Health Conscious? Look No Further Than These 5 Health and Fitness Google Play Apps

Your mobile device can be a valuable tool when it comes to your health and fitness routine, and we have got the apps to prove it! From counting those pesky
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Your mobile device can be a valuable tool when it comes to your health and fitness routine, and we have got the apps to prove it! From counting those pesky calories to calculating the ideal diet for your fitness and weight goals, to logging the miles to giving the exercise enthusiast something to read about while stuck at a desk, there are, in fact, more of these kinds of apps than you could tap away at while running a marathon. Also, while running a marathon it is best to look where you are going, probably.

If you are both a smartphone or tablet and a health/fitness enthusiast, then you are sure to be enthusiastic about this here list of fine apps we have assembled for you. Take your regimen up a notch with these babies!

5 WebMD’s Android app

WebMD’s Android app brings the power of one of the web’s best resources right to your fingertips, with a wealth of knowledge on everything from bunion treatment to images of potentially worrisome moles to carefully researched information about chronic diseases all waiting for you to learn about. Now, of course it should be used just as an informative resource and not to diagnose any condition or suggest definitive treatment options but this free app is a good place to start when you have health questions.

4 Zombies, Run!

OK, if this app wasn’t only intended for those who love running and hate zombies, it would probably be number 1. Maybe it should still be, for pure its sheer awesome-ness. Zombies,Run! is the name of the app and, like it sounds from the name, it is an app where you run from zombies. It’s a game… sort of The zombies are fake, but the running is real. You are plunged into the story (via your headphones and legs) and it is your job to evade groaning, howling zombies and listen to audio cues that will guide you around your town “collecting: items to bring back to your “base” to, of course, save the lives of countless innocent human beings. It’s… awesome. And only eight bucks.

3 I’mExpecting app

The I’mExpecting app from MedHealth may be a soon-to-be first-time mother’s favorite download. From helping you keep track of all your doctor’s appointments and pregnancy classes to tracking your weight to offering you all sorts of information and charts related to fetal development, growth, changes, etc. you can have a sort of all-in-one pregnancy “coach.” Take some of the confusion out of the process and make those 9 months more enjoyable, or at least less stressful!

2 MyFitnessPal app

MyFitnessPal app is the one for folks who read about Runtastic and said “Let’s ease back there just a bit.” For starters, it’s free, and that’s nice, right? Second, it is more geared toward those with specific weight loss and health goals than it is for those likely to go run fifteen miles on a mountain trail for “fun.” MyFitnessPal is backed by a database containing data on more than 2 million types of food, so you can enter what you have consumed in a given day, what exercise you did (it has 350+ types of those accounted for), and you can calculate how many calories you have burned, what types of diets and / or workouts would be best to change your regimen to be more productive, etc. A great app for those just getting back into a healthy and fit lifestyle.

1 Runtastic PRO

They don’t call our #1 pick Runtastic PRO for nothing. No, indeed it is a fantastic app and takes your workout to the professional level. Let’s let its eponymous developed have a few words here: “Your personal tracking app for running, biking and other sports activities! Take your fitness to a new level with runtastic.”Quite. In fact, that new level may even be a level higher than you need, but if you are a serious runner, biker, hiker, cross-country skier, or other distance sportsperson, then you will love the distance tracker, the calorie target features, the mapping and route planning guides, the temperature and weather predictor, etc. The app puts the whole exercise routine in your hands, from planning to execution to recap after you cool down. $4.99? Worth it.

So there you have it! Apps all designed to help you live better! Whether you are an avid runner or just now leaving your couch potato ways behind, or if you’re an expectant mother or just worried about that little spot there on your wrist, there are apps aplenty to help you out.