These Are the Best Movies of Jim Carrey’s Career

Jim Carrey is one of those guys that some people really love and others find intolerable. We suppose that holds true with most people, though we also consi
Jim Carrey is one of those guys that some people really love and others find intolerable. We suppose that holds true with most people, though we also consider the fact that there’s a good amount of indifference when it comes to the majority of people. Hating or loving takes a lot of energy, after all. Jim Carrey, however, seems to fall to either side of that line which is why we decided to go for love (as we are apt to do) and present to you the best Jim Carrey movies.

5.)  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This is the one that started it all. Having hit his stride and become a national phenomenon on In Living Color (he was the white guy, in case you were curious), Jim Carrey jumped into the world of film and made a huge splash. An instant hit, Ace Ventura tells the story of the title character trying to track down the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins in time for the Super Bowl. While the Dolphins making the Super Bowl is pretty funny in its own right, Jim Carrey brings his rubber-faced over the top antics “A” game to this one. It’s a must see for any Jim Carrey fan, and one of the all-time great film comedies.

4.)  The Truman Show

Released when reality shows were really starting to hit their stride with America, The Truman Show tells the story of Truman Burbank, and insurance salesman with an idyllic life who discovers that his life – from birth to the moment he discovers the truth – has been broadcast around the world. This role was a great one for Carrey, as it allowed him to showcase both his comedic side as well as his more dramatic one. In fact, it’s fairly well known that comedians are usually some of the better dramatic actors, as it is much more difficult to make people laugh than cry. Carrey does both with perfection in this Oscar-nominated film.

3.)  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is one of Jim Carrey’s more dramatic turns and it’s a good one. Carrey plays Joel Barish who, along with his ex-girlfriend (played by Kate Winslet) set off to erase one another from their respective memories because the pain of living with those memories is more difficult to deal with than the sweet bliss of never having known one another. Of course, once they begin the process they realize what brought them together in the first place and, despite how bad it seems, the memories are too precious to part with. Jim Carrey is excellent in this sadder, more dramatic turn.

2.)  Yes Man

Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen, an office drone who has hit that spot in his life we all do when everything seems to be going nowhere. He decides to enroll in a Tony Robbins-type course that teaches him the magical power of the word “yes”. Carl immediately starts saying yes to everything and, not surprisingly, everything starts changing for him. He gets a promotion. He gets a new girlfriend (played by Zooey Deschanel) and everything seems right. Of course, he finds out that you can’t say yes to everything all the time and ends up in a bit of a pickle. Watching Jim Carrey float around happily saying yes to everyone is a delight.

1.)  Dumb and Dumber

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance…” Dumb and Dumber is one of Jim Carrey’s earliest films and, arguably, one of his funniest. From the gap-toothed smile to the physical comedy we all grew to love on In Living Color, you’ll be gasping for breath from start to finish with this one. Jim plays Lloyd, an idiot, who travels to Aspen with a briefcase he mistakenly thought the newfound girl of his dreams (played by later wife Lauren Holly) left behind at an airport. It was a mob drop, of course, so he and his buddy Harry (perfectly played by Jeff Daniels) embark on a quest to return it to her. Absolutely awesome.

That’s our list. Are you a Jim Carrey fan? Is there something we might have missed here? If so, let us know so we can ignore it while watching these films.