15 Best Online Jobs to Work From Anywhere

More and more companies recognize the benefits of having remote workers on their teams, and as a consequence opportunities to work anywhere are popping up everywhere. If you know where to look, finding jobs for Digital Nomads isn’t that hard.

More and more companies recognize the benefits of having remote workers on their teams and as a consequence opportunities to work anywhere are popping up everywhere. If you know where to look, finding jobs for a Digital Nomad isn’t that hard.

Are you sitting in your cubicle day by day, scrolling through Instagram and drooling at images of white beaches and tropical sunsets? Is the anticipation of the next holiday escape almost killing you, even though you’ve just returned from an epic road trip? When are you going to put an end to this suffering and start living the life you’ve been dreaming of?
You might be able to test the waters with your current company to see, if your position allows you to work remotely. Should that not be an option, check out online job platforms, specifically created for remote workers (we’ll provide a great list of websites at the end of the article for you!).

Or go all in and take the step into self-employment and entrepreneurship. Many of the jobs for Digital Nomads listed below can become the start for your own business.

If you’ve decided to quit your suffocating 9-to-5 job and take action, but you’re not quite sure yet how and where to get started, make sure to check out our foolproof five-step guide on how to become a digital nomad. Learn how to choose the right way for you to earn money traveling, make your money work for you, reduce and eliminate expenses, set the right goals and decide on a destination.

These jobs for Digital Nomads are a great place to start, but if you don’t take the correct actions along with picking your source of income, it’s still going to seem impossible.
If you want to thrive and not just survive as a digital nomad, you’ll need a career.

Here are some great jobs to make money while traveling the world or just for working remotely:

1.) Copywriter

Jobs for Digital Nomads

Copywriting is a great way to get started as a digital nomad, as it requires minimal equipment and you can create a new and unique copy as you go. You don’t need a lot of experience but should have a passion and talent for writing. And you have to know where to find your clients. Building a stable customer base can take a while.

A downside is the money aspect: new freelance copywriters will not get rich right away (or possibly ever). You will be able to cover your basic needs if you’re working smart and hard, but living in luxury might be out of the question in the beginning. So choose a location that will allow you to live comfortably with little money and make sure that you have savings that you can rely on if times get rough.

Find remote copywriting jobs here.

2.) Online Editor

Jobs for Digital Nomads

If you have attention to detail, are into spelling and grammar, know about publishing standards and style guides and are reliable and able to stick to deadlines, then a job as online editor might just be for you!

You won’t need formal education in journalism or literature etc. But it helps if you already have experience as a writer or blogger and can prove strong skills in the area.

The wages in online publication range between $20 +/hour. If you’re freelancing, rates can vary, but $40/hour is the average. You’d like to get started as a freelance online editor?

Check out the job board of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

3.) Travel Blogger

Jobs for Digital Nomads

Opportunity is everywhere. You might even be able to make a living with what you love to do most: Traveling! But beware, running a blog and making a living with it is extremely difficult.

If you’re starting a blog, it’s super helpful to have strong skills in Social Media, SEO and web design. Talk to other travel bloggers to get an idea of what opportunities there are and pick a niche! Show off your personality and stand out from the crowd. If you’re running a travel blog be sure to start building an instagram following with your travels asll well.

4.) Online Assistant

working remotely on laptop

If you have supernatural talent in the organization, this might just be for you! Jobs as administrative, technical, or creative assistants are a perfect way to make money traveling the world. Tasks can include making phone call, email correspondence, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, accounting, internet research, copywriting, editing and marketing. As a VA you can offer your clients what makes them and you happy.

Find online assistant jobs here.

5.) Social Media Manager

making money as a remote worker

Every business needs an online presence and build connections with their customers on Social Media. Thisrequires expertise and time – something that most business owners lack. This is where you’re jumping in the picture.

Many Digital Nomads are making a decent living working as social media managers. With the right attitude and skills, this is a great opportunity to work and travel the world.

If you don’t have the skillset yet, check out the classes on Udemy and Skillshare, to get you started.

Find Social Media jobs here.

6.) Facebook or/and Search Engine Ads Specialist

job working as a digital nomad

Managing advertising on Facebook and Google are wonderful job opportunities for Digital Nomads. These specialist positions can be held from anywhere in the world, but require a certain amount of skills and experience in the subject. After all, you’re handling your clients money.

Find Ad Specialist jobs here.

7.) SEO Specialist

writing job ideas in a notebook and working

Help your clients by getting their websites ranked in the top positions for profitable search queries. If you’re good at it, working as an SEO specialist can be a very profitable job, that can be done from anywhere in the world. Important skills include web design, copywriting and analytical thinking.

Find SEO specialist jobs here.

8.) Online Coach

woman in work out clothes

If you enjoy helping others to become better versions of themselves, then starting off as an online coach might just be for you! There are many ways to make money as a coach: fitness, health, life and business coaches are always needed!

You don’t have to have a certificate but a few years of experience in the field will give you credibility and make it easier when starting out. Create ebooks with your knowledge to share with others and over time you can charge for these services.

9.) Graphic Designer

job on a laptop

If you have talent in visual design, becoming a graphic designer is a wonderful choice. Graphic designers are and will always be in high demand. Already having experience or picking up designing skills with courses on Udemy and other platforms is essential. The job can be done with the use of laptop and some design software. For some projects you might also need a digital drawing pad.

Find Graphic Design jobs here!

10.) UX/UI Designer

online job on laptop

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design both involve a thorough understanding of how users interact and behave with technology and design. UX designers deal with all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company, product or service. UI is more concerned with the actual design elements that make up a piece of software or hardware.

Find Designer jobs here.

11.) Video Editor / Animator

photographer job

The editing and animation of videos is an occupation that fits well into the location independent lifestyle. Both jobs can be done entirely on a computer and only require decent wifi and the right software. Skill and experience on the other hand make all the difference. Some editors are part of big teams, work for publishing or marketing companies or news organizations. Others are freelancers.

Find Video/Animator jobs here.

12.) Website Developer

working at home

Is design and coding your thing? Then why not become a website designer and/or developer? Web designers are responsible for how a website looks, while front end developers then use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to turn the design into the actual website using code.

Find Website Developer jobs here.

13.) Software Engineer

walking outside with guitar for work

You’re a software developer and want to become one? Excellent! Working remotely for a company as a software developer is an easy way to start your “work anywhere life”. Most important is an internet connection and a computer. All skills can be acquired in self-study, using one of the many online resources.

Find Software Engineer jobs here.

14.) Translator

translator job working remotely

If you’re a language pro and fluent in two or more different languages, you should consider picking up professional translation work! There are plenty of offers for Spanish, French and German speakers, but the competition for those jobs is huge as they’re more widely studied. If you know Chinese, Japanese, or a Scandinavian language, you’ll find plenty of work!

Find Translator jobs here.

15.) Online Teacher

online teacher working on phone

Yet another way to make use of your language or other skills! Many people who are serious about learning a foreign language, math or physics, realize that online classes are a great way to improve their skills. No matter what your first language is or favorite subject is, you can probably find people who are willing to pay to learn it from you!

Find online teaching jobs here.

NOW here are the websites for remote working that we told you are awesome!

I’ve also found AngelList and LinkedIn to be helpful resources when it comes to finding Jobs for Digital Nomads. Angel List is the world’s largest platform for startups and entrepreneurs. It allows you to apply to many remote positions with startups from anywhere in the world. LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals. If you’re looking for a job, this is where to get started.
Hopefully, you have all the info you need to take the leap now!

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