These Top 5 Products Will Change Your Brow Game

If you hear someone saying that eyebrows frame the face, they aren’t lying. I mean, could you imagine what Cara Delevigne or The Rock would look like without their signature brows? Brows are essential in not only displaying emotional expressions, but also highlighting your best features. No matter how thick or thin your brows may be, they deserve some attention, and if you’re stuck on how to do so, we’re here to help!

Whether they be waxed, tweezed or threaded, determining a shape is the first step to any brow look. If you’re a newbie, we highly suggest seeing a brow expert or specialist when it comes to shaping rather than doing this by yourself the first time, so that you can speak directly with a professional on what shape you have in mind and what is ideal for your facial structure. Once you have that taken care of, it’s time to move on to eyebrow products that will help you fill and define your brows for that five-minute morning routine or full-on glam look.

The best part about makeup is the abundance of options available, since we all have different preferences and what works for one person may not work for another. This also applies to brows with options like powder and pencil to pomade and gel — try them individually or a few together for your ideal style. Whether you’re new or a seasoned professional, we’ve put together the top 5 products that will change your brow game.


5.) Benefit Cosmetics, Foolproof Brow Powder

Eyebrow Products - Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder

When Benefit Cosmetics first launched their Foolproof Brow Powder, some people thought it was just a gimmick, but it’s actually a lifesaver. The product features two powders, a lighter and darker shade, in the shape of a brow specifically meant for those looking for something quick and easy.

The two different colors were chosen to mimic a gradual look of natural brows, as they’re applied in the same way as they appear in the pan, but can be mixed together to create your perfect shade. With a smudge proof, long-lasting formula that adheres to the hair and skin, this is one of the easiest beauty products you will ever get your hands on.