Best Organic Beers – I’ll Drink to That

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Beers are not the greatest health drink as we all know, but that won’t stop most of us from drinking it, so why not exchange the beers we generally drink for one made with organic ingredients since they’re becoming so much more widely popular? Below are a few excellent breweries that are using organic ingredients, not filling their beers with preservatives or chemicals, and generally have a much lower carbon footprint than other breweries.Give one of these a try, or check out their websites to increase your knowledge on how breweries become and stay organic. You can find ales, lagers, seasonals, IPA’s and crazy-sounding concoctions, all organically grown and made, so give them a shot!

5 Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

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Based in Santa Cruz of course, Santa Cruz Brewing Company is very dedicated to its beer craftsmanship and they are very involved with their fans. With award-winning beers, ciders and even kombucha on tap (bring your yogi girlfriend along guys). They may not be in your town yet, but tell your local stores to stock them to get them going!

4 Pinkus-Muller Brewery

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Pinkus-Muller Brewery is based in Germany for all of you German beer lovers out there. Made with organically grown barley malt and hop blossoms, the fifth and sixth generation of the Pinkus family own and run the brewery – the only brewery of 150 to remain in Munster, Germany.

3 Peak Organic Brewery

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With excellent design, Peak Organics simply look good whether you’ve tried them or not. Perhaps it’s because the owners decided to use their consumers’ peak moments (weddings, vacations etc.) on their 6-pack packaging. With beautiful names like ‘Nut Brown Ale,’ ‘Oak Aged Mocha Stout,’ and ‘King Crimson,’ they also have simpler beers like the ‘Pale Ale,’ ‘IPA’ and the local series brewed in the northeastern states.

2 Lakefront Brewery

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One of the very few breweries touting a gluten-free beer alone makes this brewery worth mentioning, but it also has a wide range of excellent beers that are suited to most tastes, from light ales to fruit beers, to dark lagers.The owners are passionate and their company is very open-door, allowing tours of the brewery in Wisconsin.

1 Eel River Brewery

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Starting in Fortuna in 1995, Eel River Brewery was the first brewery to be certified organic – impressive and admirable. With a few ales, a stout and their widely like IPA, they also have seasonal beers that cease to disappoint.

Beer may not be so healthy, but because we will drink it anyway, try to make sure yours is made as organically as possible, and local always has a lower carbon footprint that organic grown half-way across the world.Give organic beers as gifts to create awareness, and ask for organic at your local stop to create demand for more eco-friendly companies. The more you demand, the more you support and help grow these good-guy brewers.

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