10 Haircuts For Older Women (Winter 2019 Edition)

If you still have the same cut from your 20s, you need to book an appointment with your hairdresser. Your face changes over time, why shouldn't your hair?

The Bob

Bob haircuts are great for women with heart-shaped and oval faces because they draw attention to a slim jawline. Because the style is neither short nor long, ask your hairdresser for layers to create movement.

When styling at home, try curling the ends in opposite directions to create a messy, full texture.


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One of the best looks when it comes to short haircuts for women is found in a cropped style that is as cute as it is simple.

Combining layers with a honey hue, this short style is gorgeous on all face shapes and ethnicities. It will work best with straight hair, but can also be quite fun with curly girls.

The Look

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This is an ideal look for women in their 40s, 50s or even 60s who are at the top of their professional game.

The simple style works well in conservative settings, but it’s still trendy enough to transition to after hour dinner and drinks.


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The crazy texture in this cut may seem daunting, but once ladies leave their thirties behind they become fearless and confident—which is the best time to try something outside of the box.

It is not one of the most common short hairstyles for women over 40 and that makes it perfect for someone who has never wanted to blend in.

Mid Length

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The uniqueness of this medium-length style lies in the contrast of hues.

While most styles tend to blend smoothly, this look does the opposite, and it makes the hair look thicker in the front.


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Don’t make it complicated when it comes to your next haircut. Layers and spiraled curls are go-to elements in medium and long hairstyles for women because they flatter many different face shapes and hair textures.

This will look equally good at a casual dinner and at a more formal event.

Balayage And Ombre

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Upgrade your basic haircut with a mix of the two most popular trends of the moment: balayage and ombre. The first uses a hand-painted technique to create natural highlights, while the second fades hair from light at the roots to dark at the ends.

Both are great for a woman who wants to experiment with color without being tied to the stylist’s chair every other week for touch-ups.

Highlights And Layers

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If you tend to have thinner hair, a medium-length style that includes an angled cut will look beautiful on you.

Add in some highlights and layers to bring a fuller look to your fine hair strands.

Classic Bob

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This classy bob is a perfect option for women in their 40s who want a short cut. With inches of layers cut at an angle, this haircut helps to shape thick hair.

The brown base color and the gold and caramel highlights complete the look.


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Grey and lavender hair seems to be everywhere. Who knew it would be so flattering on a variety of skin tones?

Equally surprising is the fact that this look works for different ages as well. If you’re considering going grey, try this pretty version.


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Hairstyles for women over 40 are typical of a short or medium length. As we age, our hair can get a bit thinner, and shorter locks help to maintain thickness through the ends.

Nowadays, short hair is super trendy. This lovely look is both modern and ageless.