Amazon Subscription Boxes: The Best Way To Get Things You Love Without Leaving Your Home

If you have not checked out the Amazon Subscription Boxes, you're missing out in a major way. They literally have something for everyone

Subscription boxes have been around for many years now. Some were sent yearly, others were sent quarterly. However, the most popular option has usually always been the monthly subscription model. While they were around for a while, these boxes became very popular during the COVID Pandemic era from 2020 through 2021. People found them to be so awesome that they kept subscribing to these boxes. Eventually, Amazon got in on the fun and began selling various options. Today, Amazon Subscription Boxes are some of the most popular boxes on the market in this genre. To be fair, most of these boxes are not exactly “Amazon” boxes.

Rather, Amazon is just the place where many of these unique boxes are sold. This is the normal Amazon model, like with anything else sold on their platform. However, you won’t find many of these boxes anywhere else from the same distributors thus making them “Amazon Subscription Boxes.” There is literally something for everyone in these boxes too. Men, Women, & Children…even pets have options here. It also covers nearly every interest you can imagine from sports and comics to beauty products and outdoor stuff. Even major brands are part of it all too. That said, we wanted to show you a few that you can check out right now! Let’s get started.

(Our editor has carefully selected product picks that you’ll surely love! Just to let you know, we’re affiliated with Amazon and may receive a portion of the sale from your purchase, but it won’t cost you anything extra)


Retro Vintage Baseball Cards Subscription Box

[Image via Ripcurrent Cards]

Retro Vintage Baseball Card Subscription Box

  • Price: $32 to $42
  • Versions: 9 Item Box or 15 Item Box
  • Options: Monthly or Quarterly

If you or someone you know happens to be a big baseball fan, there is a good chance that they have been collecting baseball cards for a long time. Most young sports fans collect them among other sports cards. However, due to the collections of these cards becoming so massive… the value of cards has been rising for years. This is why a specific “Rookie Card” could sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the auction it’s in. There are other card types that sell very well, especially versions of cards that are no longer sold by a company. The Retro Vintage Baseball Card Subscription Box is terrific.

They claim that the box includes at least 8 high-quality “Junk Wax” Retro Vintage packs that have been unopened and are in mint condition. All seem to be from the 1990s as of this writing. Plus all of the big names in the card genre are included, such as Topps, Stadium Club, Fleer, Leaf Set, Pinnacle, and many more. The box also comes with a pack of protective sleeves for the cards, top loaders, and even team bags. Whether you order monthly or quarterly, the price for the box does not change. The coolest thing too is that the box changes each time, so you’ll never get the same combination of packs, years, or teams. They are always chosen at random to ensure variability.




Japan Crate Subscription Box

[Image via Japan Crate]

Japan Crate – Japanese Snacks Subscription Box

  • Price: $50
  • Versions: 1 Version – Offers 18-20 Snacks
  • Options: Monthly Only

The Japan Crate is really fun and is becoming one of the most popular newer boxes among all of the Amazon Subscription Boxes. The crate includes several candies and snacks from Japan that the people of the nation absolutely love. While Japan is mostly known for its incredible technology as well as video games, its food is also incredible too. Heck, we have Japanese restaurants in the United States for a reason! It should not shock anyone that if they can make incredible lunch or dinner items they can also produce great candy and snack options, right?

While there are at least 18 to 20 candy and snack items in each box, they also include an exclusive drink found only in Japan normally. The box also offers a booklet with product translations for your specific language as well as fun facts about Japan. If this was not enough for you, subscribers will also get at least one collectible item and even a chance to win sweet gifts. Plus, each subscriber is also enrolled for a potential “huge” prize that none of us could know until it’s revealed. If you’re a lover of Japanese culture or just want to learn more about it, the Japan Crate from the Amazon Subscription Boxes is a must-have!




Therabox Self-Care Subscription Box

[Image via The Therabox Store]

TheraBox Self-Care Subscription Box

  • Price: $45 (the first box is $40)
  • Versions: 1 Version That Includes 8 Pampering Products
  • Options: Monthly (can cancel or skip a month at any time)

One of the most popular Amazon Subscription Boxes hands down is the TheraBox Self-Care box. It has been seen all over major television shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, and ABC News, as well as on Oprah and all over NBC. Heck, even Forbes & Buzzfeed has referenced it in the past. The box costs roughly $45 per month, although you get the first box for around $40 to save about $5. The TheraBox might cost just under $50 but each box includes at least $120 to $200 worth of products within the pampering genre. While 7 things will be pampering products specifically, 1 will be a self-care activity of some kind.

The items you’ll get include things like skin-care products, natural/organic bath products, aromatherapy items, and countless other things. The idea is that the box will offer things that will make you feel better after having a hard day, week, or month. When you use them, the goal is that you’ll feel better and gain a sense of calmness that you might otherwise not have. Self-care and self-love are often ignored by human beings, especially those of us that stay busy all the time. Let’s say you’re a working mother who has very little time for herself, the time you do have needs to be about self-care. This box offers products that can help with that, so why not try it out, right?




Highlights Puzzle Book Subscription Box

[Image via Highlights]

Highlights Puzzle Club: Kids Puzzle Books Subscription Box

  • Price: $17 ($8.50 For The First Box)
  • Versions: 4-7 Box or 7+ Box
  • Options: Monthly 

If you have never heard of the Highlights brand by now, where have you been for the last few decades? Highlights began as a children’s magazine back in the 1940s and quickly became a major staple in the children’s market for decades to come. While the brand would expand into many territories, the magazine was still what made them popular. Their model of “fun with a purpose” became a mantra that the brand would utilize for years to come. Each magazine would have fun things for children to do, sometimes even cool puzzles to solve.

Due to the immense popularity of the puzzles, you can now get a box like this from the Highlights Puzzle Club. This is one of the most popular of all the children’s based boxes among the Amazon Subscription Boxes you can buy today. Each box includes puzzle books with several puzzles for kids to have fun solving. They can do it alone or with a grown-up, as well as friends and siblings. There are also two different boxes from the puzzle club. One is for 4-7 year-olds while the other is for those 7 and above. It should be noted too that there is no price difference for the change. On top of all of this, the box is under $20 every month which is incredibly affordable.




Amazon Vinyl Of The Month Club

[Image via Amazon]

Vinyl Of The Month Club: The Golden Era Vinyl Subscription Box

  • Price: $25
  • Versions: 1 Version With One Record From The 1960s to 1970s
  • Options: Monthly Only

While Vinyl Records were a huge deal decades ago, a new movement in the 2010s brought them back. Mostly because the sound of music that a vinyl record player produced could sometimes outperform a CD or digital version just due to how vinyl was made. On top of this, new technology in the field allowed for vinyl records to become even better especially due to the newer record players. Today, this movement and small alterations in technology have allowed us to enjoy music in the same way our parents or grandparents used to enjoy it.

That is why perhaps the best musical option among the Amazon Subscription Boxes is well worth investing in. It is called, simply, the “Vinyl of the Month Club.” It comes from the Amazon Music crew, who select iconic classics from some of the most notable artists in history. Including the likes of Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, and many more. This collection uses songs from the “Golden Era of Vinyl” which was between the 1960s to 1970s, according to Amazon Music. The cool thing with this is that Amazon asks for feedback on your box each month, so they can not only improve your box but also everyone else’s who subscribes to this box.




Sips By Tea Subscription Box

[Image via Sips By]

Sips By Tea Discovery: Curated Variety Box With 4 Premium Teas

  • Price: $16
  • Versions: Caffeinated, Caffeine-Mix, Caffeine-Free
  • Options: Monthly

If you’re a fan of tea, you will absolutely love this box from the Sips By Brand. Each month, you will get a box that includes 4 premium teas that are chosen from a bank of 150 different tea brands from around the world. The box includes enough for at least 16 cups of tea or even up to over 48 cups of re-steeped tea. All teas in the box are loose-leaf or premium bagged. One of the coolest things this box also provides is reusable and biodegradable tea filters, allowing you to make loose-lead tea easily and very conveniently all while reducing your impact on the planet.

On top of this, you’ll never have to worry about misunderstanding how to get the best out of each tea you get. Each box includes steeping guidelines and tasting notes for each tea within the box. There are possible issues one might face, such as the need to avoid teas that have caffeine. In such cases, you’re able to pick a specific caffeine-free option. On the flip side, maybe you only ever want a tea that offers caffeine. You can pick a box that only ever includes teas with caffeine. However, the best option that people love the most is the caffeine mix where you’ll have teas that include both caffeinated & caffeine-free options.




Adults And Crafts Subscription Box

[Image via Adults & Crafts]

Adults & Crafts Crate: Monthly Craft Box

  • Price: $40 (The First Box Is $28)
  • Versions: 1 Version That Includes At Least One Craft Project
  • Options: Monthly

Arts & crafts projects were fun for us to do as kids, whether we did them at home or at school…even other places. Sadly, some believe you grow out of this stuff and after a while, the idea of arts & crafts seems dumb to do as an adult. However, we disagree with this ideology. If you like arts & crafts projects, then why not do them? That is where the Adults & Crafts Crate comes into play. It is a monthly box from the Amazon Subscription Boxes that will include all the materials, tools, and instructions to complete at least one craft project.

The cool thing is that you’ll likely get totally different projects to do each month. This will allow you to perhaps do projects that you already know how to do. Yet the next month, you might get a project you’ve never done before. Thus allowing you to learn a new skill of some kind. Likely the worst part about doing arts & crafts is probably the pre-work side of things. Crafting is what’s really fun and engaging for us. That is why the people behind the box do all of that prep work while we get to do the fun crafting side of things. Best of all, you get everything you need for just $40 a month…which is kind of a steal when you think about the cost of materials.




Comics Garage Subscription Box

[Image via The Comics Garage]

The Comics Garage Super Box

  • Price: $28 to $50
  • Versions: Super Box & Ultimate Box (The Latter Includes 10 More Comics)
  • Options: Monthly

In our view, this is probably one of the Amazon Subscription Boxes that impresses us with how much of a steal it is. In fact, if you’re a comic book nerd (like the writer of this article), you MUST get this box. You actually save money and build a collection that could actually become valuable over time. There are two versions of this subscription box from The Comics Garage – The Super Box & The Ultimate. The Super Box includes 10 comics in each box while The Ultimate includes 24 comics. Each box usually includes a newer series that will guarantee a #1 First-Print Comic Book.

That allows you to start a series that you can continue to build as time goes on. Each box usually includes comic books from your favorites under the DC Comics & Marvel Comics banner, yet also includes an Independent comic book too. While the box does include a lot of newer comics, it will also include classic comics too. Of course, these classic comics might be second-print versions and will be unlikely to be a #1 from that series. The Comics Garage also asks each subscriber who their favorite superheroes are and try to include something from their favorites in each box, along with other comics they might like based on their tastes.




MEL Chemistry Subscription Box

[Image via The MEL Store]

MEL Chemistry: Science Experiments Subscription Box

  • Price: $45 to $90
  • Versions: Chemistry, Med, Physics, & STEM
  • Options: Monthly

This is one of the few Amazon Subscription Boxes to actually be award-winning. While this box is for both kids and teenagers, adults might love what comes with the box each month too. The MEL Store’s Chemistry box is absolutely incredible, but they also sell a Med, Physics, & STEM version. Each one will vary in the age recommendation, however. The Med option, for instance, is rated 14+ and is also more expensive due to the materials that come with it. Thus, it sells for $90 a month. Meanwhile, the Chemistry, Physics, & STEM versions all sell for $45 every month.

The Chemistry option is our favorite, as includes some of the coolest stuff for kids to learn about at a young age. Plus, it is rated for those 10 years old and up. Remember when we referenced that it was award-winning? The Chemistry box received the BETT Innovator of the year & the EdTech Cool Tool award. Each box includes 71 high-grade reusable lab equipment items along with virtual reality glasses. This is on top of 1 DIY experiment in each box. Yet you get 3 experiments with this, two of which include the VR glasses. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll have lifetime access to 70+ VR & video lessons on the MEL VR apps too.




Allure Beauty Box

[Image via Allure]

Allure Beauty Box

  • Price: $25
  • Versions: 1 Version (Includes 6+ Products, 3+ At Full-Size)
  • Options: Monthly

Out of all Amazon Subscription Boxes, the Allure Beauty Box is the highest-rated. While that does not necessarily mean it is the most purchased box, it does not mean that seemingly everyone who gets it absolutely loves it. You cannot really blame them for it either, as this box is only $25 a month yet offers at least 6 or more products in every single box. Three or more will also be full-size items, so you’re getting beauty products that can be relatively expensive. Allure adds enough in one box to reach a $100 estimated value. Allure has been in the beauty game for a while now, as they have been a magazine since the early 1990s.

For over 30 years they have discussed some of the biggest news in beauty as well as covered countless products. This has allowed them to be a trusted name in the beauty industry. That is probably why their connections are so vast. Those connections have allowed them to partner with several major brands as well as independent, lesser-known brands for these subscription boxes. Products include those for skincare & haircare as well as makeup & fragrance products, all included in each box. Plus, Allure includes a mini-magazine featuring tips on how to use the specific products in your box as well as exclusive offers to get other products at a reduced cost.




Boost Your BBQ Subscription Box

[Image via Boost Your BBQ]

Boost Your BBQ Subscription Box

  • Price: $40 (First Box Is $33.99)
  • Versions: 1 Version (2 Competition-Level Rubs & 1 Top Brand Sauce)
  • Options: Monthly

If you’re a big BBQ fan, you’ll love the Boost Your BBQ subscription box. It is the only real BBQ box among the Amazon Subscription Boxes, thus making it the most popular in its genre. However, do not assume that this has made the team behind the box feel that they can relax and stop offering great boxes. The team guarantees that you’ll get at least 2 premium competition-level rubs and at least 1 top brand sauce in each box.

The Boost Your BBQ brand works directly with some of the biggest and best BBQ rub and sauce makers on the planet. In fact, those who partner with them have won awards and competitions all over the United States. That ensures they’ll provide great BBQ products in each box. The best part is that $40 is pretty inexpensive when you think about how much some of these major rubs and sauces cost. Plus, with the summer coming up, you’ll want to ensure you have the best stuff to beat out every other so-called “BBQ Master” out there and prove why you are the undisputed king of the pit.




Sovereign Code Subscription Box

[Image via Sovereign Code]

Sovereign Code Subscription Box

  • Price: $40 to $50
  • Versions: Men & Boys Boxes
  • Options: Monthly or Quarterly

Sovereign Code is a Southern California-based fashion company that makes clothing geared toward men and boys alike. The brand usually stays up-to-date on the biggest trends of the day and will produce clothing that mixes well with the times. Their items can add up monetarily speaking, as just one shirt can sell for around $70. However, none of the top Amazon Subscription Boxes sell for $70+ so they had to come way down if they were going to sell items in one box. You have two different versions of this box so be sure to choose the one you want carefully before ordering. Those are the Men’s & Boy’s boxes with the Boy’s option coming out slightly cheaper.

Each box includes at least 2 to 3 essential items for the current season along with a few accessories, all of which will change up from box to box. What if you like what is in your box but do not need to freshen up your wardrobe every single month? Well, you can choose the Quarterly option. Instead of getting a box 12 times per year, you’ll get one just 4 times per year. The box will also not change in pricing by too much. The monthly option for Men sells for around $45 a month, but if you get the quarterly version, each box will be $50 instead. Thus, you’d pay around $20 extra per year on the 4 boxes but it still won’t be as much as 12 boxes per year.




Makerly Quilting Subscription Box

[Image via Makerly Crafts]

Makerly: Quilting Subscription Box

  • Price: $50
  • Versions: 1 Version (Delivers Fabrics, Batting, Threads, And Additional Materials For A Project)
  • Options: Monthly

If you’re a big fan of quilting and want to take on a new project every single month, then joining the Makerly Quilting Club is for you! Their subscription box is relatively new to the Amazon Subscription Boxes territory. However, those who love to quilt will absolutely love it. Each box contains everything required to complete usually a single project. Each project will be a surprise every month, bringing some excitement into everything. Plus, you won’t have any need to worry about your materials for the project. Everything you need from the fabric and batting to threads and additional materials will all be included.

The Makerly brand ensures that they use only the highest-quality quilting cotton around, and even champion British fabric companies when possible. Of course, the boxes are usually going to go with a theme, so if you’re in the middle of a particular season then expect to see quilting projects surrounding that. From the upcoming Easter season in April to the Christmas & Thanksgiving holiday season from November through December. Plus, the boxes are also based on a wide range of abilities. If you or someone you know loves to take on quilting projects, then this is a box worthy of your time and money!




Balanced Pantry Subscription Box

[Image via The Balanced Company Inc.]

The Balanced Pantry Box

  • Price: $40 (First Box Is $37)
  • Versions: Original & Keto-Friendly
  • Options: Monthly

If you’re someone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle and wants to stock your pantry with materials and foods that are better for you, then The Balanced Pantry Box is a great option for you. Each box comes monthly with 8 full-size, multi-serving pantry staples, plus a few fun samples and even exclusive offers. The box includes a variety of sweet and savory items, which will ideally assist your cooking and baking experience. At just $40, this is kind of a steal. Healthier foods and products often sell for much higher than one can ideally afford every month.

To have one box send you at least 8 meal options that can be stretched over several days for just $40 is really useful. It cuts down the issue people have about not having enough money to eat healthily. As weird as it sounds, this is actually a thing in the United States. However, what if you’d like to have this box that is filled with healthier options but you’re on a Keto diet? Well, worry not as there is a Keto-friendly box version just for you that will help you maintain your keto-friendly lifestyle for as long as you’d want to.




Par Golf Subscription Box

[Image via Inside The Leather]

Par Box – Golf Gear Box

  • Price: $60
  • Versions: Men’s Large, Medium, & Small/Women’s Large, Medium, & Small
  • Options: Monthly

While this is one of the more expensive Amazon Subscription Boxes, golf in general is often a more expensive game. From the clothing to the clubs, golf is not a sport many can play regularly without being willing to spend money. That is why a subscription box like this from the Inside the Leather brand is so useful. Known as Par Box, this is a monthly subscription box filled with great golf gear that will save you quite a lot of money over time. The Par Box offers at least three items, brand name gear, and even golf apparel plus accessories.

Some of the apparel you’ll get includes polos, belts, hats, tees, & socks. Yet you’ll also obviously get golf balls because this IS a golf box. If they did not include those, could they even call themselves a golf box?? That said, apparel alone in this field could cost well over $60. Polo shirts alone are often sold for over this price, yet you’d get this plus several other items. Boxes can also include training aids, which can help you improve as a golfer. This box includes 6 different versions for both men and women from Large to Small sizes, allowing you to get the best box tailored to your fit.




My Thrill Club Subscription Box

[Image via My Thrill Club]

My Thrill Club Monthly Book Subscription Box

  • Price: $20 (First Box Is $16.14)
  • Versions: Horror, Mystery, Surprise Me, & Thriller
  • Options: Monthly

We absolutely love the My Thrill Club box. There are 4 different versions you can choose from for your box. That is the Horror, Mystery, Thriller, or fun Surprise Me option. It is the best book box option among the Amazon Subscription Boxes for those that love books from these genres. Reviews for this subscription box have it rated mostly 5 stars, with only a few people not being satisfied. That’s as good as it can get for any business, especially those in the subscription box game. All you need to do here is simply choose the genre you love most and you will get two books to read and keep every single month.

Most of the books will be new but there are also going to be some “like new” books included as well, according to reviewers. My Thrill Club does not send out damaged books, so be sure to report something like that if it occurs. While the box used to promise two hardcover books every month, they no longer do this as paperback options allowed them to open up the variety of books they could send out. Curators pick out books for subscribers each month from a catalog of thousands, meaning you’re unlikely to get the same book during your subscription.




Driftaway Coffee Subscription Box

[Image via Driftaway Coffee]

Driftaway Coffee: World Explorer’s Coffee Sampler Subscription Box

  • Price: $40 to $70 (First Box Is $20 to $35)
  • Versions: 1.25lbs Box Or 3.75lbs Box
  • Options: Monthly

If you’re a big coffee drinker yet find yourself getting tired of the coffee options you’re currently experiencing, we have a cure for you. It’s the Driftaway Coffee Box, which includes at least 5 coffees from all over the world. They’ll include different roast levels and come in either a 1.25 lbs or 3.75 lbs bag, depending on the version you decide to get. Subscribers will be able to join a virtual tasting to reveal which coffee they received in their box.

While all of the coffee options come from all over the world, they are shipped out of Brooklyn, New York. At the Driftaway Coffee HQ, the coffees are fresh roasted, whole bean, & single-origin. The box itself will also dive into where each coffee is from and even include information on the farmers that grew that coffee. This is done to highlight the many farmers who provide our coffee. We often forget that this stuff has to come from somewhere first, so Driftaway Coffee reminds us of this in each box.




Funko Marvel Collector Corps Subscription Box

[Image via Funko]

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box

  • Price: $30
  • Versions: 1 Version That Sends 4 to 5 Collectibles
  • Options: Bi-Monthly

The Funko brand has become massive at this point. They have actually been in business since 1998 and were the designers of the Big Boy mascot for the restaurant of the same name. Being the designers of this figure, they had the creative rights to use the same design model for other things such as movie and television characters. This led to the infamous Funko Pop! Movement, which used the bobblehead concept mixed with the Big Boy design element. The Pop! side of this was based on, of course, the “pop culture” ideology. Funko then made several other items such as Vinyls & specialized Bobbleheads.

Funko’s brand grew massively in the 2010s and allowed them to partner with massive brands like NBC Universal, Major League Baseball, Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company, & Warner Bros. just to name a few. In 2015, they partnered with Marvel Entertainment to create this exact subscription box. The box includes 4 to 5 exclusive Funko collectibles, usually some accessories, as well as a t-shirt. It is truly a great value for those who love these collectibles as just one can cost $20 to $50 depending on where you get it. Thus, $30 for 4 to 5 every few months? That’s a hard deal to beat.




Mystery Lures & Tackle Subscription Box

[Image via Warriors Tackle Supply]

Mystery Lures & Tackle Subscription Box

  • Price: $22 to $43 (First Box Is Reduced By $2.00 To $6.00)
  • Versions: Standard, Pro, & XL Box
  • Options: Monthly

For those that love to go fishing and try out new ways to catch a variety of fish, this is the box for you! It might be the only fishing box among the Amazon Subscription Boxes, but it seems to be highly rated. The Standard Box includes at least 5 or 6 items in each box while the Pro Box will include 8 or 9. The items included will be things like hard baits, skirted jigs, & spinnerbaits. Yet soft plastics & terminal tackle options are also involved normally. Most boxes will include custom WTS Lures with VMX Hooks & Spartan Eyes.

You’ll see Popper, Pencil, Minnow, Frog, Spinner, Plastic Worms, Tube, Off Set Hooks, Tube Jigs, Fishing Snaps, & Tackle in every box. This box has been useful to fishermen & fisherwomen who have participated in tournaments, allowing them to sometimes win them. The fact that most of the boxes include things like bladed jigs, topwater lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, and countless others just ensures you’re getting a high-quality box. Seriously, for those that love to fish, this box will be a lot of fun to utilize as you get back on the water this Spring & Summer.




ClubTac Subscription Box

[Image via ClubTac]

ClubTac Subscription Box

  • Price: $40 to $175
  • Versions: Basic, Standard, Pro, Premium
  • Options: Monthly

The ClubTab Subscription Box is one of the coolest boxes you can find among Amazon Subscription Boxes. Each box included really cool survival and tactical gear, all of which is improved by United States Marines as well as Survival Specialists. The boxes do not want to give you things that’ll be overly complicated to use, which is why they focus on practical survival and tactical gear. Yet every item is usually really cool and known for being high-quality. The box version you decide to get will determine the number of items you’ll get in each box.

For example, the Basic Box includes roughly 2 to 4 items while the Premium Box includes 7 to 9 items. We feel the best bang for your buck option is the Standard Box, as it includes 4 to 6 items. The contents of these boxes are often worth far more than what you paid for the box. The Standard Box, for example, includes 4 to 6 items for around $73 a month. Yet the MSRP on those items ranges from $90 to 120, so you save more money buying this box than buying the items in it separately. That said gentlemen, if you’re trying to convince your partner to allow you to get the box, use these numbers…it’ll help (usually).




Try Treats Subscription

[Image via Try Treats]

Try Treats: International Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $20 to $30
  • Versions: Standard & Premium
  • Options: Monthly

While we referenced the Japan Crate earlier in this article, perhaps the #1 snack box among Amazon Subscription Boxes is the Try Treats Box. You get an absolute bargain on these boxes AND you get to try snacks from countries all over the planet. Some of the countries that have had snacks in their boxes include Israel, India, Taiwan, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, and many more. This means you’re getting to literally try some of the snacks that major and smaller nations absolutely love.

There have been some issues at times where people simply did not like some of the snacks they have gotten. Of course, Try Treats does not claim you will love every single snack in every box you get. This would be impossible to promise. However, all of the snacks they use are some of the most popular in the nation they have chosen. Try Treats guarantees you’ll get at least 5 snacks for the Standard box while you’re guaranteed 10 in the Premium box. They are only separated in price by about $10. In our view, it does not matter which one you get, you’re really getting this for a steal when you think about the price of these snacks plus the shipping that went into it all.




GQ Subscription Box

[Image via GQ]

GQ Box

  • Price: $50
  • Versions: 1 That Includes Varieties Of Lifestyle Products
  • Options: Monthly

Among all the Amazon Subscription Boxes, we can guarantee that this is by far the best value box available. Outside of the Allure Box, no other subscription box will give you items that account for more than double the price of the box itself. You’re paying $50 a month for this box but the GQ Box includes items that add up to around $200 in not just one or a few boxes, but in every single box they send out. What is in the box regularly? This is hard to say because some stuff might not be in one box but could be in another.

For example, the last box had a Breda Virgil Watch, WESN The MT, a 2-pack of Goldtoe sport striped socks, Pure Vida bracelet, among other items. Yet the GQ Box can include numerous things such as apparel and grooming essentials, along with numerous different accessories. Obviously, GQ as a brand is known for its magazine and now its successful website. The initials stand for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, and they have been covering men’s fashion and lifestyle since 1931. It should come as no surprise that this allowed them to make connections that led to putting together one of the greatest subscription boxes (based on value) on the planet.




Amazon T-Shirt Clubs

[Image via Amazon]

T-Shirt Club Boxes

  • Price: $16 to $20
  • Versions: Dozens Depending On The Brand You Love
  • Options: Monthly

We felt it would be idiotic of us to discuss just one t-shirt club you can join from the Amazon Subscription Boxes. There are far too many great options to pick from, including some of the biggest brands on the planet. Among them, you’ll see shirts from Marvel Entertainment, Star Wars, The Walt Disney Company, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, Stranger Things, South Park, DC Entertainment, Star Trek, South Park, Pokémon, Nickelodeon, MTV, Peanuts, Game of Thrones, and WWE.

That’s only a few, just so you’re aware. There are several others as well. Each box includes 1 to 2 shirts from the brand of your choosing each month. The shirt option you choose will determine the price you’ll pay. While some are as low as roughly $16 a month, most of the t-shirts that involve a specific brand will go for $20 per month. If you’re a big fan of one of the brands referenced among others, you’ll want to sign up for one of these boxes. The t-shirt you get will be unique every month too!




Crated With Love Box

[Image via Amazon]

Crated With Love: Monthly Date Night Games For Couples Subscription Box

  • Price: $40 (First Box Is $30)
  • Versions: 1 Version With Unique Date Night Kit
  • Options: Monthly

This is a great subscription box from Amazon Subscription Boxes that many young couples will love. Each box includes a new, unique game. This can be great for couples who might not want to go out and spend tons of money every weekend for date night yet want to just do nothing at home. The games will allow you and your partner to connect together through fun, engaging games. Many of them are also relationship-building games and activities focused on making you and your partner laugh and have a great time overall together.

Some of the games you get might also work for small groups, so you can invite friends over for a double date of sorts so that none of you overspend on a date. Every month, you get a brand new game to play with your partner from the Crated With Love brand. Most of the games have a silly, adventurous, and off-the-wall design according to the brand. If that is your cup of tea along with games like what you see here, then this is a must-have box for you and your partner every month.