Beca Alexander: 5 Tips for New Fashion Bloggers

From colorful printed dresses, over-the-top pieces of jewelry and celebrity inspired makeup looks; Fashion INDIE features the latest fashion trends. Curated by editor-in-chief, Beca Alexander, Fashion INDIE has more than 18 million readers and is quickly becoming the go-to place for what’s hot. The site, which is a collective of top international luxury and fashion influencers, features new and original content uploaded daily for fashionistas everywhere. With contributors who have an insider’s look into the world of fashion, Fashion INDIE sets itself apart from other fashion blogs.

However, not only is Beca Alexander a lover of all things fashion, she is also a business-woman and believes taking risks when it comes to launching a company is important. Having started Fashion INDIE from scratch with her husband, Beca shares 5 insightful tips for up-and-coming Fashion Bloggers.

5 Invest in your Content and Branding

“Get a DSLR. Get a web designer. Get a logo. And take time to make sure you’re writing isn’t a grammatical mess.”

4 Be Prepared for Success

Image Credit: Celestine Chua

“Many bloggers say they can’t believe how big they’ve gotten and are overwhelmed by the requests and perks of being world-recognized influencers. Success comes fast and quick in the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging.”

3 Don’t Quit

Image Credit: JanetR3

“It’s easy to give up. Especially if you’re not growing quickly enough, or making money. Sometimes it takes a few months to make enough to become a full time blogger, sometimes it takes a few years, sometimes it never happens. Of the millions of fashion bloggers out there, only a few hundred ever get to go full-time.

Dedication is the only thing those at the top of the heap have in common.”

2 Develop Your Character

“If your goal is to achieve the success of Bryan Boy or the Blonde Salad, it’s important to think about your personal brand. Establish a voice.”

1 You’re Now Running a Start-Up

Image Credit: kenteegardin

“Write a mission statement, a business plan and create your marketing strategy. Treat your blog like an online business from day one and you’ll increase your following and revenue quickly.”

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