Show Me The Money! The Absolute Best Finance Apps for iPhone

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We work hard for our money so we want it to work hard for us. Whether its personal financial organization, finding the best savings or just smart investments, there are plenty off apps out there to help you do all of the above and more. We’ve filtered through a slew of money apps for the apple mobile devices andhave come up with our list of Top 5 Apps for Finances.

5 Credit Sesame (Free)

Credit cards are necessity inthis world, whether you deem them evil or not. Really though, it all comes down to responsible use and management. The first awesome aspect of Credit Sesame is that it shows you your Experian credit score and gives you that score for free, updating it every month. By entering your account securely, you can see afull picture of how much you owe, payment dates, total debt, and savings advice. The streamlined, slick looking app has a nice one page layout for quick reference for all your credit and debt information. Credit Sesame succeeds because it is geared towards credit accounts and nothing else.

4 Stocks Live ($1.99)

If you play the stock market for a living, or are just a day trader, then Stocks Live is an essential app. Real time quotes are provided, easily organized and wonderfully displayed in a well designed UI. The quotes update every 30 seconds along with news feeds and currency rates. Stocks Live also is globallycompatible, making it an important financial and trading asset. Organization of portfolios is where Stocks Live really shines. Their portfolio manager easily lets you add and update as many portfolios as you want, and it also supports multi-currency.

3 Mint (Free)

Mint is another one our favorite personal financial apps. Like PageOnce, Mint will have you add all of your bank accounts and financial accounts, and it will show you where your cash is going and how much of it you are spending and where. Mint updates continuously, and can sync with foreven more thorough money management. Alerts for late fees, random financial advice, visual graphs, and password protection are all available in mint too.

2 Key Ring Rewards Cards (Free)

The gym, grocery stores, the pet store, the sports shop, the bookstore, every place these days gives out some sort of barcode on a keyfob for either membership points or cash savings. If you are like us, you may forget what phone number they have on their system (if you even gave them one), and we hope you don’t go around with six key chains to carry all these fobs with you (which tend to fall off anyways). The solution to this mess is the Key Ring Rewards Cards appwhich scans and saves all those numerous fob barcodes into your phone. Whether you save a dollar here or two dollars there or get rewards for even better savings, Key Ring Rewards Cards will keep you saving. Hey, it may not seem like much, but a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

1 PageOnce (Free)

Hands down, one of the best, easiest and cleanest lookingpersonal finance apps out there. The easy to navigate UI will help you check out your current financial status by using all the information from your bank accounts, credit accounts, active loans — even bills and flight awards. Once a day, PageOnce updates itself organizing and displaying yourentire balance across the board along with your financial activity. You can see where your money is going and how much of it is going there. Better yet, high security measures and encryption ensure your information isn’t going to be stolen, and that’s good because with having your entire life in one app, the securityhad better be good.

Credit accounts, financial portfolios, checking, savings, investments, loans… make it all easier to manage by downloading one of these great apps. We hope this list has shown you the way to a brighter financial future!

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