These Are 5 Essential Paid Apps Available on Google Play

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Nothing is free in life, is it? Except for all the things that are. But leave those aside, we’re not here to talk about that stuff today. No, today we’re going to talk about five of the best apps money can buy you from Google Play for your fine Android device. Most of these are cheap downloads, so don’t let the whole “paid” thing seem like a fly in the ointment. We’re talking (mostly) five bucks and under, in most cases closer to $1.99 or less. And with a paid app comes fewer of the ever-present annoying advertisements of free apps and, at least in theory, you get a better designed, more functional piece of software.
We have gone with a few apps that are just for fun, a few that should make your life that much more streamlined thanks to the added convenience that comes with, for example, number 1…

5 Office Suite Pro

OK, this one is going to cost you big time. Almost fifteen dollars. But with the 6th edition of this program comes a step closer to truly making your “phone” act as the little computer it is at heart. Rather than watching documents sluggishly load and then never display fully or let you work with or edit them properly, with Office Suite Pro installed you can whip open myriad document types, from word docs to spreadsheets to PDFs (to which you can make easy conversions, too, by the way!) and you can setup plural ways to interface with external hardware and / or remote systems, such as wireless printers or a remote Cloud system, turning your handheld device into a seriously powerful workhorse

4 Great Big War Game

It’s awesome, that’s about all we have to say. OK fine, it’s totally awesome. The only real drawback to this app game is the fact that you kind of need a lot of time to really play it, because if you start and then stop, you’ll just be sad. It offers single player, online multiplayer or “pass and play” gameplay, so that right there is pretty cool in that you can make it a solo or social experience. And the fact that it’s full of challenging strategy puzzles and some genuinely funny humor is a rare, welcome blend in games which so fall short in one (or both) of those categories.

3 Where’s My Perry?

Need to kill a lot of time? Got a buck? Then “Where’s My Perry?” is the game for you, friend. This game app is the next in a long line of successful, fun offerings from Disney, and just listen to the backstory of the main character: “Perry… is no ordinary platypus, he’s actually a semi-aquatic sleuth known as Agent P! And, you know, he SAVES THE WORLD!” Yeah, so there’s that. It’s an amusing, engaging game that involved puzzles, cartoons, sleuth work – how can you go wrong?

2 TuneIn app

Would you pay a dollar for access to thousands and thousands of radio stations and a catalog of available downloads numbering around two million? No? Well how about we knock a penny off there and call it 99 cents. That’s what the TuneIn app will cost you, and what it will give you is access to more radio streaming and downloadable content than you could listen to in a year. Or a number of years, actually. Customize the soundtrack of your life with this handy, inexpensive app. Did we just say “the soundtrack of your life?” Oh well.

1 Camera ZOOM FX Android

The Camera ZOOM FX Android app has been downloaded well over a million times, and we recommend you join the gang. At three bucks to download the app, it’s a small price to pay to greatly enhance your phone-as-camera functionality and capability and, if you’re like most people, your phone is now your primary camera, so why not invest it a bit? The app gives you multiple effects and filters which are both fun and useful, and it offers some features that are just downright sensible, such as a timer and one-click uploads to multiple social media sites. Chances are your base camera software is… not-so-good. For the price of latte, you could six all that right on up.

We reiterate our certainty that you use your mobile device as your primary camera, and now that you’ve reached the end of this list, our confidence in that assertion has grown. More importantly, we hope your confidence as a mobile device photographer has grown some too. You’ll certainly enjoy some of these apps, at the least, and they may just make you delve into picture taking as a serious hobby.

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