These Are the 5 Essential iPhone Apps for Traveling

Traveling can be stressful, but it is easier if you have apps on your iPhone. See the top iPhone apps for traveling that will change your life forever.

Some of us are city hoppers or state hoppers, and others of us prefer to jump the big ponds to better and further exotic locations. But no matter where you go or what you do, your phone will be a vital tool for you getting around and making the trip run smoothly if you are traveling solo or in a group.

iPhone apps for traveling can make any trip easier from translating to another language or organizing your entire trip. Since you have access to the entire world at the tip of your fingers, traveling is less stressful and filled with exciting activities.

Here are the top essential iPhone apps for traveling.

5.) Google Translate

google translate app


Learning a new language before you start traveling can be overwhelming. You may only have a limited time to learn the language, or you might be traveling to different countries and don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of each language.

That’s where Google Translate comes in handy. This language application has the ability to translate more than 100 languages and several languages when you are offline. Don’t forget to download the desired language you want to translate.

How Does It Work?

There are many handy features to this app that have been in development for a long time.

First, if you are trying to read a word or phrase in another language, it might feel overwhelming since you do not know what it says. There is a feature that is an instant camera translation. Hover the camera over the text, and it will automatically translate. Right now, the instant camera translation is available in 38 languages.

Two-way instant speech translations are another useful tool while you’re traveling. They’re available in 32 languages. Google is adding more languages over time.

You can also draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages. Once your text is translated, the app will make it easy to copy and share the translation to social media, text, or WhatsApp so you can communicate with individuals at your destination before you arrive.

There is also a feature when you can save your favorite translations in a phrasebook for future use.

Finally, there is a playback mode where the app can speak the translation to you. This is especially helpful when you do not know how to say the translated text properly.

Price: Free

Download Google Translate

4.) Boingo Wi-Finder

boingo wi-finder


Some people travel for pleasure, while others travel for business. Either way, you want to stay connected to the world when you travel.

You want to post pictures, write a quick email, or casually browse the internet. But sometimes you do not want to waste your cell phone data or you want to have your laptop out while you are connected to the internet. That’s where Boingo Wi-Finder comes in handy.

It has more than 1 million hotspots locations worldwide. These locations include airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Maybe you are looking for a WiFi hotspot to update your apps on the road. Maybe WiFi is vital for you to update your travel journal and photos or write or video call home. Whatever the case may be, Boingo Wi-Finder will help you locate hotspots.

How Does It Work?

You will be able to find hotspots near you and around the world by downloading maps to use offline while you are traveling. You can check the WiFi speed at Boingo hotspots. Upgrade your speed with a subscription plan through the WiFi app.

You can make sure you are getting the best connection at all times. It will show green (certified trusted/high-quality connections), yellow (trusted hotspots), or red hotspots (unverified and untrustworthy spots) for you to connect to. Boingo will even monitor your cell phone data usage, connect you using VPN security, and give you a list of known community hotspots to take even more pain out of searching for a trustworthy spot.

A good and simple UI makes Boingo even more spectacular. We found that even for short trips to around town, Boingo was an important app to have in our arsenal.

Price: The app is free, but the subscription plan is $9.99

Download Boingo Wi-Finder

3.) FlightAware



When you are traveling, tracking your flight is probably the most important thing. Delays and cancellations are not fun, especially when you have a destination you need to be at on time. That’s where the app FlightAware comes into play on your iPhone.

This is a simple and yet nice looking app that does what it needs to do and nothing else: track flights. It can track public flights worldwide and even private planes in the U.S. and Canada.

Whether you are just starting your traveling journey or you are a frequent traveler, this app will change the way you look at flying.

How Does It Work?

By using airport code, flight number, airline or route, and even a few other less-used search options, FlightAware will show the flights via radar over a map. It also brings up full details on the flight you are tracking and will send push notifications in regards to gate changes and delayed flights.

The data that is given through FlightAware is usually a 30-second delay from real-time. The maps are animated to put the aircraft position towards the last known position. It is an aircraft position on the map may lag 1-2 minutes of real time.

Price: Free

Download FlightAware

2.) WhatsApp


Ink Drop/Shutterstock

When you are traveling out of your wireless service area or going to other countries where you don’t have an international calling, WhatsApp becomes a staple app for your iPhone apps. Connecting with family and friends is as quick as sending a text or talking on the phone.

How Does It Work?

Without a doubt, WhatsApp will save you the most money. As long as you are somewhere with a WiFi connection or your data, you can use WhatsApp.

It is a great messaging service app for travelers to utilize. It’s been praised by many for using for little data and it is the best option to travel out of the county. It works like most messaging apps: create an account, add your contacts, and that’s it!

You will have the ability to call, video chat, send messages, voice memos, and files to everyone in your contacts. To stay connected at all times, you can download the app on your computer!

Price: Free

Download WhatsApp

1.) Tripit

tripit app


Organizing a trip can be difficult because there are so many moving parts that come into play. There are so many different travel itineraries and documents that you need and it would be best to have it all in one place before you are off traveling.

That’s why TripIt can help make traveling different places easier for you!

How Does It Work?

Tripit is the ultimate travel arrangement and trip organization app.

Booking trips usually require plane tickets, car rentals, hotel arrangements, and so on. With these come a slew of emailed itinerates and confirmations. Whether you are going to Disneyland or catching an opera in Hong Kong, all of your emailed ‘paperwork’ can be organized through the Tripit app.

Once on the app, it all becomes easy to organize by setting it up on a list by time and date. Even better, you can monitor your flight status, get alerts for cheap airfare, and email your itinerates to others.

Price: Free

Download Tripit

No matter where you go, and whether you have an international data plan or not, these iPhone apps will help you travel more smoothly, arrange, and organize. Don’t forget to download them before your next trip.

5 essential iphone apps for traveling