Have a Sweet Tooth To Satisfy? Check Out The Top 5 California Cookie Shops You Must Try

Have a sweet tooth you absolutely must satisfy? Check out the offerings from these five California cookie shops (some even do mail order!).

Have you ever walked into a room filled with such an appetizing aroma that you could feel your mouth starting to salivate? That is exactly what happens to me when I find myself near an oven where freshly made cookie dough is beginning to bake. Or when I find myself near one of these California cookie shops.

Cookies. They are a symbol of childhood and a staple dessert. Although they are such a simple treat, it is rare to ever find two cookies that are just alike. Whether it be flavor, texture, color, shape or size, each cookie is unique in its own right. The United States is filled with an abundant number of bakeries that have reimagined the classic cookie, and California is not an exception. Here are the top five California cookie shops you absolutely must try.

5.) Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery

This sweet little cafe has numerous locations all throughout California. Plus, they even sell their cookie mix online so you can make these delicious bites of heaven in the comfort of your own home, wherever that might be.

Must try flavor:
Chocolate Chip — Ooey, gooey and oh so chewy! This delicious traditional flavor is an absolute delight.


4.) Dough & Arrow

A shop for both cookie lovers and coffee lovers to come together and enjoy fun flavors that will satisfy your cravings!

Must try flavors:
Ube Toasted Coconut — “Popular sweet potato used in Philippino desserts, made famous by our Baker Gigi.”
The Kitchen Sink — “Our signature and house favorite! Loaded with oats, chocolate chips, espresso, toffee and cornflake brittle.”


3.) Anthony’s Cookies

This San Francisco-based bakery has a wholesome collection of traditional cookies that are made using local, organic ingredients whenever possible. Make sure to come early before they run out! Oh, and they also have refreshing milk to go with your favorite cookies.

Must try flavors:
Toffee Chip — “Living on the sweeter side of life this cookie is made up of buttery pieces of toffee to create the perfect amount of sweetness you need.”
Cookies & Cream — “Something that no one has ever done before, a twist to your favorite cookie! Oreos are blended into our cookie batter creating a game changer that you’re sure to fall in love with.”


2.) Becker’s Bakery & Deli

This modest bakery located in Manhattan Beach serves up the best sugar cookies I have ever tasted in my entire life. Known for their colorful sugar surfboards, they also have traditional flavors such as oatmeal and chocolate chip. Some of their more unique cookies feature printed memes and emojis as well as icing cookie monsters.

Must try flavor:
Sugar Cookie Surfboards — These large, colorful surfboard sugar cookies are light and exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.


1.) Cookie Good

This Los Angeles-based cookie shop is guaranteed to make you feel good — cookie good! The creative geniuses here are always imagining new and uniquely flavored cookies such as their one-of-a-kind, cheesy Cheetos cookie! There is something here for every palette.

Must try flavors:
S’More — “A graham cracker dough loaded with milk chocolate chips and chunks and topped with toasted marshmallows. The fireside treat without the fire.”
Chocolate Chip — “Everybody makes a chocolate chip cookie. Well, we’ve gone the extra mile with ours, creating a deeply caramel dough and adding in big chunks of rich, dark chocolate. These are not your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies (although we’re sure your grandma makes a perfectly fine chocolate chip cookie).”

What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Let us know in the comments!