Best Rated Mattresses You Can Buy Online, According to Reviews

Buying a mattress can be stressful. There are thousands of options to choose from. We found real reviews who bought our best rated mattresses.

Buying a mattress can be stressful. There are thousands of options to choose from and most people do not know where to start. Some mattresses are expensive, while others are cheap. You might be thinking to yourself how you are going to pick out the perfect mattress, especially when purchasing on-line. Well, we went ahead and chose the best rated mattresses in the world. We are going to show you real reviews from people on amazon and direct who bought our best rated mattresses.

Best Gel-Infused Mattress

best rated mattresses nectar

Nectar Queen Mattress  – Gel Memory Foam

4/5 stars, 367 reviews

The NECTAR mattress is honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made. Maybe you think I am exaggerating, but I am not. I actually didn’t even know that I needed a new mattress until I saw that the whole bottom of my old mattress was completely indented! Like the weight of my feet and the comforter had pushed it down. I had only had it a few years and didn’t want to spend over a thousand dollars on another mattress that was going to do that. I heard about NECTAR from a friend and they have a great trial period so I decided why not give it a try.

You spend a third of your life in bed, so I wanted to make a good decision, but I figured with NECTAR return policy being easy, if I didn’t like it then I could return it. So I hit purchase. I received the NECTAR package in the mail soon after. Honestly our sleep changed that first night and we have never looked back to our sagging old mattress. Not to mention – they offer easy shipping and returns, which was really nice for me since I hate ordering stuff online and finding out there’s a massive shipping fee. There is also a Forever warranty. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants better sleep and also a company that offers the best trial, warranty, easy delivery and customer service I’ve seen online.



Best Mattress for People Who Toss and Turn

best rated mattresses purple

Purple The Bed, Queen Mattress

4/5 stars, 880 reviews

As someone who highly prefers investigating things in person before purchasing (especially large purchases), I was very nervous about ordering a mattress online. When it arrived I was mentally prepared to test it out and hate it. Turns out, this mattress is excellent!

The feeling of the gel grid is a little weird at first, but after laying down you’ll quickly forget after experiencing how comfortable this bed is. As a side sleeper, I used to wake up with shoulder/clavicle pain all of the time – gone!

Best Mattress for Back and Side Sleepers

best rated mattresses saavta

Saatva Luxury Innerspring Mattress, Twin Mattress

5/5 stars, 7 reviews

The BEST mattress EVER! I can’t believe I’m just discovering it now. I recently moved from Florida to New York and, due to space constraints, I had to downsize my bed. This did not make me happy but I figured I’d at least get a top of the line mattress to compensate for having to get a smaller bed. I really wanted to get something that would last a long time, that was eco friendly, and, most importantly, that was comfortable.

I did a ton of online research and found overwhelmingly positive reviews for mattresses from SAATVA, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m SO glad I did! The customer service was nothing short of exceptional (a rare thing these days!), the price was WAY better than I expected a mattress of this quality to be, and I’m sleeping amazingly well night after night. I can’t recommend this company and their mattresses enough!

Best Sleep Tracker Mattress

best rated mattresses eight

Eight Sleeper Tracker Full Mattress

3.6/5 stars, 25 reviews

As an Iraqi combat veteran Marine who retired after 20 years of qualified service to our country, I have come to learn what it is to be deprived from having a good night sleep that our body needs to live a healthy life. Throughout the years I have slept on so many types of mattresses to include the pillow top style of mattress but at the end of the day there still was a lack of having the required good night sleep.

There are medications that is supposed to assist with sleep disorders and even nightmares. I myself have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea having to sleep with this uncomfortable sleep machine every night, would encounter combat experience nightmares secondary to my PTSD diagnosis and still would not get that good night sleep that would make me feel brand new again.

However, thanks to the discovery of the Eight Sleep Smart Mattress, I can honestly say that now I have found a mattress that has actually assisted me with my medically diagnosed sleep conditions and what I mostly enjoy is the “Smart Mattresses” technology that it has that not only assists with ensuring I sleep like a baby but also helps build awareness monitoring my sleep allowing me to adjust my sleep habits where needed. Thank you so much for coming up with this innovative “Eight Sleep Smart Mattress”!

Best Mattress for Back Pain

best rated mattresses dreamcloud

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Queen Mattress

4.8/5 stars

I ordered the DreamCloud because I was having problems in school staying awake. I’m always someone who has suffered from dead arm syndrome in the morning, and was craving some relief. DreamCloud came through with that relief in a big way. It’s memory foam has a feeling that’s almost juicy. That might sound funny, but I mean it’s so velvety and supple!

Sleep comes easy now, and I do feel like I’ve turned a corner all thanks to the DreamCloud. I’m especially happy with the cashmere cover, that has a downy vibe to it that I just can’t get enough. Drifting off to sleep is easy now.

$1199 at DreamCloud


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best rated mattresses you can buy online, according to reviews