These Are the 5 Essential Iphone Apps for Traveling

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Some of us are city hoppers, state hoppers, and others of us prefer to jump the big ponds to more further and exotic locations. But no matter where you go or what you do, your Apple mobile device will become a vital tool in getting you around and making your trip run smoothly.

5 BoingoWiFi finder (Free)

Maybe you are just looking for aWiFihotspot to update your apps on the road. Maybe WiFi is vital for you to update your travel journal and photos or write/Skype back home. Whatever the case may be, BoingoWiFi finder will help you locate those WiFi hotspots, showing green (certified trusted/high quality connections), yellow (trusted hotspots), or red hotspots (unverified and untrustworthy spots) for you to connect to.Boingo will even monitor your cell phone data usage, connect you using VPN security, and give you a list of known community hotspots to take even more pain out of searching for a trustworthy spot. A good and simple UI makes Boingo even more spectacular. We found that even for short trips to around town, Boingo was an important app to have in our arsenal.

4 Flightaware (Free)

A very simple and yet nice looking app that does what it needs to do and nothing else: track flights. It can track public flights worldwide and even private planes in the U.S. and Canada. Along with this, by using, airport code, flight number, airline or route, and even a few other less used search options, Flightaware will show the flights via radar over a map. It also brings up full details on the flight you are tracking, and will send pushnotifications in regards to gate changes and delayed flights.

3 Offmaps 2 ($0.99)

As we mentioned before, many of us don’t have the option of turning our phones into aninternational calling device and must rely on our apps to get us through our travels in foreign countries. This is what makes Offmaps 2 a prime choice for people like us. Offmaps2 saves and stores maps to your phone so you don’t have to connect to a wireless service network to access them. The downside? It only comes with two maps, and you have to pay $0.99 cents for each new map (or $0.35 cents for three maps) – but that really isn’t so bad when you have a full map at your disposal and you don’t have toburn through international data costs. It is better to just pay the $5.99 flat fee to get access to all maps ifyou are doing some serious globe-hopping.

2 Skype (Free)

When you are travelling out of your wireless service area, or going to other countries where you don’t have international calling, Skype becomes a staple app for your mobile apple device. Without a doubt, Skype will save you the most money and as long as you are somewhere with a WiFiconnection, you can use Skype. If you don’t already know what Skype is, it’s a voice/video calling program which connects you with other Skype users for free. The best part about Skype is that millions of people already use the app, so there is a good chance whoever you want to talk to already has it.

1 Tripit (Free)

Tripit is the ultimate travel arrangement and trip organization app. Booking trips usually requires plane tickets, car rentals, hotel arrangements, etc., and with these come a slew of emailed itinerates and confirmations. Whether you are going to Disneyland or catching an opera in Hong Kong, all of your emailed ‘paperwork’ can be organized through the Tripit app. Once on the app, it all becomes easy to organize by setting it up on a list by time and date. Even better, you can monitor your flight stats, get alerts for cheap airfare, and email your itinerates to others.

No matter where you go, whether you have an international data plan or not, these apps will help you arrange, organize and keep your trip running smoothly. We’re glad we could help!

Five of the Most Important Apps on My iPhone Five of the Most Important Apps on My iPhone