Celestial Heights and Mom’s Poor Ears. The 5 Best Guitar Amps for Your Money

For every guitarist, the ultimate goal is the same: to find their own personal, unique sound and to perfect it. There are many elements involved in this alchemical process; practice undoubtedly being most significant, but choice of equipment, of course, ispractically of no less gravity. This is not to say one must purchase the most expensive gear, but once the fingers are limber, the intent is solidified, and a bit of jingle is set aside, the world of amplification becomes a wonderland of opportunity; prodigious, staggering, and utterly splendid. Now, having previously discussed the most essential effects and the most iconic guitars, I present the 5 best guitar amps, taking into account affordability, durability, and obviously sound quality.

5 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Image Credit: Musiciansfriend.com

I’m going to lay my cards on the table here; personally, there are plenty of amps I might have liked to put on this list over anything Fender. I love just about everything Orange is doing, Peavey has other products I love besides the Delta Blues (notice I don’t have a Marshall on here, and every amp) I’ve discussed here has been a combo. Eureka! That is exactly why. If I’m going to be honest, I’m going to have to push past my own opinion and tell it like it really is. This amp is universal. Blues, metal, jazz, funk; whatever you’re going for, you can do it on this amp, and it’s affordable. What’s my problem then? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the opposite of brand loyalty.

4 Vox AC15C2

Certainly more affordable than some of the aforementioned, this amp deserves all the recognition it gets. With two 12 inch Celestion Speakers, this combo is ready to take whatever pedals you might put through it, has a very lovely tremolo effect built in as well as a reverb, and has foot toggle capability for control between the normal channel and the top boost. Very clean sound all together, and it tends to stay clean no matter how high you crank it.

3 Peavey Delta Blues

Image Credit: Quitarcenter.com

One of my personal favorites, and generally my first choice, I would liked to have placed this amp in the number one spot. Why didn’t I? Well, in staying a little truer to myself-prescribed guidelines, I must point out that I do find her to be delicate. She is fickle, and I am not exactly gentle. I don’t sit still too long, so it’s a must that my amp can take a beating. This is a particular problem if you’re playing gigs. Tubes: always tricky. The sound, on the other hand, is otherworldly. I would be remiss to neglect such adjectives as creamy, romantic, sensual, nubile, voluptuous… You get it; it’s everything a guitar player wants. Let the tubes warm up, let your fingers warm up, and let the notes swarm.

2 Line 6 Spider IV

There is a lot to like about this amp. Seriously though, “a lot” is the understatement of the century in this context. This amp is jam-packed. No pun intended, well… But, bad jokes aside, this thing has 16 amp models, 20 standard preset effects, and plenty of storage to add personal settings. Pretty standard stuff nowadays right? Well, you also have to consider the 300 preset signature tones of such legendary bands as Deftones, Maroon 5, 311, As I Lay Dying… the list goes on. So does it sound good? Is it affordable? Is it durable? It wouldn’t be the number one selling amp in America if it weren’t. Why don’t I think it’s number one? Read number one again. Still, regardless of my placement here, they are definitely doing things right over at Line 6.

1 Mesa Boogie Mark V

Image Credit: Thegearpage.net

Okay, so I’m stretching it a bit on the first of myself-prescribedguidelines, but if you can save up for this combo, you’ll spend many nights full of splendorous sounds. That is, of course, if you’d spent that same time practicing. Considering you have your skills up, and want to get as loud as you can while keeping as clean and concise a sound as possible, this is exactly the beast you’ll want pushing your notes out. Masterfully refined, and technologically superior to anything on the market, the Mark V is still a simple, straightforward, ready to rock amp.

So, if I have to boil it down to the five to choose from, these would be them. I’m sure plenty of you seasoned players would agree with me,so let me know. And what about the up and comers? Did this help you pick your new amp?

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