Best Dog Food Delivery Companies You Should Try Today

We have put together a list of some of the best dog food delivery companies and what they have to offer. There's a delicious meal to suit every dog.

Man’s best friend deserves the best quality food that is catered for their individual needs and requirements, that has the best delivery service. Dog food production is big business and dog food delivery services are on the up and up. When life gets busy a meal delivery service can save the day for us humans, so why not order meals your furry companions too?

Our Top 5 Picks:

  1. Farmer’s Dog – Best for Human Grade Food
  2. NomNomNow – Best for Both Cats and Dogs
  3. Ollie – Best in Customer Satisfation
  4. Spot & Tango – Top Rated by Veterinarians
  5. Pet Plate – Best for Portions Management

What is a dog food delivery service?

A dog food delivery service makes dog food from scratch catered to meet your dog’s nutritional needs, or has your favorite dog food brands and delivers them directly to your door. Just imagine it, you will no longer need to drag heavy bags of dog food from the store. You just order the dogs meals online and get them sent to your home! A hassle-free and convenient way to feed your pup.

Why use a dog food delivery service?

Dog food delivery is the modern way to feed your pooch. Healthy recipes are available that contain fresh, natural ingredients that not only will your dog love but are also good for their health. Feeding your dog healthy, nutritional meals has many benefits, such as boosting their immune system, improving digestion, boosting energy, relieving allergies, strengthening muscles as well as improving a dog’s coat and skin.

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What are the best dog food delivery service options?

We have put together a list of some of the best dog food delivery companies and what they have to offer. From Healthy Turkey Feasts to Porkalicious Potluck there’s a delicious meal to suit every dog.


dog begging for his NomNomNow dog food delivery

NomNom Now

About NomNomNow:

NomNomNow‘s perfect portioning of the meals helps with your dog’s personalized weight goals. In addition to this, all recipes have been formulated by a veterinarian and are AAFCO compliant. Recipes include; Heartland Beef Mash, Tasty Turkey Fare, Chicken Chow-Wow and, Porkalicious Potluck.

How it works:

Fill the profile confirming your dog’s age, weight, activity level and if they have any health issues. A free nutrition consultation will be provided to ensure that your dog’s needs are met. Once a recipe has been chosen the order is prepared fresh every week with restaurant-quality ingredients. Perfectly portioned meals are prepared based on your dog’s requirements. They are then delivered directly to your door sealed in their own individual bag.

NomNomNow offers a great selection of customization options for mixing recipes in your subscription. The options to alter portion sizes and delivery frequency is also available.


  • $36+ per week for 56 meals—price depends on recipe choice
  • $9.99 for two oz. bag of beef jerky or chicken


  • Customized plan based on your dog’s needs
  • Variety of meals including grain-free and gluten-free
  • Vet-formulated recipes

Side Note: Only a monthly subscription option is available. You are not able to order a weekly or bi-weekly subscription, or choose which day you receive the delivery.

Try NomNomNow


dog eating out of bowl from the best dog food delivery company Ollie


About Ollie:

Ollie promises to put the dog first, keep it real, make feeding easy and never stop digging (always trying to improve). Furthermore, as they want to make sure that your dog’s needs come first they work with a specialized veterinarian to help formulate their AAFCO compliant recipes. Recipes include; Healthy Turkey Feast, Hearty Beef Eats, Chicken Goodness, and Tasty Lamb fare. Each meal includes naturally sourced ingredients such as sweet potato and cod liver oil in place of supplements.

How it works:

There are a few steps to Ollie’s dog food delivery process. First of all, you need to introduce your dog and confirm basic details such as your dog’s age, weight, breed, and if they have any allergies. Once you have provided all this information Ollie will create a food plan based on your dog’s profile, providing the right amount of food that meets the nutritional need of your dog. The food is ready to serve and delivered on a regular schedule directly to your door ready stick it in the fridge. Then all you need to do is serve the correct protein to your dog!

Ollie subscriptions can be paused, skipped or canceled at any time and if the dog doesn’t like the food, your first box will be refunded.


  • All Ollie Plan $36 per week – 28 meals delivered every 2 weeks
  • Mostly Ollie Plan $26 per week – 42 meals delivered every 4 weeks
  • Some Ollie Plan $26.36 per week – 14 meals delivered every 2 weeks


  • Customized plan based on your dog’s nutritional needs
  • Vet-formulated recipes
  • All natural and fresh ingredients
  • Freshly made, not frozen
  • Four recipes to choose from
  • Three pet food subscription plans
  • Delivered ready-to-serve food
  • Free shipping
  • New dogs get 50% off their first meals!

Side Note: Although Ollie does take your dog’s allergies into account when creating their customized food plan, they don’t consider any health issues that your dog may have.

Try My Ollie

The Farmers Dog

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The Farmer’s Dog

About The Farmer’s Dog:

The Farmer’s Dog has worked closely with veterinarians to develop a proprietary algorithm to help determine a customized meal plan for your dog and their needs. Furthermore, each meal is AAFCO compliant and is made with human-grade ingredients and cooked in a human-grade kitchen. The meals include beef, turkey, and pork and are frozen, ready for transport direct to your door.

How it works:

A profile must be created for your dog in order for a customized meal plan to be formulated based on your answers to some questions and your dog’s individual needs. Freshly prepared food will then be delivered to your door on a regular basis. All meals are ready to serve, pre-made and pre-portioned in a convenient serving pack that will make feeding time so much easier.

A nutritional expert will monitor your dog’s progress and if any adjustments are required to be made to your dog’s meal plan this will happen accordingly. The Farmer’s Dog subscription frequency can be changed or paused, at any time.


  • $33 per week for all meals


  • Customized plan based on your dog’s needs
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Three recipes to choose from
  • Vet-formulated recipes
  • Made fresh, flash-frozen and then delivered
  • Free shipping

Side Note: You are not able to customize the number of meals you get in the subscription, only the portion size.

Try The Farmers Dog

Spot & Tango

About Spot & Tango:

Spot & Tango’s small batch meals are fresh, natural and nutritionally adequate. In addition, each individually sealed bag is AAFCO compliant. Recipes include; Lamb and Brown Rice, Beef and Millet, and Turkey and Red Quinoa. Human-grade food is used in the recipes which may help dogs lose weight, reduce allergies, improve digestion and improve the dog’s coat and skin.

How it works:

Choose your recipe from the premium meal options. Moreover, receive your vacuum sealed, eight-ounce pouches in an insulated Eco-friendly box made from 100% recycled paper. Let your dog enjoy their delicious home-delivered meals.

Spot & Tango subscriptions ship every 2, 4, 6, or 8-weeks depending on your dog’s personalized plan, so you can order as much and as often as needed.


  • $2 -$3 a day for smaller breeds


  • Vet-formulated recipes
  • Three recipes to choose from
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Made fresh and delivered
  • Small batches
  • Free shipping

Side Note: Unlike Ollie, The Farmer’s Dog and NomNom Now, meal plans are not customized based on your dog’s needs and not only on weight.

Try Spot & Tango

Best for Portions

PetPlate provides healthy meals for your dog delivered straight to your door. They come pre-portioned and pre-packaged so you don’t have to make a huge mess around meal time. Each meal is made with high-quality meat and produce so your dog just gets the good stuff and none of the unhealthy fillers or preservatives found in other dog food.

Do you have a picky eater? That’s OK! PetPlate lets you try up to 4 of their vet-approved recipes so there is something your furry friend is bound to like.

PetPlate offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you (or your dog) is unhappy with your order, simply contact PetPlate for a refund. Try it today!

About Pet Plate

PetPlate creates meal plans that are customized for your dog. When you sign up, simply tell PetPlate about your dog and what type of food they typically like. What’s great about PetPlate is that they let you choose up to 4 different recipes for your dog to try – so even the pickiest pup will find something they like.

Choose among chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. You can read more about the recipes and see what type of dogs prefer what (for example, their harvest chicken is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomach and who are try to lose weight).

All of PetPlate’s meals meet the nutritional levels recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, contact PetPlate for you 100% money-back guarantee.

Each meal is pre-portioned in resealable plastic cups. There is little to no mess at meal time because you just open the cup and serve! Pet parents have reported healthier, shinier coats and more energy with their dogs once they made the switch to a fresh, PetPlate diet.

Learn More @ PetPlan

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the best dog food delivery companies you should try today