A Local’s Guide To The Best Pizza in NYC (That Isn’t Grimaldi’s)

"Where can I find the best pizza in NYC?" is a question often asked by tourists. Thanks to its more than 400 places to choose from, narrowing it down to just one can be tricky! From the gourmet to the corner slice dives, here's our take on where to find the best pizza in NYC.

On the hunt for the best pizza in NYC? We’ve got you covered.

There has long been a debate over who has the best pizza in the US: Chicago or New York. While many will argue that Chicago’s deep dish pizza is the best pizza in the U.S. (or perhaps the world), our pizza-loving hearts side with NYC, where you can get dollar slices on pretty much every corner, at any time – day or night – that are pretty damn good.

With approximately 400 pizza joins in NYC, it can be hard to settle on a favorite. Many claim that Grimaldi’s has the best pizza in NYC, but with lines out the door of their Brooklynlocation, we honestly don’t think it’s worth the wait.

After much delicious research, we’re proud to present you with our take on the best pizza in NYC. From gourmet pies to greasy slices as big as your face, the best pizza in NYC can be found at:

5.) Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Best Pizza in NYC - Artichoke 2

Artichoke’s has some of the best gourmet pizza in the city. Photo: Yelp

Compared to the other pizza places on our lists, Artichoke’s is the newest and only born-and-bred New York pizza joint that made ourfavorites list.

Founded in 2008 by two cousins from Staten Island, it quickly shot up the ladder of success and just two years after opening they opened up a second location, and, shortly after, a third. And today? They’re the proud owners of 12 locations across not only New York, but Miami and California!

Best Pizza in NYC - Artichoke

A slice of the signature artichoke pizza. Photo: Yelp

Artichoke serves gourmet pizza. With slices starting at $5, they’re a bit more expensive than the other joints on our list but well worth it. The signature pizza is their namesake: Artichoke Pizza. With a crunchy crust and thick, rich, creamy topping, it’s akin to spinach artichoke dip butin pizza form. Not a fan of the veggie? Try their crab pizza, another favorite.


Best Pizza in NYC - Artichoke

Make sure to time your visit to Artichoke well – the lines can be out the door! Photo: Yelp

All Artichoke locations (including Brooklyn) can be found here, but below, we’ll highlight their NYC spots.

East Village: 321 E. 14th St.

Chelsea: 114 10th Ave.

Greenwich Village: 111 MacDougal St.FiDi: 70 Pine St. (located within City Acres Market, with the entrance on Pearl Street)


Hours vary depending on the location. Most open at 11 am and close around 4 am, with some open as late as 5 am. Bonus: some deliver as late as 5 am!

Local Tips

Bring cash, as some locations are cash-only, and be prepared to wait. It’s not unusual for lines to be out the door and a wait to take 30 minutes or more.

4.) Numero 28

Best Pizza in NYC: Numero 28

Numero 28’s “by the meter” pizza. Photo: Opentable.com

Numero 28 isn’t your typical NYC pizza joint – it’s more your typical Neapolitan pizza kitchen. While we love NYC’s dollar slices dripping in grease (especially at 2 am), occasionally we like to branch out and actually sit down at a pizza restaurant and have something a bit more gourmet. Which is why we love Numero 28.

In true Napolitano style, the pizzas are cooked in a brick oven and served “by the meter” in a long, rectangular shape. The dough is thin and crispy, and some bites have a slightly burnt, smoky flavor (which we love). The sauce is fresh, and there’s just enough cheese. When we inquired about the crust, we were told it’s been passed down through five generations of pizza makers, or pizzaioli, as they say in Italian.

Try the signature pizza, the Numero 28. With buffalo mozzarella, truffle cream, prosciutto and mushrooms, it’s probably the best “gourmet” pizza we’ve ever tried and definitely a runner up for the best pizza in NYC.


Best Pizza in NYC Numero 28

Numero 28’s West Village location. Photo: blowtorchpudding.com

The original Numero 28 opened in 2012 in the East Village, and in the years following, more locations have popped up in the West Village, Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Brooklyn.


Noon – 11:30 pm

Local Tips

It’s cash-only, so make sure to come prepared. Some locations do have ATMs in the back, but they have a hefty service fee.

Got food allergies? No problem. Gluten-free crusts are available, and most allergies can be easily accommodated.

Some of the locations offer BYOB specialsMonday through Thursday, so make sure to call in advance and inquire. Otherwise, a corkage fee is $9.

Yes, you can order food to go, but,honestly, it’s not as good. The crust doesn’t seem to keep once placed in cardboard, so we recommend eating in the restaurant.

3.) Bleecker Street Pizza

best pizza in nyc

The counter inside Bleecker Street Pizza. Photo: Angel Jimenez de Luis.

Bleecker Street Pizza is located in NYC’s West Village and claims to have the best pizza in NYC. And we agree, as do The New York Times, the New York Post, and celebs such as Steven Tyler and Kelly Ripa. Well, as least one of the best pizzas in NYC.

Located on the corner of Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue, Bleecker Street Pizza is a tiny eatery with just a few tables inside and, in warmer months, a few tables outside as well.

best pizza in nyc Bleecker Street Pizza's massive slices

Bleecker Street’s slices are massive! Photo: chefsfeed.com

Bleecker Street Pizza’s slices are massive. A large pizza can easily feed four. The crust is thin and crispy, with some bites having a slightly charred flavor. The sauce is simple and flavorful, and the cheese is in abundance.

While all of their pizzas (and calzones) are delicious, their signature pizza is the Nonna Maria, an old family recipe. With a thin, crispy crust, fresh mozzarella, homemade sauce, a touch of parmesan and fresh basil, this pie is certainly a crowd-pleaser.


best pizza in nyc Bleecker Street Pizza

69 7th Ave. S


10 am – 2 am

Local Tips

Due to its small size, it’s not a great dine-in place. We recommend either grabbing a slice or two to go and walking while you eat, or grabbing a pie as takeout. Since it’s just a short walk from both Washington Square Park the Hudson River, you can grab a pie and picnic in the park.

Bleecker Street Pizza is perfect whether you’re craving a Netflix night in or a 2 am post-bar slice. The restaurant accepts both cash and credit, and delivery can be arranged through Seamless.

2.) Joe’s Pizza

Best Pizza in NYC - Joe's

Joe’s Pizza’s Greenwich Village location. Photo: Yelp

New York Magazine once referred to Joe’s Pizza as “slices of heaven,” and we wholeheartedly agree.

Serving slices and pies since 1975, Joe’s Pizza is a Greenwich Village institution that calls itself a “classic NYC slice joint.” It’s nothing fancy here: There is no table service, orders are taken over a counter, and it’s still operated and owned by Neapolitan Joe Pozzuoli himself.

Best Pizza in NYC - Joes

It’s just $2.75 for a slice of Joe’s. Photo: Yelp

What separates Joe’s Pizza from similar “slice joints” is the sauce. It’s slightly sweeter, and, combined with the crispy, slightly charred crust and the perfect amount of cheese, is one of the reasons it’s the best pizza in NYC. It’s also slightly less greasy than its fellow pizza joints (just slightly).

Another fun fact about Joe’s is that is was featured in Superman II.


The original Joe’s was located in the West Village, just 50 feet from where it stands today, on 7 Carmine St.

New locations have opened over the past decade, including:

East Village: 150 E. 14th St. (between 3rd and 4th avenues)

Times Square: 1435 Broadway (between West 40th and West 41st streets)

Brooklyn: 216 Bedford Ave. (corner of N. 5th St.)


10 am – 4 am

Local Tips

It’s cash-only so come prepared!

While there are often lines out the door (particularly after 2 am), the line moves quickly, and it’s worth the wait. If you go to the West Village location (which we recommend), youcan grab your slice and eat in Father Demo Square, a little park across the street.

You can get Joe’s delivered anywhere! The pies are now available for shipping. Move to San Francisco and miss Joe’s? No problem! Order a pie and get it delivered in just a few days.

1.) John’s Pizza 

Best Pizza in NYC - John's Pizza

Don’t ask for a slice at John’s – this pizza joint serves pies only! Photo: Johnsbrickovenpizza

Similar to Joe’s, John’s Pizza of Bleecker Street (i.e., John’s) is a NYC institution, servingthe city since 1929. After much (delicious) research, we’ve come to the conclusion that John’s serves the best pizza in NYC.

Best Pizza in NYC - John's Interior

The charmingly dive-y interior of John’s. Photo: Yelp

John’s isn’t your 2 am slice joint; rather, it’s more an old-school, sit-down pizza parlor. John’s consists of two rooms filled with wooden booths, “sentimentally etched by our loyal customers” as John’s calls the graffiti carved booths. Black-and-white floors, a tin ceiling and faded murals featuring scenes of old NYC set the tone for this laid-back, friendly pizza joint.

Best Pizza in NYC - John's

Just look at that delicious pie! Photo: Yelp

The pizzas are cooked in coal-fired brick ovens, leaving the dough the right amount of crispy and chewy. The dough is what sets this pizza parlor apart from the others. Slightly sweeter than the others and slightly less crispy, it’s fresh and unique and oh-so-good. The tomato sauce is fresh and not overly spiced, and the toppings are deliciously fresh as well.

If you only have one day in NYC and the option of visiting one pizza place, go with John’s. They truly do have the best pizza in NYC.


278 Bleecker St. (between 7th Avenue and Jones Street)


Sunday – Thursday: 11:30 am – 11 pm

Friday – Saturday: 11:30 am – midnight

Local Tips

Be prepared to wait. John’s does not take reservations, and on weekends at peak time, lines wind up the block. If possible, go on a weekday. Better yet, go for a late weekday lunch or early dinner.

No slices! Don’t even ask. As their sign boldly states, John’s is a pies-only pizza joint.

With nearly 400 pizza joint to choose from, there are bound to be differences in opinion on who serves the best pizza in NYC. Do you have a favorite we didn’t cover? Tell us below in the comments! Click “Next Story” below for more insporation on planning your next trip to NYC.