if you’re not quite exactly sure Bon Iver is saying. The rhymes flow easily, allowing the singer to make it up as they go if they can’t quite remember the words. The cooing of “Ooh, ooh,” is also always a fun one to do when your voice reverberates off the tiles and mixes with the sound of quickly pelting water. Without any long instrumental break, it’s an easy one to get through and sing again and again.

2 Angie – The Rolling Stones

Not only is Angie one of the most brilliant songs of the 1970s and one of The Rolling Stones most famous achievements, it’s also perfect to sing in the shower. Mick Jagger’s already exaggerated voice means that no matter how you massacre the sound, it still feels great. Everyone has their own Angie, and the sheer popularity of the song means you’re bound to know most of the words. And the ones you don’t are easy to make up – besides, the most fun part is whining “Aaaaaaaaaaaaangie!” at the top of your lungs. The simple act of singing this song is a moment of great catharsis. Everyone from your typical jock your hippie-dippie indie girl knows and loves Angie, and isn’t afraid to belt it out when in the safe haven of their shower.

1 Rolling in the Deep – Adele

No one can sing Adele like Adele can sing Adele. With a voice full of soul and passion, her sound is unparalleled. Her breakthrough song, Rolling in the Deep, took the radio by storm, and for a good while you couldn’t go five feet without hearing it. Rolling in the Deep is the perfect shower song for a few reasons. The first is its repetitive nature – the simplicity to her recurring lyrics makes them easy to remember. Secondly, the song follows a very distinct pattern of verse-chorus-verse, making it easy to sing on loop without ever feeling like you’ve come to the end. Thirdly, and most important, it has the perfect amount of “top of the lung belted out” beats to which you can’t help but grab the nearest shampoo bottle for an impromptu microphone. Anyone who’s been broken up with can sing this song at its loudest, full of unbridled passion and sudsy enthusiasm.

There are plenty of songs that people like to belt out, I’m sure. Probably songs like Ave Maria, or Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft. However, the above songs rank on the top five list because there is a reason, beyond sheer popularity, that they are perfect to sing in a shower. Something in their structure, the simplistic lyricism, and easy to remember melody makes them not only great songs, but also just the thing for the average person to butcher. They’re songs that we love anyway, and can’t help but feel connected to. So, when in the privacy of our showers, truly alone and comfortable in our own skin, we use these songs as metaphors for the things we’re feeling, when we can’t express them with our own words.

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