Best Baby Shower Gifts: Mommy Bloggers’ Top Picks

These are the best baby shower gifts that new moms can't live without. From pocket baby timers to door silencers, these mommy blogger recs have you set.

Attending a baby shower can be fun. There will be cakes, games, laughter with your friends and so much cuteness. However, it can be hard to find that perfect baby shower gift, something that is memorable and that shows that you care. That’s why we have created a gift guide that includes products that are “off the registry” and are a little bit different than moms and babies will love.

Gifts to Make Mama’s Life Easier

busy mom ironing holding baby | get her some of the best baby shower gifts to make life easier

Estrada / Shutterstock

Life can be hectic. Everyday tasks can build up and get on top of you. So when you throw a new baby into the works alongside the cleaning, ironing and meal preparation, you can feel overwhelmed and drowning in it all. That’s why these unique baby shower gifts will help with those everyday tasks, giving you extra time to enjoy with your new baby.

Meal Delivery Service

hello fresh meal delivery service is a recommended as one of the best baby shower gifts

Hello Fresh

Knowing that you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, prepping and cooking meals with a newborn baby is a wonderful feeling. Getting a month’s worth of meals from a meal delivery service may be unusual as a baby shower gift, but it will be a lifesaver for a new mom.

Holly from Bennett’s Triplets is a mom of three and certainly has her hands full. Holly recommends a meal delivery service for new moms.

“After the triplets came home we found ourselves eating fast food almost every night. I would just grab something for us on my way home from work. My aunt saw a need and filled the void for us by having meals delivered. It was amazing to open the refrigerator and have some delicious meals stocked and ready to go. I don’t know how we would have survived the first year without some meal prep and delivery assistance. I think Dinnerly would be an amazing gift idea for new moms.”
Meal Delivery at Dinnerly
the best baby shower gifts are those that make life easier, like a slow cooker cookbook

Shannon Epstein / Amazon

New moms need to make sure they eat and keep up their energy levels to help them look after the new baby. This slower cooker cookbook has over 100 hearty and healthy recipes that are quick to prepare and that can cook slow while mom looks after baby.

$10.00 at Amazon

Home Cleaning Service

home cleaning services make the best baby shower gifts

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Seriously, though, does anyone really enjoy cleaning, and never mind with a new baby around to look after? Gift your friend a home cleaning service for their baby shower and they will be thanking you for years to come. They could go for a walk in the park with their stroller while the cleaning is in-process and come back to a clean home. Score! will provide an experienced, fully-equipped housekeeping professional will be there on time.

Book a House Cleaning @ Handy

Gifts for Feeding Time

The best baby shower gifts to help with sleeping - baby feeding from bottle

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Feeding time is an important bonding moment for both baby and parent. It’s a time to hold your baby, take in every moment and build a connection that will last a lifetime. However, newborn babies have no sense of day or night and wake up every few hours to feed. These must-have best baby shower gifts are feeding essentials that every mom needs.

1.) Pocket Baby Timer

pocket baby timer is one of the best baby shower gifts

Fulfilled / Amazon

This baby timer is the perfect pocket friend to help out sleep-deprived parents. Set the timer to remind you of feeding times so that you won’t forget no matter how exhausted you are.

$219 at Amazon

Nookums Paci-Plushie

best baby shower gifts for new moms, a nookumpaci-plushie dog

Nookums / Amazon

This Nookums Paci-Plushie is not only cute as a button but it’s a great way to stop pacifiers getting lost. This Paci-Plushie friend fine-tunes a baby’s motor skills and helps them independently maneuver the pacifier. Sucking is good for babies as it supports normal development and self-soothing and prepares them for feeding.

$219 at Amazon

Boppy Nursing Pillow

best baby shower gift boppy nursing pillow

Boppy / Amazon

The Boppy Nursing Pillow can be used during feeding time with the baby. The stretch panel allows the pillow to fit all waists and will help strengthen baby’s muscles and coordination.

Arielle Worona is a mommy blogger over at Relish by Arielle and mom to a beautiful little girl. Arielle tells us why her Boppy Pillow was a lifesaver during feeding time. 

“In terms of feeding time with my first baby, my personal lifesaver was the Boppy pillow!  The Boppy pillow is the perfect size for newborns to rest on since you’re feeding them seemingly all the time in the beginning and it can get exhausting! I love that this pillow grew with our baby as well because it soon helped her to sit up and she was also able to nap in it.  It also comes with some really cute covers so that you can switch it up as much as you want.”
As Low as $29.99 at Amazon

Medela Medical-Grade Pump

The Meledela Medical-Grade Pump reduces pumping time, allowing moms to spend more time with the baby.

Arielle of Relish by Arielle tells us why she recommends the Medela Medical-Grade Pump.

“Nursing did not come easily to me for the first three months, so my very favorite piece of equipment that was my own personal lifesaver was the Medela Medical-Grade Pump. My lactation consultant suggested I rent it after the pump my health insurance company covered didn’t work for me. The pump really helped me to get my supply up and it helped me to be able to continue nursing for over a year after I almost quit altogether.”

As Low as $325 at Amazon

Gifts for On the Go

mom with baby in stroller - best baby shower gifts for moms out and about

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It can be hard getting out and about with a new baby on board. You will have all these additional items that baby needs day to day that need to be carried around with you. Not to mention that you’ll also have to plan around feeding and nap times. These next items are designed to ease some of that stress that can be caused when getting out and about with a baby.

Maxi-Cosi Stroller

The ultra-lightweight and compact Maxi-Cosi Lara stroller is ready to travel everywhere with ease. This stroller means the mom does not have to stop enjoying all of her favorite adventures, such as dining out, shopping, or traveling on vacation.  You gift will allow the mom to enjoy a day out , weighing only 14 pounds, the stroller maneuvers easily with one hand and folds up compactly.

$199.00 at Amazon

Inexpensive Stylish Diaper Changing Bag

one of the best baby shower gifts for moms is a stylish diaper bag

Wmtlife / Amazon

Admittedly this may already be on a new mom’s registry, but it’s very much needed. Diaper bags don’t have to be drab; they can also be stylish. This diaper bag is multifunctional and can be hung on the stroller or used as a backpack or handbag. It’s an eco-friendly bag that is durable and long-lasting with storage aplenty (it has two main compartments and 15 spacious pockets). It’s a fantastic buy for on-the-go moms.

$36.99 at Amazon

High End Luxury Diaper Bag

Being a mama doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style!

Classy, sophisticated, sleek and luxurious, the new Monaco diaper bag by Luli Bebe is one-of-a-kind in the world of chic and modern baby gear. Monaco’s easy-carry and durable design make it the perfect fashionable companion for both casual and formal use.

ESSENTIALS100% stain resistant exterior and smooth wipeable interiorEasy carry with backpack and over-the-shoulder wear optionsMade with the finest luxury materials, hardware, and premium YKK zippers Magnetic flap front pouch with zippered pocket for extra secure packingNine pockets, inclusive of large, spacious central space for bulk items, plus additional compartments for extra storage.Stroller Organizer

$159.00 at Amazon

Stroller Organizer


a stroller organizer is one of the best baby shower gifts to give a mom

Ethan & Emma / Amazon

Going for a walk with your newborn baby in their stroller is an absolute pleasure for most new moms. However, most strollers don’t come with a place for all your stuff. That’s where this stroller organizer comes in. It’s the ideal place to store belongings when moms are out and about with baby.

$31.75 at Amazon

Teething Necklace Gift Set

a list of best baby shower gifts including a teething necklace gift set

Powell’s Owl’s / Amazon

Think ahead with this organic teething necklace, which will be a lifesaver when the baby is teething. It’s a thoughtful gift that not only looks good but helps reduce drooling and gum swelling. Mom will be thankful and so will baby!

$19.99 at Amazon

Gifts for Bedtime

a baby sleeping after receiving the best baby shower gifts

Andrii / Shutterstock

A good night’s sleep is important for babies so that they establish a routine for their daytime and nighttime napping. Sleep helps babies develop and grow, gives them energy for active play and helps maintain good health. As a parent, you will have to get up many times during the night to tend to your baby’s needs. This selection of best baby shower gifts has been designed to help your little bundle of joy sleep tight.

Door Silencer

one of the best baby shower gifts you didn't know you needed is a door silencer

Cushy Closer / Amazon

This is a baby shower gift that new moms didn’t know they needed and then couldn’t live without. Close and open the door quietly without waking the sleeping baby. A door silencer muffles the sound of the door so that you can check on the child during slumber without any risk.

As low as $12.98 at Amazon

Bath Time Gift Set

best baby shower gifts that moms will love: a cute bath time gift set

Gentle Care / Amazon

Here’s a beautifully packaged bath time gift set that is perfect for a baby shower gift. Keep your little one all warm and cozy with the oversized super soft terry towel, keeping them calm, snug and ready for bed.

$22.97 at Amazon

QuikZip Crib Sheets

best baby shower gifts that are off registry, including quickzip crib sheets

QuickZip / Amazon

Zip crib sheets are actually a thing! They are the fastest, safest and easiest way to remove and change your baby’s crib sheets without even breaking into a sweat. The QuickZip Crib Sheet holds the sheet in place with a concealed zipper so no one will ever know. Moms will thank you for buying this gift for their baby shower.

See Buying Options at Amazon

Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator

This pediatrician-approved nasal aspirator will effectively clear baby’s noses. This convenient, hassle-free device will help ease a baby’s discomfort during a cold and allow them to drift off to sleep.

EASY TO CLEAN: The head is the only part of the device that needs cleaning after a nose cleaning session. It can be taken apart and simply washed under running water.  This product is a mama lifesaver.

$149.00 at Amazon

Oilogic Soothing Baby Essential Oil

a box of oilogic essential oils recommended by a mommy blogger as some baby shower gifts

Oilogic / Amazon

Here’s a baby shower gift that not only smells good but will help baby relax. The soothing vapors will be inhaled by the baby once applied to the back of the neck, cheeks, and bottoms of their feet and will help them slowly drift off to sleep.

Mommying with Shans recommends Oilogic essential oils to help your baby sleep.

“Oilogic essential oil cares for babies and toddlers and works wonders. I found that one of my favorite lines of theirs is their Slumber and Sleep products. These products consist of an essential oil roll on, a slumber and sleep vapor bath and their calming cream. I’ve found that a mixture of all of those have become part of our nightly routine. Babies can get fussy, easily congested and restless, especially when the changes in the weather kick in. I wish these were around when I had my first son, or that someone would’ve introduced me to them sooner. These items are perfect for a personalized gift basket, trust me … Those mamas will appreciate you for this gift! “
$116 for Pack of 12 @ Amazon

Gifts For the Mom

Mom resting on the couch after receiving best baby shower gifts

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Baby showers are typically all about the baby, and of course, we all want to help the mom-to-be get prepared for her new baby’s arrival. But have you thought about buying a thoughtful gift just for the mom? With her whole life about to change and what seems like endless sleepless nights ahead, show her how proud of her you are by showering her with gifts. Check out these best baby shower gifts for mom that should be on every mom’s registry.

Bump Boxes

bump boxes have been recommended as one of best baby shower gifts

Bump Boxes / Amazon

A Bump Box is available for each trimester during pregnancy. Each box has been designed for each stage of pregnancy and contains products to help mom survive and even pamper herself while growing her own mini human.

  • 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box- Perfect pregnancy gifts for Mom to be
  • BumpLife “Feelin’ Fly as a Mother” Water Bottle: BPA free, this water bottle is designed with a flip straw top to avoid spills and make drinking easier!
  • Pearhead Mommy Belly Stickers : These adorable belly stickers are decorated with fruits and veggies to showcase how big baby is getting!
  • No Mo Nausea Band : This band uses acupressure and aromatherapy in a power packed punch to knock out nausea and morning sickness.
  • Glow 9 Organics Energize Bath Bomb : A refreshing mixture of lemon, white grapefruit, and orange organic essential oils will wake you up better than any cup of coffee
$49.99 at Amazon

Dry Shampoo

the most unique best baby shower gifts: dry shampoo and more

Batiste /Amazon

You may be thinking, “I’m not buying dry shampoo for a baby shower gift,” but you’ll be thanked later. Finding time to shower or in fact finding time to do any self-care is almost impossible with a newborn. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes to revitalize hair, give it lift and make it smell great. It’s a quick and simple solution when mom’s life is super busy.

$15.00 at Amazon

Cotton Maternity and Nursing Pajamas

The best baby shower gifts that are just for mom - pregnancy pjs to help mom relax


These cotton maternity and nursing pajamas are ideal for the hospital and for the return home. Moms will be comfortable and stylish while feeding the baby and thankful for the gift that’s just for them.

Shannon of Mommying with Shans tells us why she recommends a set of luxury pajamas for new moms.

“One of my favorite gifts ever received was my luxury silk two-piece pajama set. With a newborn, it can get hard to focus on yourself or make yourself look presentable. Not only are these pajamas extremely comfortable, but they’re also fashionable as well! They’re perfect for newborn hospital pictures or for when visitors come by. Remember to make those mamas feel special and beautiful!”

Buy at Amazon

Ultimate Movie Date Night Gift Box

the best baby shower gifts for parents, a movie night gift box

Pocono Mountain Treasures / Amazon

This original gift is a movie date night in a box! Sometimes it can be easy for new parents to forget about each other and find themselves spending any extra cash on the baby. Encourage mom to take some time out from baby duties and enjoy some well-deserved timeout with a loved one.

$54.99 at Amazon

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the best off-the-registry baby shower gifts new moms need, according to mommy bloggers