Hungry After a Night at the Bars? These Are the Best Late Night Diners in Los Angeles

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If you’re at all like we are, you have often found yourself out in the world around 2 a.m. You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you probably need a place to sit and sober up while you eat. If you live in a large city the choices are usually numerous, ranging from the late night drive-thru to the eat-in restaurant. We prefer diners, ourselves, as we’re generally in no shape to be driving and, again, we need a place to roost for a little while. To help those of you in our neck of the woods, we’ve assembled this list of the best late night diners in all of Los Angeles.

5 The Kettle

If you find yourself awake and famished near Manhattan Beach, pop into The Kettle for a great diner experience. It’s a bit of a throwback to the 1940’s and a heck of a lot of fun. The crowd is usually pretty good to look at if you’re into your crowd being good to look at, as it’s usually full of beach-dwelling people who have stumbled in from the pier. You know what they say about the beach babes in Southern California and, yes, it’s all true. As for food, they have the usual assortment of breakfast items, sandwiches, burgers, and everything else you’re going to want. Open 24/7, The Kettle is always there when you need it, but will you be there for her?

4 The Pantry

The Pantry has been open in downtown Los Angeles since 1924. When we say it’s been open since 1924, we mean it’s been open since 1924. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, The Pantry is always ready to server up some of the most delicious eats in town. There’s a little bit of everything at The Pantry, ranging from steaks and sandwiches to salads and pastas. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can get steak sandwiches and pasta salads if that’s what you’re into. The breakfast menu is truly 24/7 and is full of staples – French toast, eggs, bacon, and the usual morning goodies. One thing to remember, though, is to take cash as they are cash-only. If you show up with a credit card or a check you’ll be leaving with those and you’ll still be hungry.

3 Norm’s

Norm’s is awesome. First of all, they are everywhere. You can’t head down many of the major thoroughfares in Los Angeles without seeing the familiar vertical sign lighting the way to late night yum-yums. Norm’s is definitely the spot if you are a bit strapped for cash, as you can usually get steak and eggs for under $10. Now we’re not saying it’sMorton’s, but you’re the one at a diner at 2 a.m., so what do you care? Norm’s is good food served at great prices, and half the fun of Norm’s is looking at all the other people who are at Norm’s. It’s always a great time.

2 Du-Par’s

The flagship store on Third Street is long gone, but the remaining location still serves it up hot and delicious. The head chef is now a protégé of Wolfgang Puck but don’t let the hoity-toity air of that fool you. You can still get perfectly delectable late night eats here. The hash brown recipe is one of the best around, so get those. While there are items like a seven sprout omelet and some tofu stuff, you can still get Monte Cristos, melts, fries, and everything you could want out of a coffee shop. The coffee’s not bad, either.

1 Pacific Dining Car

Sounds pretty fancy, doesn’t it? Like you should be cruising along the coastline on a train? That’s the last thing you need in the middle of the night, as you’ll probably fall asleep and miss your stop. The next thing you know you’re in San Jose. Luckily, the Pacific Dining car is immobile and has been a staple in Los Angeles since 1921. They have a special late night menu, served from 11PM to 6 a.m., that lowers the prices on some otherwise more expensive faire. The brioche French toast is always a crowd pleaser, but if you want something more hearty and less sweet, you cannot go wrong with the Eggs Benedict. The Reuben is also a favorite of ours, and has been devoured more times than we care to count.

That’s our list of the top five late night eateries in Los Angeles. Have you discovered something in a drunken stupor that you remember being better than it actually is and want to mention it to us? By all means do so, as we never know when we might be stumbling around your neighborhood at all hours of the night.

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