Best Man Reveals Wife’s True Intentions When He Plays Voicemail


Madly In Love

Love was not something Casey McClure fell into for just anyone. It was exactly that for him the very second he first saw Jenna. He had fallen madly in love with her after just a few brief minutes of conversation.

Over the course of the following few months, they embarked on a fairy-tale love story that soon blossomed into a wildly surprising engagement. A little more patience would have made all the difference for the naive and love-blinded Casey.

The Big Four-Zero


Being 38 years old soon, Casey was relentlessly mocked by his loved ones for being still single after so many years. Pushing 40, he had yet to find his special someone to settle down and share his life with.

Even if it meant waiting for years, he knew well in his heart that it would be well worth it in the end, so long as he waited to cross paths with the right person.

Virtuous Man


It was only he who was still searching for the perfect woman, feeling increasingly pressured by all his best friends and colleagues who were by now married with children.

It was bound to happen that Casey would find true love one day. There was nothing he could do except wait. Then Jenna came along. When Casey finally met his queen, he was absolutely certain that he had at long last met the girl of his dreams.

Big Moves, Fast Moves


As soon as Casey met Jenna, a chapter of his life came to an end, emerging into an excitingly new and long-anticipated one. It was solely Jenna that occupied his thoughts. His friends would never hear enough about her from the now totally smitten Casey.

Clearly, Joey had significant doubts about Jenna. Despite her soft and approachable demeanor, he grew concerned they were moving far too quickly.

Not A Second To Spare


After a month together, Casey knew what he had to do next. Time was of the essence. His friends were all married with children by now, and he desperately wanted to join the ranks.

His brighter future was right here in front of him, and he wouldn’t let it slip through his fingers.

The Big Question


Jenna’s proposal was planned perfectly to the tee by Casey. In memory of countless romantic dinners they had shared, he took her to their favorite rooftop restaurant.

A stunning diamond ring was optimistically presented as they devoured their desert. Jenna was astonished by what she saw. It was as if Casey had brought all of her wildest dreams to life. One thing remained for Casey.

Happiest Man On Earth


As Jenna ecstatically accepted, tears of bliss rolled down her face. It was by far the best feeling ever felt for Casey to hear the roaring applause that exploded on the rooftop.

In his joy, he screamed from the rooftops. Everything was finally coming together for him. Yet little did he know, he was about to lose it all.

Extensive Planning


Every detail of Casey and Jenna’s dream wedding was planned meticulously with laser precision. It was important to him that their special reflect their undying love for one another and be perfect in every which way.

They carefully curated the invitations, chose an extravagantly gorgeous venue, and finally selected the color palette they had both always dreamed of. Their plans thrilled them both to their inner cores.



The best man for Casey’s wedding was his long-time best friend, Joey. Through thick and thin, Casey had always had his back, and he was beyond excited to support him on his special day.

His best friend was finally getting married, albeit too quickly, but he was bursting with joy and pride nonetheless.

Missed Signals


Casey noticed minor deviations in Jenna’s behavior in the weeks preceding their ceremony. Rather than dreaming of their future together, she grew colder by the day.

She kept her eyes set on her cell phone constantly and instantly shrugged off any questions about who she was always so preoccupied with talking to swiftly and defensively.

In a feeble attempt at blaming her actions on the stress of the wedding, Casey tried his utmost to shake off his mounting skepticism. Nevertheless, a sense of clipping doubt constantly grabbed at his throat, increasing in intensity by the second.

The Best Man’s Discovery


The night before the wedding, while Joey was helping Casey with some last-minute arrangements, he stumbled upon something that made his blood run cold. Casey’s phone was lying on the table, and a voicemail notification popped up.

Curiosity got the better of Joey, and he clicked on the voicemail, expecting it to be a harmless message from a well-wisher. But what he heard next left him paralyzed with shock.

The Betrayal Unveiled


The voicemail was from Jenna, and it wasn’t meant for Casey’s ears. In a trembling voice, Jenna spoke to someone named Eric, pouring out her true intentions.

She confessed that she was only marrying Casey for his wealth and planned to leave him soon after the wedding. Her cruel words cut through Joey’s heart like a knife.

His mind raced as he grappled with the weight of his discovery. He knew that revealing Jenna’s true intentions would undoubtedly cause a whirlwind of emotions on Casey’s wedding day. But how could he stand by and let his best friend marry someone who didn’t truly love him?

The Unveiling

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As the wedding guests eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride, a sense of tension lingered in the air. Casey stood at the altar, unaware of the storm brewing behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Joey stood on the precipice of revealing the truth that could shatter Casey’s dreams.

With a heavy heart, Joey approached the microphone to give his best man’s toast. The room fell silent as all eyes turned to him, unaware of the bombshell that was about to be dropped.

The Voicemail Revelation


Joey’s voice trembled as he cleared his throat and began his speech. He glanced at Jenna, who was now pale and trembling. Gathering his courage, he made a split-second decision that would change everything.

“Before I proceed with my toast, there’s something that needs to be said,” Joey said, his voice projected through the speakers. “I stumbled upon a voicemail yesterday, a voicemail that Jenna left for someone else. In that voicemail, she revealed her true intentions.”

Silence and Shock


Gasps filled the room as the gravity of Joey’s words sank in. Casey’s heart pounded in his chest, his face draining of color. Jenna’s eyes widened, her lips trembling, as she realized her deceit had been exposed.

Joey continued, his voice filled with a mixture of anger and compassion. He played the voicemail for everyone to hear, exposing Jenna’s betrayal and shattering Casey’s dreams of a love-filled marriage. The room was filled with silence, broken only by the sound of tears and murmurs of disbelief.

Casey stood frozen at the altar, his dreams shattered and his heart broken. Guests whispered among themselves, trying to make sense of what had just unfolded before their eyes.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.