OCD About Your Health? Then These Health And Fitness iPhone Apps Are Right Up Your Alley

Getting in shape? Training for a marathon? Just want general well-being overall? From lowering stress, to eating right, to working out, there are tons of w
Getting in shape? Training for a marathon? Just want general well-being overall? From lowering stress, to eating right, to working out, there are tons of ways to be a healthier, happier individual. We’ve created the Top 5 Apple Apps for Health and Fitness so you can start today, or become even more efficient in your current healthy lifestyle.

5 Fooducate (Free)

This isn’t a calorie counting app, this app simply lets you enter (or scan, if possible) a food item in and see all the information about it. Sure you’ll get an overall health ranking, but this app will also show you the pros and cons of each particular food itemand even direct you to healthier choices. This app reveals what is going on inside of those prepackaged food items and letsyou know all the hidden unhealthy problems with particular foods, from too much sugar, to HFCs, to trans fats, to food color types. This is not only a great app for those looking to eat healthier, but those looking to eat more natural and less processed food ingredients. Throw in the fact that it’s got a sleek, easy to use design, and you may be busting this app out at the grocery store more than you might think.

4 DailyBurn Tracker (Free)

For those who want to combine their food/calorie management with their workout routine management, the DailyBurn Trackeris a key app. DailyBurn Tracker does it all – whether you want to count calories, compare these against calories burned during workouts, or customize detailed diet plans.DailyBurnTracker attempts to capture all the assets of dieting and fitness into one single app, and it does a pretty amazing job at it too. If you don’t prefer to bounce between a calorie counting app and a workout tracking app, then look no further. Still though, for more definitive workout routines you should combine the DailyBurn Tracker app with the Fitness Buddy app mentioned above.

3 T2 Mood tracker (Free)

The T2 Mood Tracker will monitor your moods using a variety of scales, from anxiety, to depression, to stress, to general well being. By noting how you feel at a certain time, and what made you feel that way, you can prepare and strategize your responses, and figure out what in your life you may need to change which is causing you overall stress. It may seem a bit odd at first, but trust us, once you start tracking your moods throughout the week and seeing patterns, you can immediate begin to change the things that make you feel that constant weight on your shoulders. Mental health is just as important as what you eat and the T2 Mood Tracker is one of the best ways to figure out how to lower your stress.

2 Fitness Buddy ($0.99)

If you already belong to a gym, then FitnessBuddy is an awesome app. With over 1,700 workouts, and over 1,000 HD videos showing you how to do them, the FitnessBuddy app has workouts for any equipment you might come across in the gymnasium. You can search by muscle groups, customize your own workouts and track them. The app also comes with a list of premade routines. An easy to use UI makes FitnessBuddy easy to use with sweaty fingers, workout gloves, and keeps you in the workout mentally without slowing you down.

1 Couch to 5k ($1.99)

This is the perfect app for those looking to start a new lifestyle, and to getthemselves off the couch and outside running. This app will help you get into running a 5k (about 3 miles) without injuring yourself, and coaching you along the way. With in-app music player, GPS running maps, training plans developed by the experts at active.com and workout logs, if you want to get off your butt and get out running, this app is the best choice. While it’s not for advanced runners (though they may enjoy using it to get back into a routine) it will turn beginners into pros.

So there you have it, why wait? Get downloading and start your new health lifestyle today!