21 Crazy Cool Gifts For Family Members That They Will Love

Family members are pretty much always difficult to get gifts for. Sometimes you spend hours surfing the internet or walking aimlessly around a mall looking for the perfect gift and who wants something boring or generic? If you have no idea what to get family this holiday season, the best gifts for family members are thoughtful, but useful ones!

In this list we cover it all – trending, stocking stuffers, kids, grandparents, everyone on your Christmas shopping list will be happy! The greatest part is you can just keep sitting on your couch, you can only find these gifts online, they’re NOT available in stores. Get them before they’re all gone!

Here are the top 21 gifts for family members that they will love:


1.) Skylink Antenna – Cheap Legal TV Watching

Skylink Antenna is Cheap Legal TV Watching

Cable companies are slowly raising their prices each year. It’s costing you money and patience. Grab this TV antenna helping families around the country quit the greedy cable companies!

Skylink works by grabbing a signal that is already being broadcasted by another company. The best part is that it is legal! Get this gift for a family member who hates spending money.

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2.) Car Doctor – Diagnose Your Own Car Faster

Diagnose Your Own Car Faster with Car Doctor

We’ve all been there: we go for an oil change and the mechanic say you need a new transmission.

Be the first to know if there’s really a problem with your car. Get Car Doctor for a family member that loves their car, but also wants to self diagnose before taking it into an auto shop.

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3.) Sleep Cool – A Better Night Sleep For Hot Sleepers

Sleep Cool is for a Better Night Sleep For Hot Sleepers

Imagine waking up sweating because you are too hot under your covers! You are constantly uncomfortable and trying to cool down.

Sleep Cool is a new device that will help you with a better night’s sleep by providing you with a cooling sensation all night long. You will thank us later.

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4.) Mobile White – Get White Teeth With Your Phone

Mobile White is perfect for getting White Teeth With Your Phone

If you are a fan of Oprah, Extreme Makeover, or Larry King, you might recognize Dr. Bill Dorfman from one of these appearances. In his research, he has figure out a way to make your smile whiter without paying an arm and a leg for it! Mobile White is paired with an effective whitening gel.

The best part? The light is powered by your phone. Kick back, relax, and get a whiter smile!

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5.) EFX Light – Light Up Your Holiday Season

EFX Light are lights for the holiday season

Having a party but need cost-effective lights?

Well, EFX Light are LED lights that are controlled by a remote. It can make any space feel fun and festive.

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6.) Pest Patrol – Get Rid Of Bugs And Mice The Safe Way

Pest Patrol Can Get Rid Of Bugs And Mice The Safe Way

Bugs, cockroaches, mice, oh my! The Pest Patrol sends out an ultrasonic wave that cannot be heard by humans or pets, but it makes it painful for insects and mice!

Just plug the device into your wall sock and that’s it! The device is a chemical-free and cost-effective solution. Goodbye pests!

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7.) Energix Charger – Keep Your Phone Longer

 Energix Charger Can Keep Your Phone Longer

Upgrading your phone each year is expensive and stressful. That’s why this charger will save your phone and it’s battery life!

Energix Charger will turn your phone into a wireless charging device. It feels good to know that you can use your phone all day without any worry!

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8.) TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight – Don’t Get Lost in the Dark

TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight

If you are walking alone at night, your car breaks down, or you just want a light that is bright enough, TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight will give you an advantage with a powerful beam of light.

It can be seen up to 2 miles away.

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9.) UltraBrush 360 – Get Your Teeth Clean the Easy Way

UltraBrush 360 Can Clean your teeth the Easy Way

Who hates when food gets stuck in your teeth after eating? We do! Every time a piece of food gets stuck in your teeth, it’s a chance for diseases to grow.

With UltraBrush 360, you can keep your teeth clean and remove annoying food particles! Take it with you anywhere! You will thank us later.

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10.) Heat Buddy – Stay Warm This Winter

Heat Buddy will keep you Warm This Winter

While the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting colder. With Heat Buddy, you can heat up an entire room in less than 20 minutes. Don’t worry about bundling up with this portable Heat Buddy.

Plus, you can adjust all the settings with ease!

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11.) MindInSole – Massage Your Foot With Every Step

MindInSole can Massage Your Foot With Every Step

If you experience back, knee, or hip pain, it’s most likely to do with an issue with your feet. If there is any misalignment, it starts to impact your entire body.

MindInSole is afoot insole that combines the practice of reflexology with modern technology to create 400 different points of relief. Reduce your pain and get your life back!

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12.) Super Boost WiFi – Don’t Get Disconnected in Your House

Super Boost WiFi Can Cover Your Home

Imagine you finally are laying in bed on your phone after a long day at work. All you want to do is watch a good Netflix show on your phone. Then you realize you have no internet! What?!

Well, lucky for you, Super Boost WiFi will make sure your home is covered at every corner.

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13.) AirCool – Winter All Year Round

AirCool Is Winter All Year Round

You do not want to think about the cold right now! Frankly, it’s the best time to buy this device because online retailers are offering enormous discounts.

AirCool will help you out in the summer when A/C bills are sky high! It is a portable and easy to use device that can cool a room in 20 minutes or less that is a fraction of the cost of your bills! Your future self will thank you!

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14.) BackHero – Calm Your Back Pain

BackHero Will Calm Your Back Pain

If you are working at a desk all day, you probably experience poor posture and hunched shoulders. Now, these inventors created a simple solution to your back pain! BackHero is a corset that will fix your spinal pain, sore muscles, and other bothersome back pain.

A few users have expressed happiness when some of them said it got rid of headaches too!

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15.) Doc Socks – Leave Foot Pain Behind You

Doc Socks Can Leave Foot Pain Behind You

Having foot pain is one of the most annoying feelings in the world. It makes sense that superstar athletes and the elderly wear compression socks.

Doc Socks can reduce swelling and pain in your heels without breaking the bank.

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16.) Breathe Green Charcoal Bags – Stop Smelling Without a Spray

EcoGreen Charcoal Bags Can Make the Smells Go away

Are you sick of spraying your house with a fake flower smell? Well, look no further than Breathe Green Charcoal Bags.

You can hang the bag up in your closet, place it by your trash can or laundry hamper, or bring it with you on the go! It elements odors quickly.

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17.) SHLD – Erase EMF Radiation From Your Electronics

SHLD Can Erase EMF Radiation From Your Electronics

Sitting at the computer or on your phone all day can cause headaches because of harmful Electromagnetic Field (EMF) or Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) pouring from your device. SHLD would reduce the harmful exposure and cause less headaches!

Get SHLD for a family member who is always looking at their devices. It could save them a headache in the end!

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18.) Accupoint – Alleviate Discomfort in Your Legs, Back, and Arms ASAP

Accupoint Can Alleviate Discomfort in Your Legs, Back, and Arms ASAP

If you experience any aches or pains in your back, legs, or arms, Accupoint will save you from any dangerous painkillers. Once you turn this pad on, it will block out the pain with a signal and encourage endorphins.

It’s the perfect gift for a family member who is always complaining about pain in their body!

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19.) Roadside Safety Flare – Be Safe On the Road

Roadside Safety Flare Will Make You Safe On the Road

Having your car break down in the middle of the night is everyone’s worst fear. Roadside Safety Flare is a safer alternative than an old open flame road flares. The 24 LED lights can be seen from 5,000 feet away and there are 8 unique flashing modes.

The best part is that there is a built-in magnet. Get this gift for a family member who is just starting to drive!

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20.) WowX – Protect Your Phone

WowX Can Protect Your Phone

If you hate applying screen protectors, then this new gadget is for you. The WowX is a liquid armor that will work so much better than your typical old screen protector.

The designers found a solution that involves putting titanium nano-particles that crystallize on the surface of your device and it is dry after a minute. Fun fact: this screen protector fights off germs!

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21.) SkyCam HD WiFi Drone – Take Amazing Shots For a Cheap Price

 SkyCam HD WiFi Drone Will Take Amazing Shots For a Cheap Price

Have you always wanted a drone but didn’t know which one to buy? Well SkyCam is perfect for beginners who want to start experimenting with drones. The best part? It’s the same size as your smartphone and at the fraction of the cost!

You can control the drone by using your smartphone.

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BONUS: Get an Official Letter from Santa Claus For Your Little One’s Christmas

get a Santa letter for your child

If your child still believes in Santa Claus, you can send a personalized letter.

The Official Letter From Santa is signed by the big man himself, which will make them smile ear to ear! This will make their Christmas magical!

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