Top 5 Glow-Boosting Beauty Products for a NYE Look That’s Lit AF

NYE is a time to shine, and with these glow-boosting beauty products, you'll be the one in the spotlight no matter where you ring in the New Year.

Believe it or not, the beauty world changed drastically in 2017. The lob went viral, matte lipstick had a major moment and SnapChat blew our minds with an array of glow-boosting filters. After the public got a taste of the selfie-perfecting amazingness that comes from filter-induced illumination, the industry responded.

We now have an array of skincare products and cosmetics to choose from that add qualities of dewey, glow-y, breathlessness to your already fab complexions. Even Victoria Beckham — the goddess formerly known as Posh Spice — was inspired, coining the sweaty sexy trend in skin.

After trying our hardest to test them all, we’ve selected the Top 5. Meet the step-by-step guide to a NYE glow thats lit AF — no filter needed.


5.) Skinade promises pretty skin from within

Skinade is the miracle elixir of beauty lovers’ dreams. You’ve heard the old saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Suffice it to say that a bottle of Skinade a day keeps dullness, wrinkles and sagging at bay (at least when it comes to your skin).

Of the many emerging wellness trends, beauty-targeting nutraceuticals are the finest. Leading the pack, Skinade created this drinkable collagen beverage, packed with vitamins for your skin. Actress Sienna Miller is a fan the beautifying beverage that tastes just like a cup of juice.


4.) Contour your bod with PRTTY Peashun

Psh! Did you really think your face would get to have all the fun? Thanks to celebrity M.U.A. Bethany Karlyn, you can now hydrate from home using the very same product that A-listers rock on the red carpet: PRTTY Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion.

The moisturizer comes in a variety of shades, both with and without bronzer, delivering a subtle shimmer to your skin that contours like you wouldn’t believe. We adore the product’s spotlight-like effect, and if there’s one night of the year when its more than appropriate to rock a full-body highlighter, its definitely NYE. Plus, the mineral-based blend is so healthy for your skin that it works like a charm on both the face and body.



3.) SK-II brightening mask packs mega-glow

With Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen as fans, it’s no wonder that SK-II Facial Treatment Mask has been catapulted into super-stardom. Thankfully, the exclusive luxury skincare line, which was formerly hard to come by, has made its way stateside, sold at stores from Saks Fifth Avenue to Sephora.

SK-II’s brightening masks, which are soaked in the lines signature pitaya serum, are a bit on the pricey side for everyday use, but their incredible results are too good to be missed. Try out their selfie-perfecting effects for a special occasion with plenty of photo-opps — New Year’s Eve, anyone?



2.) Sunday Riley C.E.O. serum for instant glow

Vitamin C serums have taken skincare by storm. Beloved for their protective, brightening and pigmentation-fighting effects, the skin-savior has become a staple of daytime regimens. The only problem is, like most skincare products, serums often take weeks before you’ll really notice a difference.

Enter: Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. Before you balk at the price, know that its the only product in the United States that contains 15% THD ascorbate — a form of Vitamin C so potent that it’s prescription-strength in Japan! With a noticeable difference after your first application, it’s the natural star of every selfie.



1.) YSLs gold-flecked primer to perfect the palette

Glow-getters have been raving about Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer. First, the gold-flecked formula preps the surface of your skin for seamless foundation application. Its skin-perfecting blurring effect masks pore size, minimizes fine lines and evens out the appearance of your complexion with a silky smooth finish.

In a final (magic) touch, the blend illuminates your mug with an ethereal glow rivaling those in our Insta-feeds.


What will your NYE beauty look be? Tell us in the comments below!