Organic Wine: You Make Me Feel So Fine

Wine is a beverage that no one wants to give up, even on a diet (hence the‘allowed’ cheat nights). If you have a problem with alcohol, however, skip this article. Wine is more often than not made with grapes that have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and grown using petroleum-based fertilizers. This unfortunately means you are getting a good dose of much of these when you sip the glass with your healthy meal, thinking meanwhile that you’re having something that is somewhat healthy, or so the research says.

Not to worry – there are many excellent vineyards offering organic and sometimes sulfite-free wines.These are now available in most places with a fair selection of wines – just ask for help if you’re not sure how to identify them.Sulfites are present in many wines, and if you are not sensitive to them (no asthma/sniffling after drinking wine) don’t worry too much about them – they occur naturally in the winemaking process, but sometimes more are added to keep the wine fresh (they are a preservative).Sulfites don’t necessarily cause headaches as we are made to believe – it’s generally the tannins and the alcohol (quite obvious, that one) that are the main culprits behind the headache effect.Alcohol is poisonous to the body, so remember to keep it moderate, even if it is organic.

5 Orleans Hill Winery

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Orleans Hill has become popular, quickly, although I’m not quite sure why, other than that their organic, sulfite-free, and vegan-friendly (although those could be the reasons).The tastes of all of their wines seem sour to me, and I have never particularly enjoyed them, but people who I have had glass with have often liked that aspect of them.Maybe it’s just my love for seriously smooth wine that kept me from liking this, but I will recommend it since you can find their wines everywhere now, which means people are buying. On their website they have little information about the actual vineyards unfortunately, which I find a bit circumspect. Alas, make your own judgments as I know you will.

4 Stellar Winery

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Stellar Wines are divine.Based in South Africa, they do have a heavy carbon footprint being shipped all over the world, but they do make good use of their land, taking care of the earth while providing a ‘healthy’ wine.A lovely thing to think about is the fact that the soil is teeming with earthworms – a sign of very healthy soil, and rather than use snail poison, they use ducks to roam and feed on them. The cabernet sauvignon is delightful and smooth, as all cabs should be, but choose among the many other selections they have.

3 Frey

Many people love Frey wines, based in Mendocino County, California, and they have become widespread because of that. Perhaps their early entrance into the organic wine marketplace had a hand in that fact as well.Personally I have not found one that I particularly enjoy, but that’s just little ole’ me.I include their wines here as their popularity is unmatched, and I do highly respect that they have no added sulfites in their wine, and were the first certified biodynamic vineyard.With a wide selection of wines, you are sure to find one that suits your taste, unless you’re me.

2 Red Truck

Red Truck has an excellent cabernet sauvignon that is very well priced.They tout clean run-off from their farms, progressively healthier soils, and their cabernet sauvignon is smooth and goes well with a healthy salad and/or dinner.

1 Bonterra

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Bonterra Wines are wonderful. Not only are they organic – they’re biodynamic as well, meaning that they work more closely with the land, growing other plants on the same land and with animals roaming their vineyards, they boast better tasting grapes than that of non-biodynamic wines.It’s also very reasonably priced.

Organic wines are no longer torturous to find – they’re at local stores in almost every state, if not at your local health food store.Be sure to try them, be open-minded, and research the company for more information on how they treat the actual land they’re growing the vines on – biodynamic is optimal, as they work to increase the health of the soil rather than simply restore what is lost with each harvest.

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