If You’re Playing to Win, Choose One of These 5 Gaming Laptops

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Any serious gamer will tell you that if you want the very best computer for gameplay – the machine that will have the best graphics card, the fastest and finest tuned processor, the most memory, the least lag, etc. – then you need to be gaming with a desktop computer. But that does not mean that there are not plural laptops that are fast and powerful enough to handle most any gaming challenge you throw at them. There are, and we have hunted down some of them here for you to read about. Keep in mind that you’re going to need to invest in a decent monitor and some after-market speakers to really enhance your gaming experience, of course, and maybe a keyboard and mouse and some other add-on accessories, but you still can find decent gaming laptops at prices that are, well, if not winners, at least not going to cause you to think “Game Over.”

5 Gateway NV55S05u

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We end this list for today with a gaming laptop that ain’t the fastest, ain’t the prettiest, and ain’t really the best at anything, but it’s good at everything and it costs only $600. The Gateway NV55S05u (whoa, that’s a lot of 5s in that name) is no beauty queen. The body is kind of a white plastic-looking… something. And performance-wise? Well, what do you expect? How about a 1.5 Ghz processor, 6 gigs of RAM and 640 gigabytes of hard drive space standard. Wait a second, that’s not that bad, actually! And with a fifteen and a half inch screen and weighing in at only about 6 pounds, Gateway’s modest gaming laptop is quite portable. While unlikely to satisfy the seriously dedicated gamer, this computer may well be perfect for the newer devotees or for the gamer on a budget. It’s not the $3,000 Falcon Northwest, but is the Falcon five times better for its five times larger price tag? That is up to the gamer.

4 MSI GT70

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The MSI GT70 gaming laptop weighs about 8 pounds yet sports a 17 inch screen, not a bad weight to size ration, in the scheme of things. And it runs 12GB of RAM standard, with a 2.3 gigahertz Intel Core processor and plenty of memory (750 gigs standard). It will get the job done just fine, but it will cost you upwards of $1,699.

3 Falcon Northwest DRX

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The Falcon Northwest DRX may as well be called the “Cash Grabber,” as it costs over three grand. So feel free to move along. But if you want to know, it also has a 3.46 Ghz processor inside its expensive guts, and that is blazing fast. The fastest we reviewed, in fact. So if money is not an object, you may want to consider this baby. Hi-Def audio, 5 USB ports… very nice. Over 12 pounds… not as nice. But you got this thing so you could settle in and play some serious games, not so you could sashay around town with a tiny little UltraBook, right?

2 Asus G75VW

Image Credit: Asus.com

Shave a few hundred bucks off of the M17x there and you can get yourself the very able and versatile Asus G75VW. What an exciting name… oh well. You will however be excited by the 16 GB of RAM that come standard in this puppy! Match that with the 2.7 gigahertz Intel Core processor and you can see that this is a fast moving gaming laptop, to put it mildly. The speakers are rough, the screen resolution is good, and at 8.65 pounds it’s neither remarkably heavy nor anywhere near lightweight, but it’s a solid number 2 for your money.

1 Alienware M17x

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Number one is no surprise. Alienware wins. Their M17x is about the best stock gaming laptop you can buy. And while buying it is going to set you back a hefty chunk, to the tune of nearly $1,700, we assume that if you’re here, you’re serious about this kind of thing and willing to spend on a machine of this quality. It comes boasting a 3.4GHz processor with Turbo Boost 2.0, 6GB DDR3 SDRAM and a 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA video card. And these are only the minimal specs! It weighs in at a hefty chunk itself, at almost ten pounds. But despite being way heavy for a laptop, that is still easily portable, meaning your games are ready to travel. And also the thing just looks awesome – it glows up like the 4th of July, with colored lights all over the body.

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