Top 5 Best Johnny Depp Movies

Who would you class as one the greatest actors of our generation? Daniel Day-Lewis, for sure. That guy is awesome, and the way he just disappears into a role is truly remarkable. The same can be said for Johnny Depp. Depp still continues to not only look like a teenager but also blend into any character he has ever played. In honor of the great chameleon, here’s our list of the top five best Johnny Depp movies.

5.) Donnie Brasco

Depp plays the title role in this film where he is paired against Al Pacino. Talk about a match made in acting heaven! Donnie Brasco is an undercover FBI agent assigned to infiltrate the mob. Aside from watching Depp and Pacino chew scenery together, the real joy here is the way Depp plays Joe/Donnie with a certain veil. Like he would have to as an undercover agent, you can never really get a sense of what’s going on in his mind, and that shines brightly throughout this film.