25+ Best Holiday Wreaths That You Can Actually Buy

We've got the most amazing list of the best holiday wreaths that you can actually buy! Perfect for your home this holiday season.

For many, the Christmas holiday wreath is a magical part of the festive season. They are a way to spread joy and welcome guests to your home.

Do you want to know where to buy the best Christmas holiday wreaths to deck out your doors for these holidays? Then we’ve got you covered!

We have put together a list of our favorite 25+ best holidays wreaths (including reviews) that you can buy today:

Traditional Winter Wreath

winter christmas wreath for the holidays

The Wreath Depot / Amazon

Transform your door this holiday season with this traditional-style winter wreath. The lush foliage of faux berries and silk flowers will make a wonderful contrast against any door.

Customer Review:

“I loved my summer wreath so much that I purchased one for fall, Thanksgiving and this Christmas one. All four are colorful, just the right size and full. They add a beautiful burst of color on my door. Great value.” 

– J E McPherson

$59.99 at Amazon

Rustic Red Berry Wreath

stunning red berry Christmas wreath

VGIA / Amazon

The vibrant red berries of this holiday wreath hanging on your front door will be a welcoming sight to family and friends visiting these holidays.

Customer Review:

“Comes with a realistic looking, I was cautious about taking it out from the package since I thought these beans were not made well, it turned out they were glued firmly and no worry about falling out easily. A great size for my front door, I am considering buying more for my parents and friends.” 

– F. Greene

$49.99 at Amazon

Evergreen Candle Light

evergreen candle light christmas wreath

Evergreen / Amazon

A quirky and fun alternative holiday wreath that can complement any Christmas decor. The pom-pom berries, felt leaves, and stitched candles give the piece a handmade and homely feel.

Customer Review:

“Love love love this wreath. It looks great on my black door and there are several lights that light up at night. You just have to push the spot on the wreath once at the time you want it to start each day and then it will come on automatically at the same time every day. The timer is a six-hour timer. The lights flicker, like candlelight. You won’t be disappointed with this item.”

– J.S.

$20.46 at Amazon

Real Cotton Vintage Style Wreath

real cotton vintage style Christmas wreath

VGIA / Amazon

The large, fluffy cotton balls will add a gentle touch of winter to this seasons holiday decor.

Customer Review:

“This wreath is perfection. Very full and sturdy and the cotton is so pretty and white. The best thing is the stems are very easily adjusted to fluff it up a bit after taking it out of the box.”

– M. Courville

$34.99 at Amazon

Olive Leaf Christmas Wreath

olive leaf stylish christmas wreath for the holidays

Fargal / Amazon

This natural-looking, artificial wreath features a rattan frame making it easy to hang on a wall or door.

Customer Review:

“Clean look. The leaves and branches were easy to shape. The color is great.”

– V.J.O.

$43.99 at Amazon

Colorful Glittery Ball Wreath

colorful glittery balls Christmas wreath idea

Aimeart / Amazon

The mixture of matte, shiny and glittery holiday decorations make this Christmas wreath a little bit special. Add some color to your door or wall this fun and vibrant wreath.

Customer Review:

“This wreath is so pretty- I love the colors !!! I wrapped a battery operated strand of multi lights around the wreath and hung it in my sunroom window.”

– Lydia

$19.99 at Amazon

Christmas Wreath with LED Lights

wreath with silver bristles, cones, red berries and led lights

National Tree Company / Amazon

A mixture of branch types that also features pine cones and LED lights for that extra bit of sparkle.

Customer Review:

“Love this wreath – once you separate the greenery, it’s so full with very nice lighting. I only wish there were a little redder, but you can’t see that from a distance anyhow (I hung it on our front door. Definitely, recommend!”

– Mrs. Nat

$38.94 at Amazon

DIY Wicker Wreath

christmas wicker wreath : diy project

Funnpa / Amazon

This rattan wicker wreath is perfect for your own personal holiday DIY project. Add Christmas decorations, photos and more to make it personalized to you and your family.

Customer Review:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of this rattan wreath. I have been using an oval type of wreath on the front door for a few years now and decided to try a round 1 this year. I repurpose the same wreath over and over for every holiday and every season by just changing the decorations on it. It has definitely saved me from buying wreath containers. I just put the decorations in clear containers and label them.

I was also thinking this would be pretty really decorated up with greenery during the holidays and maybe twinkling lights with a large candle in the center. I would put this on a glass platter so it could be moved around with the candle also.”

$29.98 at Amazon

Pine Cone Grapevine Wreath

pine cone grapevine christmas wreath

National Tree Company / Amazon

The natural feel of this wreath is ideal for those who don’t like too over-the-top decorating for the holidays.

Customer Review:

“This is a very nice wreath for the front door and you can’t beat the price. I’ll be able to leave it up all winter.”

– Anonymous

$27.79 at Amazon

Square Christmas Wreath

square christmas wreath

Pure Garden / Amazon

When you think of a Christmas wreath you instantly think of a circular shape for it, however, have you ever thought about breaking tradition and trying a square wreath? This square wreath is elegant and will make a timeless season decoration for years to come.

Customer Review:

“I really love this little wreath!!! After fluffing it a bit, it was exactly 11.5”. Yes, it is small, but I knew that and it was exactly the size I wanted. I measured on my mirror 11.5” to see if I wanted a bigger wreath but I didn’t. If you take the time to figure out what size you need, it won’t be a disappointment.

It is plastic, but looks so nice! I prefer the brighter shade of green that many have said makes it too artificial looking. I can’t keep a single plant alive so the green is welcome in our home. I only plan on using it inside so I’m not sure how it would hold up in sunlight. There is no hook to hang it from so either be prepared to hang it directly on a hook, attach a string or wire to hang it, or use a ribbon as I did.”

-E. Hamm

$21.09 at Amazon

Decorative Peacock Christmas Wreath

decorative peacock christmas wreath

V & M Valery Madelyn / Amazon

Show your creative side and brighten up your holidays with this fun, sparkly, and colorful wreath.

Customer Review:

“My favorite garland we got for the holiday season. Got lots of compliments on it from friends and the husband loves it. The timer feature is super handy and all the light settings are nice. Batteries have lasted for a long time, probably won’t have to change for at least 2 more seasons. Amazing for the value, thinking of getting another.”

– Frances

$34.99 at Amazon

Winter Berry Wreath

winter berry christmas wreath

The Wreath Deport / Amazon

This fabulous, decked-out wreath comes with a white gift box to keep it stored away safe once the holiday season is over.

Customer Review:

“When this wreath arrived in its own white box I just knew it was going to be special. I was not disappointed. It is festive, colorful and tastefully done. Looks like it cost much more than it really does.”

– Brooklyn NY

$64.99 at Amazon

Sparkling Glittery Wreath with LED Lights

sparkling glittery christmas wreath with led lights

LampLust / Amazon

This versatile wreath comes with bendable branches and LED lights. The glow of the lights are both warming and welcoming and will make a gorgeous addition to your home this season.

Customer Review:

“Stunning wreath! I bought this to hang on my door but since I ordered it way before the holidays I decided to use it as table decor before. Used it as a centerpiece and put candles in the center- so beautiful!”

– Anomonous

$38.99 at Amazon

Hydrangea and White Roses Wreath

hydrangea with white roses wreath

Nearly Natural / Amazon

Adorned with alternating blooms this pretty wreath would look splendid in your home or office.

Customer Review:

“This wreath is gorgeous in person and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it hanging on my door. Beautiful product!”

– Jacquie M.

$45.99 at Amazon

Holly and Berry Wreath

holly and berry christmas wreath

One Holiday Lane / Amazon

The bright green holly leaves and deep red berries make this wreath a rather traditional choice for the holidays. However, you can’t deny it has style and flare. A great wreath choice for the holidays.

Customer Review:

“The color on this wreath really pops which made it perfect for our black door.”

– Nancy

39.99 at Amazon

Set of 3 Christmas Wreaths

set of 3 christmas wreath

National Tree Company / Amazon

Why get one wreath when you can have three? This set of 3 wreaths can be used indoors or in a covered outdoor display. It’s certainly easier to set up than an entire tree.

Customer Review:

“I’ve had my wreaths up for a week & love them. The battery pack is a little big, but I don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way of visitors. The built-in timer is great as well!”

– Parker

$80.19 at Amazon

Christmas Wreath with Red and White Ornaments

christmas wreath with red and white ornaments

National Tree Company / Amazon

This flocked evergreen wreath has been trimmed with red berries and ornaments to give it a bit of extra holiday magic.

Customer Review:

“This lasted the season well. Sturdy enough to last for years. Liked the detail and “snow”. Different than the average design. Would buy again.”

– B. Hawk

$104.40 at Amazon

Flock Christmas Wreath

king flock christmas wreath

King of Christmas / Amazon

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas than this wreath may be for you. A simple, uncomplicated design that is stylish and understated.

Customer Review:

“I recently purchased a King of Christmas 7.5 unlit flocked tree. I decided to order the matching wreath. I wired some glass silver ball ornaments onto it and added a ribbon. I think it turned out really nice!!!”

– Pom Mom

$39 at Amazon

Kaleidoscope Wreath with LED Lights

kaleidoscope christmas wreath with led lights

National Tree Company / Amazon

Get a mix of old with a touch of modern style with this holiday wreath. The ornaments add a pop of color to an otherwise traditional wreath.

Customer Review:

“So much prettier in person! Just the right amount of bling (but I did add more just for fun). Lights worked great and it was so convenient with the auto-on option. I used all holiday season including during a nasty rainstorm and then a snow/ice storm and it held up well. It’s pricey but good quality. I had reservations about the purchase but glad I got it now. The lighted wreath made our entryway. There is also matching garland, too.”

– Cookie

$80.21 at Amazon

Pine Cone and Red Flower Wreath

pinecone and red floral christmas wreath

Darget / Amazon

Welcome your friends and family members to your home with this spectacular handcrafted wreath.

Customer Review:

“Beautiful wreath! I was looking for a Christmas wreath that wasn’t boring or tacky and this one is perfect! It arrived safely packed and in perfect condition. I love it!”

– S. C. Murphy

$46.99 at Amazon

Northlight Wreath

northlight christmas wreath

Northlight / Amazon

If you are not one of those who likes to decorate with the traditional colors and styles of the holidays, then you may opt for a wreath like this from Northlight. It looks like you collected your wreath items from fall and saved them to brighten your winter.

Customer Review:

“Beautiful. After I hung it up it relaxed and bushed out even more. Great value.”

– Mrs. Fisher

$38.49 at Amazon

Ribbon and Berry Wreath

ribbon and berry christmas wreath

Homegear / Amazon

An adorable wreath with miniature gold baubles and cute red ribbons. What’s not to love?

Customer Review:

“The wreath was the perfect size and decor. In addition, the lights timer is an excellent feature and worked perfectly.”

– P. K. Solomon

$26.99 at Amazon

Red and Tan Wreath

red and tan christmas wreath

VHC Bands / Amazon

A simple, yet effective, holiday wreath design to make your home feel festive and warm.

Customer Review:

“These are so expensive other places which made me worried that this would look cheap and flat when it arrived…but I was very pleased when it came!! Its beautiful and very full!!”

– K.M.

$34.40 at Amazon

Fabric Christmas Wreath

fabric christmas wreath

Pavilion Gift Company / Amazon

A beautifully packed, handmade wreath that would look great in your home or make a fantastic gift for someone these holidays.

Customer Review:

“Absolutely beautiful, nicely packaged! A little smaller than I expected but then I didn’t really pay attention to the size stated. Just really liked the way it looked individually hand made and it did not disappoint. Happy holidays!”

– Anonymous

$28.99 at Amazon

Purple Artificial Wreath

purple artificial christmas wreath

Vickerman / Amazon

A nontraditional, bright-purple wreath that will make a statement in any home this winter season and beyond.

Customer Review:

“Hated to have to store it until next Christmas. Its just so beautiful.”

– Bubbles

$102.63 at Amazon

Rustic Red and Green Jute Wreath

rustic red and green jute Christmas wreath

Pink Door Wreaths / Amazon

This ‘Merry Christmas’ wreath will work both indoors and out. You can get through the holidays in style with this handmade wreath hanging on your door.

Customer Review:

“This wreath is so beautiful it will be up all year. The care & workmanship is perfection. Thank you for a new Christmas keepsake.”

– Uclaallie

$109.95 at Amazon

Blueberry and Blue Bow Wreath

blueberry and blue bow christmas wreath

Harbor Farm / Amazon

This wreath would be darling hanging in your home or would make a wonderful holiday gift for a work colleague, friend, or family member.

Customer Review:

“I boought this as a gift for family members at Christmas. They loved it! It was fresh, beautiful and smelled wonderful. I will definitely order from them again!”

– T. Henry

$58.95 at Amazon

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25+ Best Holiday Wreaths That You Can Actually Buy