These Are Certainly 2012’s Best Laptops for Your Money

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If you are in the market for a new lap top, you are wading into a crowded market indeed. With so many models from so many companies available, it can be almost overwhelming to know where to start your search for your next computer. But take heart: with a little guidance, a market awash with options should be seen as an opportunity, not as a threat.
Finding the right lap top computer for your needs is really no more difficult than isolating what your needs are and the considering a few variables, such as weight, screen size, and, of course cost. We figure you’re probably only going to buy one lap top this year, so we selected five models that offer different specs and stats, but all of which are solid offerings. If you want to buy five different lap tops at once, though, consider this list just as good a resource, and also send us some money. You have too much, it seems.
So, the best five lap tops from 2012. Here we go:

5 Dell Inspiron 14z

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OK, 14z? Not the most “Inspiron-ed” name. But y’know what? This computer will cost you well under a thousand dollars and it works just fine. This is our “compromise” computer, thus the #5 slot, but it is absolutely a good lap top, dammit. Eight gigs of memory standard, Intel 3rd Gen Core i5 standard, Windows 7 standard. And etcetera. If you’re not a crazy gamer type and you don’t demand a compute that is lighter-than-air and you just want to pay a decent price for a decent machine, then go forth and 14z it all the way.

4 Apple MacBook Air

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Look, we wouldn’t list two very similar computers unless they had a few subtle differences that made them stand apart, now would we? This computer is not quite as fast as its big brother up there in the #2 spot, and it doesn’t have an Ethernet port so you better hope the wireless internet signal is strong. But is lightweight and cheaper relative to MacBook Air models from previous years, and with relatively solid processing power and the same OS as the MacBook pro, if you’re a Mac person and you want a lighter weight lap top, then go for it.

3 Samsung Series 7 Gamer

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Let’s clear the airwaves: this thing is uuuuuugly. It looks like a circa 1995 cutting edge lap top, and there is little to no retro charm in that description. But unless you are seriously missing the point, you don’t buy your computers to grab attention. If you buy them for gaming, however, this ugly beast may be a real beauty for you (heh). With more ports than you can shake a router at, the Gamer can handle your mouse, joystick, controller, USBs of all kinds, et al. Huzzah. It is also wicked (yes, wicked) fast and processes graphics superbly, which it will show you on its large 17 inch screen. Another drawback: not exactly a featherweight. But you’re a strong guy, right? No prob, then.

2 Apple MacBook Pro.

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Leave aside the fact that buying this lap top is seriously going to cut into your budget for all the other computers you were going to buy this year. Based on its raw merits? This is a fine piece of computer. Reliable as hell (how reliable is hell, actually?). Great screen resolution on it – your movies, games, or your email will all be crystal clear. With a processor cruising away thanks to is Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 2.3 GHz Quad-Core(3.3 GHz) you’re not likely be slowed down by much, and it runs Apple’s latest operating system, 10.8 Mountain Lion. (Are you kind of curious what will happen when they run out of large predatory cats to name things after?Sharks? Is it sharks?)

1 The Aspire S5 Ultrabook by Acer

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Listen, the thing weighs just a hair more than two and a half pounds, OK? 2.65 to be exact. For those of you who don’t know what 2.65 pounds feels like, try this little experiment: get a 1 pound weight, and then get half pound weight… now get one more 1 pound weight. Now lift them all. Feel that? That’s about 2.65 pounds.Only just not quite. Look: it is light weight. But somehow Acer managed to get a lot of processing power crammed into this little thing. Like 4 GB of RAM just waiting to blaze through tasks. And USB 3 ready? Yes, it has a USB 3 port. Lap tops were designed to be portable and efficient, and this baby is both and then some.

There! Now you know all you need to know about which five lap tops to buy in 2012! And if for some strange reason you only want to buy one computer, you know which have the right features and chops for your needs. So everyone is happy. Except for people who just got really bad haircuts – they’re sad right now.

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