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Benefits of an Exercise Bikes


Exercise biking are some of the most used exercise equipment both at public gyms and home gyms.  In addition, new technology and cost effectiveness has made biking and “spinning” at home as effective as at a gym.

Exercise bikes are an amazing investment for exercising at home. They are easy to use and are perfect for any fitness level.

benefits of an exercise bike spin class

Whether your goals are weight loss, building endurance, interval training, exercise bikes offer a wide range of daily exercises.

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Finally, if you are overly stress or having sleep issues, there are some healthy products that can help with stress, sleep or pain management.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in several varieties. Get to know the types to help you decide which bike would be best for you.

Upright Bike

upright bike



  • Affordable: These bikes tend to be the most affordable type of exercise bike.
  • Ergonomic position: Consumers sit in an upright position, not crouched forward, which is the ergonomically correct way to sit.
  • Familiarity: Most users are familiar with this style because it’s the most common.


  • Limited resistance: These bikes may not provide enough resistance for an advanced rider.

Recumbent Bike

recumbent bike



  • Support for injuries and beginners: The recumbent setting is ideal for people who are recovering from knee or back injuries or for beginners.
  • Upper body support: Seats resemble a chair rather than a saddle.


  • Not suitable for advanced riders: These bikes have limited resistance levels, so advanced riders won’t get the workout they want.

Folding Bike

folding exercise bike



  • Cost-effective: These bikes are good exercise machines but still don’t cost a fortune.
  • Convenient storage: These bikes are easy to put away when you need them out of the way.
  • Lightweight and compact: These bikes provide most of the same features an upright bike has. However, folding bikes are more lightweight and compact.


  • Most do not come with pre-programmed workouts: If you like to use a workout already planned for you, you’ll have to look harder to find a folding bike that offers them.
  • Not suitable for advanced riders: These bikes offer limited resistance and levels.

Spinning Bike

spin bike



  • Closest experience to riding a road bike: If you want to feel like you’re riding a regular bike, this is the best option.
  • Interactive: These bikes often have consoles and workouts to improve your exercise routine.
  • Suitable for all levels: These bikes provide interval training and have a larger range of resistance levels.


    • High cost: Spinning bikes are the most expensive of all exercise bikes.
If you are interested in purchasing a new exercise bike, we have the top 5 exercise bikes for you!