Got Apps? These Are The Best Free Apps Available on Google Play Apps

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This is going to be one of the most often commented on lists we’ve put together, we’re sure. Everyone has their favorite Google Play apps, and calling any list definitive is bound to open up controversy and criticism. So let’s kind of maybe agree that the five free apps we’re going to discuss today are all great, and all certainly deserve to be on a list, but that maybe if you disagree with a choice or think we’ve made a glaring omission you won’t hold a grudge for too long.
The unifying factors between today’s list is that all these apps are free, and they are all easy to use and highly reliable. They’re also all insanely popular and becoming borderline omnipresent. Isn’t it crazy to think that as little as three or four years ago, when someone said “apps” most people thought of mozzarella sticks or shrimp cocktail? Well today “apps” means something like these five fine offerings:

5 Angry Birds

But for those who just want to kill some time, and maybe end up killing way too much of it… may I present Angry Birds. There are few things you can get for free that will provide you with more fun, more frustration, more sense of victory and more crushing defeat than this game. Or rather, this whole family of games. They have broadened the platform out into many different downloadable apps, not to mention hats, shirts, candy, etc. Still addictive, if a bit in-your-face culture-wise, these days.

4 Google Translate

Google Translate is on the list because it is a great example of what this modern era of technology really can do for you. At the tap of a button (and it’s not even a real button! It’s a screen icon) you can say a few words in any of 65 (and that’s just currently, no doubt more will soon be added) languages and in seconds you will have a reliable translation on the screen and / or read aloud to you, straight from your mobile device. It is truly an example of marvel of technology, from processing power to software to integration, and should not be overlooked by any who travel the world or just want to know about everyone from their own block.

3 Tiny Flashlight

OK, this one took a bit of debating to work its way into the number three spot, but it makes your phone into a true multi-tool, a kind of Swiss Army Phone. It is incredibly useful to be able to be on a call, fiddling around for your keys or your dropped wallet or whatever the case may be and say “Hold on one second, I’m just going to turn my phone into a flashlight for a moment” and then, presto, you shed some light on the situation.

2 Intsagram

The app you know you want and know you’ll use all the time, even if you are pretending you don’t want to spend all your time taking and sharing fun, wacky photos. It’s OK: we know you do and there’s nothing wrong with it.

1 YouTube

Low hanging fruit? Maybe. But at least we bypassed the even more painfully obvious choices of a Gmail App or a Google Search App. I mean, you pretty much have to have those. A direct link to YouTube right at your fingers? Maybe you don’t need it, but once you have it you’ll never want to part ways again. This app speeds up the load time and makes searching out videos faster, as well as offers you quick full screen viewing. You still can’t quite see all the content on the whole site on a mobile device, but that seems to be more a licensing/contractual thing than a limitation of the app.

So look, we know you have your favorite apps and we’re sorry of we missed them! I mean, we like good old Google Maps but it seemed too… it’s just too stuffy to list here. The good news, though, is that we have a lot more coming your way and we’re going to focus on various subcategories of apps in much greater detail, so if you were hoping for something dealing with, say, sports, for example, don’t you worry. There are apps for that and we will be covering them.

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