The 5 Best Maroon 5 Songs

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Maroon 5 have been around for a lot longer than pop culture seems to remember. In fact, the band has been around since 1994, and as such has quite the musical canon to choose from. Maroon 5 managed to infuse pop music with a more rock sensibility, allowing them to flow almost-seamlessly between the two genres in a way that is less and less common nowadays. These five songs are the best representation of Maroon 5’s unique sound.

5 Makes Me Wonder

Makes Me Wonder has a strange sexiness to it with an infusion of ‘80s funk to Maroon 5’s typical playful sound. Levine’s voice in the chorus break plays with a decidedly different melody than the rest of the song that makes it a pleasant surprise to hear. There is a repetitiveness that, instead of being boring, plays like a nursery rhyme. A very adult nursery rhyme.

4 Misery

The intro to Misery is instantly upbeat and puts a smile on your face; It makes you want to dance. The irony is in the juxtaposition of that exceptionally upbeat sound and the lyrics: “I am in misery/there ain’t nobody who can comfort me.” If heartbreak was covered in sugar it would be Misery. It’s undeniably a fun song to listen to, and the kind of song that picks you up out of self-pitying misery and into revenge mode. But at least you’ll be dancing while you plot it.

3 Payphone

Featuring the ever-popular Wiz Khalifa, Payphone is unique in the sense that, c’mon, who the hell uses payphones anymore? Okay if you get stuck in a bank robbery that ends in fiery explosions yes, you probably lost your smartphone along the way. What that has to do with the actual song is a bit vague still, but that doesn’t change the fact that the actual message of the song (having spent all your change on someone/love lost) is easily relatable. The metaphor is funny which keeps the song from falling into self-pitying melancholy. The rap break is a nice, well, break, from the repetitive nature of the rest of the song.

2 Harder to Breathe

Off of their debut album Songs About Jane, Harder to Breathe is much closer to the ‘rock’ end of the spectrum of Maroon 5’s songs. There is a distinctly memorable guitar hook. The lyrics are edgy, quip-filled, and interesting to listen to. Levine’s unique voice feels fresh as opposed to over-produced. His diction is near impeccable (as song vocals go) which makes the lyrics pop – and makes the song fun to sing along to. Its subject is a bit vague, but that makes it all the more appealing to the masses.

1 This Love

Maroon 5’s break through radio hit, This Love is indisputably their most well known song. While they may be pop-esque, Maroon 5 has a very unique sound, and it’s easy to pick their songs out on the radio. This Love is fast paced, melodic, and slightly edgy giving it a great appeal to a wide audience. This Love is one of those songs that both guys and girls can listen to and identify with without falling into that “guilty pleasure” category, where secrecy is of the upmost importance. This Love has an instantly catchy melody, showing Maroon 5’s pop sensibilities, yet it retains an edgier rock sound, making it feel like it’s more than just the next summer jam.

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